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バニップ (Banippu?)
HP Overkill MP
400 600 15
Strength Magic Defense
22 1 1
Mag. Def.Magic Defense Agility Accuracy
120 6 0
Evasion Luck
0 15
AP (Overkill) Gil
48 (96) 97
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water Holy
100% 150% 100% 150% 100%
Statuses and immunities
Silence Sleep Darkness Poison (25%Percentage of maximum HP removed each turn)
20 20 20 0
Petrify Slow Zombie Pwr. Brk.Power Break Mag. Brk.Magic Break
0 0 0 0 0
Arm. Brk.Armor Break Mntl. Brk.Mental Break Threaten Death Provoke
0 0 0 0 0
Doom (1Turns taken for target to die) Nul Shell Protect Reflect
0 0 0 0 0
Haste Demi Regen Distill Sensor
0 0 0 0 0
Scan Bribe Delay Eject Zanmato
0 0 0 0 Lv. 1
Berserk Capture PhysicalPhysical damage type MagicalMagical damage type
0 0 0 0
Sensor Covered by a hard shell. Piercing weapons are the way to go.
Scan Covered by a hard shell. Slow-moving, but has high physical and magic defense. Vulnerable to ice and water. Falls easily to piercing weapons.
Location Djose Highroad
Monster Arena Djose Road
Common Steal (75%) Hi-Potion
Rare Steal (25%) Hypello Potion
Common Drop (87.5%) Power Sphere x1Overkill: x2
Rare Drop (12.5%) Power Sphere x1Overkill: x2
Equipment Drop (3.13%) 1-3 slots, 1-3 abilities
Weapon Abilities Piercing, Firestrike, Lightningstrike, Waterstrike, Icestrike, Distil Power
Armor Abilities Berserk Ward, Defense +3%
Bribe Hypello Potion x16 (8,000 gil)
Abilities Physical attack only.
Ronso Rage None

The Bunyip is an enemy found on Djose Highroad in Final Fantasy X. When fighting against a Bunyip or any enemy with a hard shell early in the game, it is best to bring in a character like Auron or Kimahri that has the Piercing ability on their weapon.

Attack PatternEdit

From Final Fantasy X Ultimania Guide (translated from japanese).

Basic patternEdit

  • If Auron is present in battle:
    • Physical attack on random target (50% chance).
    • Physical attack on Auron (50% chance).
  • Otherwise:
    • Physical attack on random target (50% chance).
    • Physical attack on the character with the lowest current HP (50% chance).

Special patternEdit

  • Facing Valefor, its physical attacks will always miss.



[view  · edit  · purge]A bunyip is mythical creature from Australian folklore said to live in billabongs, swamps, and other wet areas.

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