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Bravely Default
Bravely Default logo
ブレイブリーデフォルト フライングフェアリー
Bureiburī Deforuto: Furaingu Fearī
Developers Silicon Studio[1]
Publishers Square Enix (Japan), Nintendo (North America, Europe)
Release dates
Original version:
Flag of Japan October 11th, 2012

Upgraded version:

Flag of Japan December 5th, 2013[2]
Flag of the United States February 7th, 2014[3]
European flag December 6th, 2013[4]
Genre Role-playing game
Game modes Single-player
Ratings CERO:CERO C15 and up
USK:USK 1212+
PEGI: PEGI 12 12+
ESRB: Ratingsymbol t Teen
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Now, become a Warrior of Light and head to the distant land of Luxendarc...
—Announcement Trailer

Bravely Default, released in Japan originally as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, is a role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS. Character design is done by Akihiko Yoshida, and Silicon Studio.

Although the game has an original title, it is considered a spiritual successor of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, a "gaiden" or "spin-off" of the main Final Fantasy series, by its creators. Bravely Default: For the Sequel, the upgraded version of the original game upon which the American and European versions of Bravely Default are based, was released on December 5th, 2013 in Japan[5].

The game also spawned a free-to-play web browser game, Bravely Default: Praying Brage, and a sequel, Bravely Second: End Layer. Another game called Bravely Archive: D's Report was released in Japan targeting mobile devices in January 2015.


Bravely Default is said to be a "traditional RPG" in the style of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light; it is a turn-based RPG with random encounters, with a battle system focused on the job system. The game uses a system of stocked points called "BP" which characters use to gain extra turns. Every character has their own set of BP. When using the "Default" command, a turn is skipped in order to stock a BP, and the "Brave" command uses that BP to move up to four times.


Tiz, Agnès and Edea in battle.

Players can move twice and drop into negative BP, which will result in a combo of turns; however, this gives the enemy several turns in a row. BP can also be transferred between the characters. Another new battle command is the "Friend Summon" system, where players can summon the characters of other players using either data transfer between the player's friends or 3DS Streetpass system between strangers. When a Friend Summon is used repeatedly, they will grow in "Affection" and become stronger.

The job system is similar to that of Final Fantasy V in that characters learn abilities from using jobs. Job commands are the special skills of that class, such as Magic and Attack. Support abilities are automatic skills like HP +10% or Cover. Job commands can be set with abilities learned from other jobs, allowing mixed characters with multiple skills. Support abilities can be customized, but there is a set "cost" as to how many support abilities can be placed on one character.

Growth in job mastery is represented by job levels. As characters use a class more frequently in battle, their job level increases. Bravely Default features a special system called "Abilink", which allows players to borrow the job levels of their friends' characters.

--SE- Copyright-- BD-FF anisetwon

Agnès in Caldisla.

While the characters are in polygonal 3D, the game's backgrounds are hand-drawn, with the various location elements "popping out" of the screen thanks to parallax scrolling and the 3DS auto-stereoscopic technology. A traditional 3D world map also makes an appearance. The playable characters can interact with each other using a "Party Chat" system, where battles are interrupted so that the player can watch a cutscene. These Party Chat scenes will expand the story and give game strategies.

Limit Break-style attacks called "Special Moves"[6][7] are powerful finishing moves based on weapons not unlike Weapon Skills from Final Fantasy XI and can only be used under special conditions. Each of the 9 weapon-types has 1-3 levels of attacks for a total 27 Special Moves. Furthermore the attack names, dialogue when used and after-effects (such as status effects, elemental properties, better damage versus certain enemy types) of Special moves can be customized.

After a Special Move is activated, the background music will change to a unique theme based on the character and the move effects can stack. All weapon types have set proficiency that affects the learning rate and damage of each weapon and Special Move. They are ranked S-E and vary from class to class: for example Freelancers have a B rating in all weapons.[8] The effects of special moves are time-based and will last for approximately a minute and a half until the special move theme is finished, regardless of whether the player is attacking, selecting the commands, or doing nothing.


Norende Restoration.

Bravely Default has a minigame that centers on rebuilding Tiz's village, Norende, by recruiting people using Streetpass or the internet. It normally takes hundreds of hours to complete, but that can be lessened using Streetpass to increase the population. Special shops can be built here such as a "Special Move Parts" shop to alter the skills. Normal shops built here over time stock powerful unique equipment that can't be found elsewhere.

Job SystemEdit

Bravely Default Job system

Job system in action.

