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Bravery FFXIII

Sazh under Bravery in Final Fantasy XIII.

Bravery (ブレイブ, Bureibu?), also known as Valor, is a recurring status enhancement. It increases the attack power of a character. It is often bestowed by the spell of the same name. A stronger version, Bravera, exists in certain games.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit


FFIVDS Bravery Symbol

Bravery raises attack power. It only exists in the game's Nintendo DS remake. Bravery is cast by using Twincast with Cecil and Edge or Edge and Rydia, or via Recall.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

VI Valor triples the next physical attack's strength. Multi-hit attacks like the Master's Scroll only increase the power of the first strike. If an attack is physical but relies on a set factor, like Coin Toss, it still increases in power. The status is gained by casting the spell of the same name.

Final Fantasy XII Edit


FFXII Bravery Icon
The character is emboldened and grows greatly in strength, increasing physical damage dealt. The effect is temporary.

While under the Bravery status, a character deals x1.3 the normal physical damage. Bravery can be stacked with Berserk to deal even more damage. The Bravery status is gained from the spell of the same name, from the Multiscale measure or from Brave Suit armor. Bravery requires the Green Magic 6 License for 50 LP (White Magick 9 for 80 LP) and can be bought for 5,800 gil from the Rabanastre Clan Provisioner once the player has reached the Clan Rank of Riskbreaker.

An item exclusive to the Zodiac versions called Domaine Calvados grants the Bravery status to one party member.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Edit


RW Bravery Status Symbol

The Bravery status raises a unit's Attack. Penelo's War Dance and the Judge of Wings's Heroism are a few of the spells that grant this status effect.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit



Bravery raises attack by 25% while there is a second level spell Bravera which raises attack by 75%, depending on which spell or item granted the effect. Bravera can be only be learned by Vanille and Fang.

Game Element Type Effect Duration
Bravery Synergist Ability Bestows the Bravery status on one character, which boosts Attack, Blitz and elemental "-strike" moves by 25%.
Bravera Synergist Ability Bestows the Bravera status on one character, boosting attack by 75%.
Fortisol Item Casts Bravery, Faith, and Haste on the party in the field. None
Pollen Enemy Ability Casts Bravery and Haste on all minions. Usable by Ochus and Neochus. None

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

XIII-2 Bravery raises character's Strength by 75% and can be bestowed by Bravery and its all-ally target version, Bravega.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit


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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord Edit


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