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Camp is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy XV. The party can stay at pre-designated camp sites while out on the field to fast-forward time until the morning of the next day while using the accrued EXP towards leveling up and cooking food for status buffs, as well as healing to full health.


Campsites are marked on the field map by triangles, and can be spotted on the field by a trail of smoke rising from the open fire place. After camping at a site once, the player can fast travel there from the travel menu.

Food Menu XV

Food menu selection.

Ignis will cook food for the party at the camp. Depending on the dish, the party gains various status buffs. The food is cooked from the ingredients the player has in their menu, obtained from shops or from felled monsters or from fishing. If the player has no ingredients, the party will eat toast. Upon catching new fish, the party unlocks new recipes.[1]

Individual quests where all four party members may not partake are planned for the final game. When the player would decide what to do in the morning after camping, depending on the choice, Noctis can paired with one or two party members for that day to go on a tour. Those days can have different conversations and in battle dynamics also change. At night everyone would reconvene at the camp, everyone bringing what they had acquired.


  • Prime
  • Sharp
  • Immune


Food Effects Ingredients Image
Flame-Roasted Toast No effects Cooked if the party has no ingredients to make anything else. Toast-FFXV
Dry Aged Tender Roast Stew Prime
Potluck Stew Fresh
Final Fantasy XV Camping Potluck Stew
Egg In The Basket Fresh
Final Fantasy XV Camping Egg In The Basket
Camp Patry's Food
Camp Patry's Food 1
Camp Patry's Food 2
Camp Patry's Food 3
Camp Patry's Food 4
Camp Patry's Food 5
Camp Patry's Food 6



  • The camping equipment is product placement to Coleman, a camping equipment brand. The gear belongs to Gladiolus, who is an outdoors enthusiast.[1]
  • Some of the developers camped out in a tent similar to what is used in the game, cooking foods players can find ingredients for, to be able to bring verisimilitude to the game's camping mechanisms.[2]


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