The game employs a job system that is slightly different from the system in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. A special item, called Asterisk, is needed in order to be able to change jobs. Along with the starting job, Freelancer, A total of 23 jobs can be obtained throughout the game and each job has its own level that will be capped at 14. However, only 8 jobs are acquired via the main questline, the rest being the rewards of the sub-scenario quests.

Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Knight, available from the first few bosses in the game, are the first jobs to be accessed.[9] The Dark Knights have the standard HP usage attacks, and they can cast status effects on themselves, such as Life or Death, gaining a "parameter bonus" to increase their abilities.[8][10]


Like its progenitor series Final Fantasy, summons make an appearance in Bravely Default, but the traditional summons like Ifrit and Shiva are absent. The summons in Bravely Default include: the flaming train that bears a resemblance to Doomtrain, Promethean Fire (Fire); a woman with wild flowing hair who controls Ice, Ziusudra's Sin (Ice); a black bird that can take the shape of a plane, Hresvelgr (Wind); a giant scorpion with a city on its back, Girtablulu (Earth); the clockwork spider, Deus Ex (Lightning); and Susano-o (Non-Elemental), a warrior-god in black armor.


The story takes place in Luxendarc (ルクセンダルク, Rukusendaruku?), the land of light and shadow. Many countries exist in this land: the scenic kingdom of Caldisla where Tiz ended up after the destruction of his hometown Norende, the desert country of Ancheim (ラクリーカ, Rakurīka?), home to the Temple of Wind and known for its large wind-powered clock, the flower-filled haven of Florem, the oceanic nation of Grandship, the war-ridden land of Eisenberg, and the tundra Duchy of Eternia.


Bravely Default character art

The main characters of Bravely Default. From left to right: Ringabel, Edea, Agnès, and Tiz.

Main article: List of Bravely Default characters

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Agnès Oblige, a 20-year-old girl (17 in the Japanese version) who is the vestal of wind, having set off on a journey to cleanse the crystals that have been corrupted by a darkness.[12]
  • Tiz Arrior, a 19-year-old boy (16 in the Japanese version) who miraculously managed to survive the huge calamity that left a giant hole in a region of Caldisla. He's deeply depressed that he was unable to save his young brother and sole relative in the disaster.[13]
  • Edea Lee, an 18-year-old girl (15 in the Japanese version) with a strong sense of justice who originates from Eternia and was raised in a strong household with her father as her duchy's leader. Though sent to capture Agnès on a mission for the Eternian Army, she instead aids the vestal after seeing the horrible actions of her father's army.[14]
  • Ringabel, an amnesiac boy of unknown age traveling around the world seducing women with his adolescent charm. He is in possession of a special book called "D's Journal" that seems to predict the future.[15]

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

  • Airy, a mysterious cryst-fairy who accompanies Agnès and the party from the outset, often providing helpful hints to the party's next destination.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

As a vestal of the Wind Crystal finds the crystal consumed in a dark energy, a youth named Tiz Arrior finds his home of Norende being swallowed up by the earth with his younger brother falling to his death as Tiz is consumed by a light erupting from the abyss.

Intro: On the Precipice of DespairEdit

A week after the events of Norende's destruction, Tiz awakens to find that he was brought to Caldisla by the Captain of the Guard, Owen. Though the king tells him he is welcome to stay in the town, Tiz wishes to see the remains of his home in the hope of finding other survivors. But once at the Norende Ravine, Tiz meets the Wind Crystal's vestal, Agnès Oblige, who informs him that he is the only survivor. Tiz learns that Agnès, accompanied by the Cryst-Fairy Airy, is on a journey to free the Wind Crystal from the darkness gripping it and undo the damage it has caused. However, she is being pursued by the Sky Knights of Eternia, who have been terrorizing Caldisla.

At first, Agnès is adamant against being helped by Tiz as she believes that facing adversity on her own is part of her responsibility as vestal. But when she willingly surrenders herself to the Monk Barras Lehr and White Mage Holly Whyte to spare the kingdom, she is saved by Tiz and accepts his help. Later that night, the two learn that the city was attacked by Ominas Crowe before he was ordered to stop by Edea Lee, the grand marshal's daughter who is also the Sky Knight's second-in-command.

Joined by a mysterious young man called Ringabel, Tiz and Agnès end up joining forces with Edea, who could no longer abide with Ominas's actions. Despite initial distrust between the two women, the party cooperates after Caldisla's king is abducted by Argent Heinkel and avenge Owen's death by the Sky Knight's hand. Taking the Sky Knights' airship, the group proceeds to Ancheim to reach the Wind Crystal.

