Breaksight strike chance.

Breaksight is a gameplay mechanic in Final Fantasy Type-0 used against bosses and other large enemies that cannot be killed in a single Killsight. It is initiated in the same way Killsight is, by holding R1/Right bumper/Right shoulder button to lock onto on an enemy and attacking them when a yellow reticule and sound prompt appear.

When active, a yellow symbol appears on the opponent, often activated when they are about to attack, or right after they have attacked. Breaksight deals a set percentage of damage to the enemy regardless of player's weapon stats. The set damage depends on the enemy in question but is commonly around 19-28% with enemies requiring four to five Breaksights and a Killsight to be finished in the swiftest way possible. Some enemies are not so vulnerable to Breaksights, such as Freaks, Shinryu Celestia, Golems and Snow Giants: They only take single digit percentages of damage requiring the player to defeat them through brute force.

If another character attacks the enemy while they have Breaksight status or in the frames just before the status appears, the enemy will flinch, negating the status appearing and requiring another opening to appear. This encourages thoughtful attacking and button mashing will not often yield Breaksight opportunities as timings will be wrong.

Breaksights are a useful way for players to gain the upper hand in fights that are beyond their normal capabilities, such as level 99 enemies on the world map and some end of chapter Boss fights on the first playthrough such as Gilgamesh in Chapter 6. Breaksights, like Killsights are most easily and safely issued through quick, ranged characters, like Cater, King, or, if the enemy is sluggish, Trey.

Activating a breaksight will limit the damage cap of the attack to 9999, regardless of whether or not the attack used to activate it exceeds the damage cap or not.