FFX-2 Burst Shot

Burst Shot in Final Fantasy X-2.

Critical damage to one enemy

Burst Shot (バーストショット, Bāsuto Shotto?) is a recurring ability in the series, primarily used by the Gunner class.


Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Burst Shot is an ability of the Gunner dressphere, learned 60 AP. It inflicts non-elemental physical damage with a guaranteed Critical Hit to one enemy for 12 MP.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Ability Icon 40

Burst Shot is a special ability that costs 6 MP and deals physical damage (1x) with critical (100%) to a single enemy. It is learned by the Gunner-type units: Medius (level 32 (4★)), and Mustadio (level 60 (4★)).

Its recipe was made available during the Into the Abyss event; it requires the following materials: Fire Cryst x10, Ice Cryst x10, Silver Ore x10, Hard Pebble x5, Alcryst x1, and 4000 gil. It takes 1 hour to finish.