Chapter 1: Sit & Stay are Tricks for DogsEdit

Arriving in Ancheim, Agnès and her group witness a rally by the city's ruler Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII, who demands more hard labor from the citizens to turn the enormous windmill that provides power to the entire city, since the wind no longer blows across the land. After the group meet with Khamer, they make their way to the Wind Temple. Once there, they learn that monsters have been roaming the temple since the Crystal of the Wind was consumed by darkness. Upon arriving at the altar of the Wind Crystal, Agnès finds the vestal garb needed to cleanse the crystal is in ruins. Turning to Sage Yulyana in the Yulyana Region for help, Agnès is directed to the Vestment Cave where the party defeats a dragon guarding the rainbow thread, which is necessary for remaking the vestal garb.

After spending another night in the Yulyana Woods Needleworks, Tiz watches Agnès talk to the Sage about the vestal of water, Olivia. As she rekindles her wavering resolve, Agnès obtains the completed dress. However, upon returning to the temple, they find the crystal has been possessed by the Bringer of Doom, Orthros.

After dispatching Orthros, Airy states the rules of the Rite of Awakening and warns the others not to interfere. Agnès proceeds with the ritual while suffering physical strain. As Ringabel seems to remember something related to the crystal's light, Airy reveals that they have three more temples to visit. Though the group expects things to have improved in Ancheim, they find Khamer still spewing propaganda in an attempt to turn the people against Agnès and the Crystal Orthodoxy. However, with Tiz's words of encouragement, Agnès describes the perils faced by the world if the four crystals remain tainted and the necessity of her journey. As she displays Orthros's Tempest Braid as proof of her actions, the wind finally picks up.

Agnès tells Ancheim's citizens that she must meet up with the other vestals in order to cleanse the remaining crystals of their darkness. Touched by the praise and renewed faith of the people, Agnès promises to return as she tells Prime Minister Dominus that her group will see the Sage to find a means to reach Florem and cleanse the Water Crystal. After the group returns to the airship, Tiz is attacked by Alternis Dim of the Counsel of Six. Coming to Agnès's aid, Edea stands up to Alternis, and the Dark Knight falls back while destroying the skystone which keeps the airship afloat. The group is then forced to resort to traveling through the miasma-ridden forests to reach Florem.

Chapter 2: One Day, Beneath a Blue SkyEdit

Alternis reports Edea's treachery to the other members of the Council of Six, then turns to Einheria Venus of the Bloodrose Legion for help in saving Edea before she is found by his fellow council members, the Arcanist Victoria F. Stein and her partner Spiritmaster Victor S. Court. Agnès's group manages to make it out of the Miasma Woods. At Florem, Tiz is taken aback by the city of women. But what Agnès notices most is the city's sudden change from a modest place dedicated to nature, into a haven for the shallow-minded and vain. The group then looks for the Matriarch to find out what is going on. The Matriarch explains that someone instilled the current mindset into the other residents while revealing that Olivia Oblige, the vestal of water, is in hiding. After going to the Temple of Water for clues and finding it abandoned, the group finds the crystal protected by a barrier created by Olivia before she went into hiding.

Edea remembers the Bloodrose Legion and Ringabel suggests a way to find Olivia by having Agnès enter the 47th Annual Sacred Flower Festival. By speaking to the townspeople, the group learns of a path to the Yulyana Needleworks through Mount Fragmentum. After Agnès goes through the comedic ordeal of the bravo bikini, Tiz suggests the vestal garb for her to wear. As the contest commences, with Ringabel pointing out that some of the contestants are missing, Agnès finds herself being jeered at by the audience before she silences them with a poem meant for Olivia.

Though she did not win, and unaware that the winner of the festival was Victoria knocking out the competition, Agnès finds a letter from Olivia telling her to meet at the Twilight Ruins. After finding Olivia, who reveals that she had been on the run since the Bloodrose Legion invaded Florem and that the fire vestal had been killed, Agnès attempts to ask for her help. However, the group has been followed by Victoria, who mortally wounds Olivia as Victor arrives. Though the two overpower the group, Victoria suddenly falls ill and is forced to fall back.

Agnès cries and blames herself for causing Olivia's death, before Tiz restores her composure by assuring her it was not her fault. Agnès then makes her way back to the Temple of Water where the crystal is being possessed by Rusalka, the Purveyor of Doom. Once the monster is dispatched, Agnès cleanses the Water Crystal to the point of exhaustion. She tells the Matriarch that she will go to the Temple of Fire in Eisenberg to cleanse the next Crystal. As the group sets sail on the restored sea, Edea unintentionally causes rift between herself and Agnès when she reveals that she is the daughter of leader of the Eternian Forces.

