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The C2 Organization is a mysterious association in the anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Led by Lisa's father, Tsar Pacifist. The organization was never named or mentioned in the anime, but is given prominence in the sequel Final Fantasy: Unlimited After where they had allied themselves with Gaudium.

Tsar PacifistEdit

Lisa's father and the leading figure of C2. He was an ambitious man who sacrificed all for the Privy Council. In fact, his marriage and his family were nothing but political bargaining tools to him. He and the rest of his group were soon seemingly killed off by Kaze before he fought with Soljashy.

Privy CouncilEdit

The Privy Council is a group within the C2 Organization led by Tsar. Its key members include Michaelov, Zatopek, and Ridchenko.

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