Call Beast is an ability available to Beastmasters in Final Fantasy XI starting at level 23. A Beastmaster must equip a jug of pet food in the "ammunition" equipment slot before calling a beast, or the command will fail and produce an error message. When Call Beast is used, a beast familiar is summoned. The type of beast is determined by the jug that is equipped. Jugs come in stacks of up to 12, and each time a beast is called, one is expended.

  • Calls a beast to fight by your side.
  • Beastmaster Level 23
  • Recast Time: 5 minutes
  • Duration: Varies by pet called.
  • The command is available with a Beastmaster subjob, but the inability to equip jugs renders this ability unusable for a Beastmaster subjob.

Familiars Edit

Familiars are special pets that are available exclusively to Beastmasters in Final Fantasy XI. They are called to a Beastmaster's side using special items and Call Beast, a Beastmaster job ability. There are only three familiars available at level 23, but the number of jugs (therefore also the number of different pets) rapidly increases as the Beastmaster levels up.

Familiars offer Beastmasters reliability and convenience in exchange for the power and/or endurance of Charmed monsters. While a Familiar is almost never as strong as a charmed monster of the same level, Familiars can be called instantly and remain for a set amount time (usually a very long time) before disappearing. They will never fail to be called or "un-charm" and attack the Beastmaster like charmed monsters.

Familiars also allow the use of Snarl, a job ability, and Ready, a pet command, which give the Beastmaster finer control over the flow of battle and increase the survivability of both the Beastmaster and the pet.

However, since Beastmasters tend to rely on the disposability of pets, most Beastmasters only use Familiars if local monsters are not available, as the relatively long Recast Time of Call Beast and the cost of using jugs make Familiars less disposable than charmed pets.

Chart of Called Beasts Edit

Familiar Jug Family Level Available Pet Level Cap
Hare Familiar Carrot Broth Rabbit 23 35
Sheep Familiar Herbal Broth Sheep 23 35
Flowerpot Bill Humus Mandragora 28 40
Flytrap Familiar Grasshopper Broth Flytrap 28 40
Tiger Familiar Meat Broth Tiger 28 40
Eft Familiar Mole Broth Eft 33 45
Lizard Familiar Carrion Broth Lizard 33 45
Mayfly Familiar Bug Broth Fly 33 45
Beetle Familiar Tree Sap Beetle 38 45
Antlion Familiar Antica Broth Antlion 38 50
Crab Familiar Fish Broth Crab 23 55
Keeneared Steffi Famous Carrot Broth Rabbit (HQ) 43 55
Lullaby Melodia Singing Herbal Broth Sheep (HQ) 43 55
Mite Familiar Blood Broth Diremite 43 55
Flowerpot Ben Rich Humus Mandragora (HQ) 51 63
Saber Siravarde Warm Meat Broth Tiger (HQ) 51 63
Funguar Familiar Seedbed Soil Funguar 33 65
Coldblood Como Cold Carrion Broth Lizard (HQ) 53 65
Shellbuster Orob Quadav Bug Broth Fly (HQ) 53 65
Courier Carrie Fish Oil Broth Crab (HQ) 23 75
Homunculus Alchemist Water Mandragora (black) 23 75
Voracious Audrey Noisy Grasshopper Broth Flytrap (HQ) 53 75
Ambusher Allie Lively Mole Broth Eft (HQ) 58 75
Chopsuey Chucky Fragrant Antica Broth Antlion (HQ) 63 75
Lifedrinker Lars Clear Blood Broth Diremite (HQ) 63 75
Panzer Galahad Scarlet Sap Beetle (HQ) 63 75
Amigo Sabotender Sun Water Sabotender 75 75
Nursery Nazuna Dancing Herbal Broth Sheep 76 86
Crafty Clyvonne Cunning Brain Broth Coeurl 76 90
Presto Julio Chirping Grasshopper Broth Flytrap 83 93
Swift Sieghard Mellow Bird Broth Raptor 86 94
Audacious Anna Bubbling Carrion Broth Lizard 85 95
Mailbuster Cetas Goblin Bug Broth Fly 85 95
Slippery Silas Wormy Broth Toad 23 99
Turbid Toloi Auroral Broth Pugil 75 99
Dapper Mac Briny Broth Apkallu 76 99
Dipper Yuly Wool Grease Ladybug 76 99
Flowerpot Merle Vermihumus Mandragora (Lycopodium) 76 99
Lucky Lulush Lucky Carrot Broth Rabbit (Arctic) 76 99
Discreet Louise Deepbed Soil Funguar 79 99
Fatso Fargann Curdled Plasma Broth Leech 81 99
Faithful Falcorr Lucky Broth Hippogryph 86 99
Bloodclaw Shasra Razor Brain Broth Coeurl 90 99
Bugeyed Broncha Savage Mole Broth Eft 90 99
Gorefang Hobs Burning Carrion Broth Tiger 93 99
Gooey Gerard Cloudy Wheat Broth Slug 95 99
Crude Raphie Shadowy Broth Adamantoise 96 99
Droopy Dortwin Swirling Broth Rabbit (Lapinion) 99 103
Sunburst Malfik Shimmering Broth Crab 99 104
Scissorleg Xerin Spicy Broth Chapuli 99 105
Herald Henry Translucent Broth Crab 99 113
Attentive Ibuki Salubrious Broth 99
Brave Hero Glenn Wispy Broth 99
Caring Kiyomaro Fizzy Broth 99
Sharpwit Hermes Saline Broth 99