Chapter 3: Beloved BondsEdit

On their way to Eisenberg, the party end up on a giant ship, Grandship where they meet a man named Zatz Mightee. They learn that Eisenberg's Shieldbearers are in the middle of a civil war against the Swordbearer faction who employ Eternia's Black Blades. Taking Zatz's friend Datz Strongberry as a guide, the group decide meet with the Shieldbearers' commander to find a way to the Temple of Fire. However, the group is intercepted by sword master Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, Edea's mentor and commander of the Black Blades.

After a discussion over the results of her transgressions dooming the world, Kamiizumi takes his leave upon learning the Swordbearers' base is in danger. He then warns Edea that he will show her no mercy the next time they meet. After Kamiizumi meets with his Black Blade followers to discuss their progress on all fronts, Agnès's group meet up with the Shieldbearer Commander Daniel Goodman as he offers to help them reach the Temple of Fire. After spending a night at the commander's home, the group is at wit's end of how to reach the temple before Tiz convinces Agnès to help the Shieldbearers.

After retrieving a sample of a poison developed by the Black Blades' Salve-Maker Qada from Grapp Keep, the group venture into Mythril Mine to rescue the nineteen Canary Boys forced to work there. They learn that one boy named Egil was taken to Starkfort. Infiltrating Starkfort, the group finds Egil and learn that there is a secret passage to the Temple of Fire within the deepest tunnel in the mine. But when Egil followed them, Tiz is furious and ends up arguing with Agnès. Though he is reluctant to endanger Egil due to resemblance to his younger brother Til, Tiz is convinced to let the boy travel with them.

Once the group reaches the temple, they defeat Chaugmar, the Mark of Doom before Agnès awakens the crystal. After learning of it, Goodman promises Agnès that he will restore the Temple of Fire to its former glory and that the canary boys will be cared for. After taking Egil to Caldisla in hopes to ease the mind of innkeeper Karl since the death of his son Owen, the only crystal left for them to cleanse is in Eternia. With Ringabel's book providing a clue, the group returns to Grandship and learn that it is sinking.

After finding old documents leading them the engine room, the group are jumped by a Behemoth that they dispatch before inserting Egil's orichalcum into the ship's heart. The group saves Grandship and in the process learn that it is an airship that can give them safe passage to Eternia. When news of the disappearance of Grandship and that it has reached Eternia, the Grand Marshal orders all their forces to mount an all-out offense against the wind vestal.

Chapter 4: Black and WhiteEdit

After passing through the Frostpeak Passage, Agnès's group arrive to Eternia where Edea learns that her mother, Mahzer Lee, is at the Central Healing Tower. After visiting her mother, Edea reveals that the white magic cables are powered by the Earth Crystal yet believes they must awaken it regardless. Upon reaching Eternia Central Command, the group are ambushed by Victoria as she subjects them to her magic before she collapses with Victor carrying her into central command for treatment.

Following Victor to find the White Magic Circulation Hub, the group learns that Victoria suffered an incurable disease before she was saved by the Grand Marshal and that Victor have devoted himself to prolong her life. Once Victoria emerges from stasis, she and Victor died attempting to kill the group. The group are then knocked out by Archduke Lester DeRosso, the previous leader of the Council, with Alternis placing Edea in her room where she is confronted by her father, Grand Marshal Braev Lee.

Learning that Agnès and the others are in the dungeon, Edea demands what her father hopes to gain before he tells her that the Earth Crystal will retain its normalcy even he must kill her to ensure it. While meeting with Lord DeRosso, who warns the Grand Marshal not to close himself from his daughter, Braev learns that Edea manages to escape through her room's secret passage and freed her allies with their escape assured by Sage Yulyana, revealed as a founding member of the Council of Six. Prior to his sacrifice, Sage warns Agnès's group that the world is not as black and white as they believe and to think for themselves.

Sending Alternis off once telling him something of vital importance, Braev is confronted by Edea and a fight follows with Grand Marshal rendered unable to fight further as lord DeRosso arrives with Mahzer. With Mahzer thanking her daughter for freeing Braev from his burden, DeRosso explains that the templar's wife is in no real danger as he allows the group to reach the Earth Crystal. Finding machinery attached to it, pondering the sudden appearance of the Propagator of Doom Gigas Lich as the Eternian Army were guarding it, Agnès's ritual restores the Earth Crystal. Airy then explains the only thing left to do is to find the Holy Pillar so she can have her brooch absorb the pillar's First Light.

