Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Enemy
RoF Cape
Location Crystal Temple (Story Mode and Multiplay)
Item Dropped Cure Magicite, Clear Magicite, Raise Magicite
Lift No
Sturdiness Easy to knock over
Rage Time None
Element None
Guard None
Story Mode
Play First Second Third
HP 557 1,557 2,557
ATK 0 180 390
DEF 141 279 430
MAG 0 89 187
LUCK 0 0 0
EXP 50 400 800
Mode Normal Hard Very Hard
HP 1,114 3,114 5,114
ATK 0 198 429
DEF 0 0 0
MAG 0 0 0
LUCK 0 0 0
EXP 50 400 800
Elemental affinities
RoF Fire Icon RoF Ice Icon RoF Thunder Icon
Null Null Null
RoF Stun Icon RoF Time-Space Icon RoF Dark Icon
Null Null Null

The Cape is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is only fought in the battle against Galdes, and is only a target once Galdes throws it up into the air for his strongest attack.

On its own, it has no attacks and is only used through Galdes to damage everyone on the main platform. If it is destroyed before it returns to Galdes, then it will never be used again by him. If the player were to defeat Galdes before the Cape hits the ground, then the Cape will remain on the battlefield until either destroyed or the player leaves. If destroyed, it drops magicite for the player to use.

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