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Burn in Final Fantasy XI.

Burn is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, appearing only in the online installments of the series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Final Fantasy XI Spell
MP: 25
Effect: Deals fire damage that lowers an enemy's Intelligence and gradually reduces its HP.
Duration: Varies
Casting Time: 2.5 seconds
Recast Time: 10 seconds
Magic Type: Elemental Magic
Element: Fire
Jobs: BLM 24

Burn is a Fire-elemental spell in Final Fantasy XI that does damage over time and lowers Intelligence.

  • Negates the Frost spell's effect.
  • Is negated by the Drown spell's effect.
  • Burn, Choke, and Shock are a family of compatible effects that can all stack together.
  • Burn and Rasp also stack.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


FFXIVL Burn Icon

Burn appeared as an ability in the original Final Fantasy XIV. At the initial release, Burn was a spell learned by Conjurers at rank 12. The ability inflicted fire-elemental damage over time and also reduced fire magic defense to all enemies within an area of effect.


In addition, an upgraded version called Burn II also appeared as an ability in the game. The spell could be learned by Conjurers at rank 36. The ability inflicted fire-elemental damage over time at a higher potency and also reduced the fire magic defense to all enemies within an area of effect.

After the release of patch 1.20, Burn and Burn II became unusable by any class in the game.

As of the current moment, neither Burn spells have appeared as abilities in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


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