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Cactus: The Wandering Ocean is the twenty-first episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Story DetailEdit


The crew of Jane are presented with an interesting problem; they are drifting through a ocean of sand. As the others discuss the issue, Ai attempts to engage Yu in conversation, something she seems to have been doing unsuccessfully since Yu was separated from the others during the previous episode.

In an attempt to cheer Yu up, Ai attempts to retrieve chocolate from Poshepoke. However, a small cactus like creature appears. The strange creature proves very fast and agile and swiftly escapes to the ship at large. After various encounters aboard Jane, the creature escapes from the ship into the surrounding desert, with Ai, Lisa and Yu in hot pursuit.


Chasing the creature through the desert, Lisa notices that the life energy seems to have been drained from the sand, and not simply died. The chase comes to a close when Ai follows to a hole in the ground. Gathering around the pit, numerous pairs of eyes stare back at the trio, and a number of voices are heard from within.

Thousands of creatures emerge from the hole, quickly surrounding the group. The two sides attempt to communicate with each other, but with neither knowing the others' language progress is slow.


Having led the creatures back to Jane, Lisa discusses the situation with Cid, Miles and Knave. It is then that Fungo reveals that he can understand what the Cactaurs are saying. He states that the Cactaurs are fleeing from a Wandering Ocean; he explains that the Cactaurs were once far greater in number and give in a city of their own, but this Wandering Ocean appeared and destroyed their city and killed many of their people.

He concludes by saying that the Cactaurs live underground mostly, but are searching for a way to end the Wandering Ocean so they may rebuild their lives. Those present agree that the Wandering Ocean must be destroyed as it is both the cause for the Cactaurs' unrest and most likely this cube's challenge.

Before and further plans can be made, Cid announces that the Wandering Ocean is approaching. As the others make hasty preparations, Lisa uses her art to determine that the approaching Wandering Ocean is comprised of the souls that have died in the Ocean, causing it to grow larger and larger.

As all signs begin to indicate that the Ocean is approaching, Crux is seen overhead.

The Wandering OceanEdit

The moment visual contact is made, the Comodin spring into action, launching a special torpedo filled with a drying agent at the tidal wave like ocean. However, this, Lisa's Kigen, and Cid's machines all fail to stop the advance with barely a waver.

Seeing that any force they possess is useless, the Comodin evacuate Jane and retreat to an overlooking hill. However, Lisa, who fell unconscious from the effort to use her Kigen, and Kaze remain near Jane. As Lisa recovers she witnesses Kaze priming and loading the Magnum.

He fires, summoning Bismark. However this proves largely ineffective, as the Wandering Ocean withstands even Kaze's power. However it he does manage to condense the Ocean into a single pillar of water. The Cactaurs seize the opportunity and begin to circle the pillar at high speeds, creating a whirl wind of their life energy.

This finally manages to disperse the energy, but the Cactaurs have sacrificed their lives for the cause.


As the Comodin mourn the passing of the Cactaurs, one of them suddenly springs back to life. After a few cries of joy, this effect seems to shock wave through the Cactaurs, with all of them returning to life.

With the Cactaurs departing, the Comodin board Jane once more, with Lisa thanking Kaze from helping them as they do so.


A single combination is seen, with the combination as follows:

The one who tears apart boulders with it's teeth/Grinding and devouring rocks - Shark Gray
The one who envelopes all thirst/The soil that drinks thirst - Water Blue
The one who feeds on emptiness/That which can even feed on empty space - Crusher White

This combination summons Bismark; a large whale like creature which can control the flow of water.