Animist command. Borrow strength from animals.

Call (呼び出す, Yobidasu?) is an action ability usable by the Animist in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Ability Equipment Effect AP MP Power Range
Sheep Count Glass Bell Summons forth sheep to put target to sleep. 100 8 4
100% Wool Earth Bell Soft wool. Improves weapon def. and magic res. 200 8 Self
Cuisine Heal Chime Cook animal and serve it to completely heal HP. 300 32 1
Tail Wag Fairy Harp Wagging tail. Charms target. 200 8 1
Chocobo Rush Satyr Flute Chocobo stampede! Deals damage. 300 12 45 WATK Double Line
Frogsong Aone Flute Lilting refrain. Turns target into a frog. 200 18 4
Friend Blood Strings Summons random creature from the spirit world. 300 12 4
Catnip War Trumpet Catnip! Drives target berserk. 100 12 1