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Cape Caem is an outpost on a tip of a peninsula from where the party can board a ship to Altissia in Final Fantasy XV. The outpost has a lighthouse with an elevator to a secret dock where a boat belonging to King Regis is kept, and a run-down house where the player can rest for free. Additionally, there is a patch of land cultivated for simple vegetable gardening.


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After Insomnia is attacked by Niflheim the exiled Prince Noctis finds himself unable to continue to Altissia as the ferry there doesn't run. His party decides to use a ship owned by King Regis from the rural port at Caem. After the Amicitia family butler, Jared Hester, is killed in Lestallum by the empire when they search for Noctis, Iris Amicitia and Jared's grandson Talcott decide to flee the town and come to Caem.

The mechanics Cid and Cindy come to the outpost to repair the ship for Noctis's use, and Cindy sends him out on a quest to find mythril. Iris and Talcott decide to stay in the house in Caem, although it is run-down and been left abandoned for some time. Monica Elshett accompanies Talcott to the hideaway alongside Dustin Ackers, and remains there to protect him and Gladiolus's sister Iris. According to Talcott, Monica regularly trains him to "fight like a Crownsguard".

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Harvesting carrotsEdit

Iris will give the player some seeds for a vegetable garden at the outpost. After sowing the seeds, the player can return after a rest to collect their carrots. The carrots can be traded with a restaurateur for prizes. The player can exchange them for the berries needed to complete the quest in Galdin Quay, whose chef was looking for rare berries to make a dessert in Noctis and Luna's honor. Other rewards include:

  • 1 carrot - 500 gil
  • 2 carrots - Ulwaat Berries
  • 3 carrots - Car decals
  • 4 carrots - Upgradeable Weapons

Crazy about CactuarsEdit

Talcott is collecting cactuar figurines which can be found for sale in various shops, and getting them for him completes a quest. Talcott already has one, and the player can find him four more.

Cactuar Statuette

The shop at Wiz Chocobo Post.

Cactuar Model

The antique shop in Lestallum.

Cactuar Sculpture

Shop outside the Leville Hotel in Altissia. The player must use Umbra to go back to give it to Talcott.

Cactuar Effigy

Formouth Garrison, the imperial base near Hammerhead. It is behind the white building after the player has cleared the area of enemies in Chapter 15.

In Chapter 14, Talcott's truck has a number of cactuar dolls on the dashboard, depending on how many the player found for him previously.


Prompto will ask to take a photo at Caem and appeasing his request is a small quest. Iris will join in.


Cid can upgrade Noctis's weapons if he brings him the required materials. After giving Cid the weapon, the player must complete a quest and then rest to get a call from Cid to pick the upgraded weapon up. After a certain point in the story, Cid will relocate to Caem from Hammerhead. Cid is found back at Hammerhead if the player uses Umbra to go back in time in the later chapters.

Gallery Edit

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