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The buggy is a means of transportation in Final Fantasy VII. Given to Cloud and his party by Dio at Gold Saucer as an apology for being thrown into the Corel Prison, this land vehicle allows them to cross rivers, as well as through the sandy area surrounding the Corel Prison. While driving the buggy, there are still random encounters. It can be transported to the Eastern Continent by use of the Cargo Ship. Because there is a river connecting Corel Prison and Costa del Sol, the Buggy can provide a shortcut, saving the player time from having to cross the mountain.

Buggy 7-2 If the player tries to bypass Cosmo Canyon, the buggy breaks down just outside the town, but is repaired by a mechanic in the town when the player enters and speaks to him. The work on the buggy will be finished after the events in the Canyon are complete.


Buggy on World Map.

After the first events at Northern Cave toward the start of Part 2, the buggy disappears without explanation along with the Tiny Bronco. Their roles are replaced by the Highwind. The buggy is the only means of returning to the field areas of Corel Desert, and thus the opportunity to return is lost with the disappearance of the buggy.