Cannons (武器, Buki?), also called Hand-cannons and Ordnances, are a recurring weapon type in the Final Fantasy series. They are long range weapons that shoots explosive shells toward foes, and in some games, they deal damage to more than one enemy. Cannons encompass the shell-firing guns, howitzers, mortars, and rockets.


Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

FFTA2 Dromaeo

Hand-cannons are two-handed weapons that can be equipped by bangaa Cannoneers and moogle Flintlocks.

List of hand-cannons:

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

Cannons appear as a type of weapon.

List of cannons:

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

FFLII Cannon Icon

Cannons makes an appearance as equippable weapons. Cannons, just like bows and guns are static weapons. They deal damage without relying on the user's stats to calculate damage. Their damage starts at a certain maximum, and then is lowered depending on the enemies' defense stat, unless it ignores defense. Even though they don't use stats for damage, they can still provide for stat increases for humans and mutants.

List of cannons:

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit

FFLIII Ordnance

Ordnances makes an appearance as equippable weapons.

List of ordnances:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

Cannons are classified as bows.

List of cannons:

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

The Rapid-Fire Cannon is available during the First Battle of Judecca. It has infinite ammo, and it is used to fend off the dragons during the battle.