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Noctis and his friends at camp.

Camp is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy XV. At predesignated sites called "havens," Noctis Lucis Caelum and his allies fast-forward time until the dawn of the next day. They use accumulated EXP to level up, and Ignis Scientia cooks food for his comrades that fully restores their HP and provides them with a variety of status buffs.

Noctis and his friends can also sleep in trailers, inns, and other civil accommodations. These offer the same benefits as camping, but they also increase the amount of experience the party has earned in accordance with their expensiveness. Ignis does not do any cooking in these facilities, and Noctis cannot train.


Campsites are represented by tent-shaped icons on the map. On the field, they appear as trails of smoke that rise from an inactive campfire, and the campgrounds are covered in glowing blue runes. For player convenience, Noctis and his friends can fast-travel to their last resting place.

Food Menu XV

The Food menu.

At camp, Ignis cooks many types of food. Each dish he makes has a variety of effects. Food is cooked using ingredients the player collects from shops, felled monsters, procurement points, and fishing. Some foods do not require ingredients; this enables the player to camp despite an empty inventory. Rented chocobos can also be fed at camp; they receive buffs like Noctis and his friends through attribute-boosting greens.

After making camp, Prompto Argentum showcases the photos he took during the day's adventures. The player can save and archive his/her favorites.

Tours begin at camp; these are special sidequests in which Noctis teams up with one of his companions to explore a specific area near their chosen campsite. The time of day does not change until a tour has been completed. Quests that require for the quest-giver to call Noctis initiate the call after the player rests either at camp or a lodging after the requirements are met.

Noctis can also train at camp by battling his allies. New training sessions are gradually unlocked.

The Exploration grid on the Ascension unlocks abilities that enhance camping.

Name Effect AP
Aftertaste Extends the effects of camp meals to the following sunrise. 18
Lingering Aftertaste Extends food effects from camp to the sunset of the next day. 99
Persistent Aftertaste Extends food effects from camp to the sunrise after the next day. 333
Appetize Gain 1 AP from cooking a party member's favorite food. 20
Happy Camping Increases AP gained from camping to 2. 20
Happier Camping Increases AP gained from camping to 3. 48

Episode GladiolusEdit


Gladiolus and Cor at camp.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus has havens where the player can replenish HP an save their game, but the player won't earn EXP and can't cook. Gladiolus will eat Cup Noodle when he stays at a haven and has an option to chat with Cor.


Musical themesEdit

The track that plays during camping is "Relax and Reflect".



  • In Final Fantasy XV, the characters' camping equipment is product placement for the Coleman brand. It belongs to Gladiolus, an outdoors enthusiast.
  • While the scenes that play when Noctis and his friends go camping are random, only their tent appears onscreen if it is raining.
  • The glowing blue runes that denote havens allude to save points from early games, especially Final Fantasy IV.
  • The camping scene that depicts Gladiolus doing squats alludes to Zack Fair, the main protagonist of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, who often does the same.
  • During the development of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix staff camped in a tent similar to the one that appears in the game. They cooked food players can find ingredients for by using camping equipment, as well. This was all done to bring verisimilitude to the game's camping mechanics.[1]


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