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Caligo Ulldor is a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy XV. He is a Brigadier General in the Niflheim army.




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After Niflheim invades Insomnia, Caligo Ulldor is in charge of occupying the Lucian territories. He is present with Ravus Nox Fleuret, Aranea Highwind, and Verstael Besithia in a meeting with Emperor Aldercapt, who wants Lunafreya Nox Fleuret killed to procure the Ring of the Lucii currently in her possession. Verstael asks the Emperor to reconsider, citing her power to commune with the astrals, and refers to her being the "key for the King". During the meeting Caligo stands silent.

When Niflheim forces occupy Lestallum, Caligo interrogates Jared Hester, the family butler to the Amicitia household that worked for the Lucian royal family. Jared is killed in the confrontation. As revenge, Prince Noctis and his friends infiltrate Fort Vaullerey and attempt to take Caligo hostage, but he escapes, although injured. When Noctis later infiltrates Formouth Garrison in Leide, Caligo and Loqi Tummelt are there to usher the imperial magitek infantry upon him. Noctis prevails and destroys the base.

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Ulldor is fought in his MA, MA-X Dux, during the sidequest Formouth Garrison.




Caligo and a young Luna.

  • In the Dawn trailer that has scenes that are not in the final game, the young Lunafreya Nox Fleuret is apprehended by a man in Niflheim military gear who appears to be Caligo.