Use Samurai skills.
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Bushido (奥義, Ougi?, lit. Secret) is a skillset associated with the Samurai dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. Bushido abilities can be accessed outside of the Samurai dressphere by equipping the Bushido Lore accessory or the Samurai's Honor Garment Grid. Paine has access to Bushido abilities through the Mascot dressphere.

Shin-Zantetsu, Fireworks, Clean Slate, and Magicide can also be used via the Lady Luck's Attack Reels command.

List of Bushido abilitiesEdit

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Mirror of Equity Initial 16 Attack one enemy. The lower the user's HP is the greater the damage she can deal. None FFX-2 Mirror of Equity
Attack one enemy, dealing greater damage when HP is low.
Magicide 30 4 Inflicts MP damage on one enemy. None FFX-2 Magicide
Inflict damage on one enemy's MP.
Dismissal 30 10 Halts the pending action of one enemy. None FFx-2 Dismissal
Halt the pending action of one enemy.
Fingersnap 40 10 Reverts one enemy's attributes to normal levels. Magicide FFX-2 Fingersnap
Revert one enemy's attributes to normal levels.
Sparkler 40 12 Damages one enemy. None FFX-2 Sparkler
Damage one enemy.
Fireworks 60 18 Damages all enemies. Sparkler FFX-2 Fireworks
Damage all enemies.
Momentum 60 10 Deals increasing damage as the character defeats more enemies. Sparkler FFX-2 Momentum
Deal increasing damage as you defeat more enemies.
Shin-Zantetsu 100 32 Instantly kills all enemies with a 50-50 probability. Momentum FFX-2 Shin-Zantetsu
Instantly defeat all enemies. Sometimes fails.
Nonpareil 20 10 Raises the user's Strength and Accuracy. None FFX-2 Nonpareil
Raise the user's Strength and Accuracy.
No Fear 30 12 Bestows Protect and Shell on the user. Nonpareil FFX-2 No Fear
Cast Shell and Protect on the user.
Clean Slate 40 16 Restores the user's HP and removes all her status abnormalities. No Fear FFX-2 Clean Slate
Restore HP and cure user of status ailments.
Hayate 60 20 Raises Evasion and bestows Haste on the user. Clean Slate FFX-2 Hayate
Raise evasion and cast Haste on the user.

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