However, as Airy remains in the bridge, the group find that Alternis has gotten on board with the intent to sink Grandship to stop them. The fight ends with Alternis defeated and unmasked, the group shocked to see him resemble Ringabel before the dark knight falls overboard. With stranger revelation that Alternis possessed an identical Book of D, the group find themselves consumed in the light of Airy's brooch.

Chapter 5: Yesterday's SceneryEdit

When Tiz awakens in the Caldisla Inn, he is confused to hear the Sky Knights are attacking. He thought it was all a dream until the others arrive with Airy unable to give them an answer when they see Owen alive. With added confusion that their work was undone, the group decides to start a new quest to awaken the crystals. With access to Grandship and the Eschalot, the group reaches each of the temples while dealing with stronger versions of the evil monsters possessing them. They also meet with Sage Yulyana to repair the vestal garb and learn that they originated from another world.

With Agnès choosing Tiz as her most trust-worthy companion, the two venture into the Vestment Cave the next day to meet with Sage. Sage reveals that he and DeRosso were mortal enemies who fought centuries ago before they came to the aid of a dying angel resembling Agnès. The Sage explains that the angel warned him and DeRosso of a danger behind the crystals relating to the Harrowing and that the Great Chasm is an omen tied to it with the events somehow connected to the group's previous journey to the Holy Pillar. Feeling that there is something Sage is not telling them, Tiz and Agnès meet up with the others.

Once they fulfill their objective of awakening the crystals, the group make their way to the Holy Pillar and once more find themselves fighting Alternis who reveals his goal is to kill the one who ruins the world: Airy. Though Edea tries to reason with him, Alternis realizes she is not the Edea of his world and attacks her. He also reveals that Braev told him that Airy is nothing but a trickster, who wants to have the crystals' power destroy the world. After being forced to see Alternis fall to his death again, a flood of memories overwhelm Ringabel, and the group is consumed again in the light of the Holy Pillar.

Chapters 6-8: Worlds of EchoesEdit

Finding themselves, once again, in the Caldisla Inn, Tiz finds that he and the others they are in a world where Til survived instead of him. While Agnès suggests resuming the mission, Ringabel suddenly brings up what Alternis said of Airy as he reveals he regained a bit of his memory of seeing the number 6 and Edea killed by a monster.

Meeting with Tiz in private, Ringabel explains that he believes he is an alternate version of Alternis from another world. As they get closer to completing their quest, Ringabel regained the rest of his memories realizing the pattern on Airy's wings was "6" which then changed to "5". With this knowledge, Ringabel confides to Tiz that Airy's wings are a countdown of sorts and that the cryst-fairy may be behind the deaths of Tiz, Agnès, and Edea. He asks Tiz to tell Agnès of what they have learned about Airy.

Using a visit to the world's Sage as a excuse, Tiz takes her to the Vestment Cave to discuss Airy with Sage who reveals that Agnès's pendant once belonged to the angel and that she was killed by an "Evil One" who used her and her allies. Realizing who Tiz believes this Evil One to be, Agnès eventually accepts it. The Sage also reveals the crystals can regenerate within millennia as long as their core remains intact.

With Ringabel covering up the true nature of Tiz and Agnès meeting, the group reluctantly enacts the Holy Pillar once more with the hope of atoning for their actions. After their journey in the last world, the group are now in yet another parallel world with Airy feigning ignorance as they repeat the process again before assuming their places in the Holy Pillar.

The End: Bravely DefaultEdit

After returning to Grandship and hearing Airy cheering, the group believes they saved the world. But the happiness is short lived when they find Great Chasm still there as Airy gloats of manipulating them. Assuming her true monstrous caterpillar form, which Ringabel recognizes as the demon that killed the Edea of his world whose wings were a countdown of her evolution, Piercer of Boundaries Airy reveals she linked ten of thousands of worlds for over 1100 millennia for the will of her master: Ouroboros, the God of Destruction. Defeated in her chrysalis-like form, Airy finds herself outmatched as she falls back to the Dark Aurora above the chasm to gain a new form and power.

As Ringabel tends to Grandship, Tiz comforts Edea and Agnès over the betrayal as tells the latter that they have to stop Airy. Turning to Sage for advice, the group learn he called DeRosso as they instruct them to hold hands so the two can show them message of the Angel, revealed to be the Agnès of another world, to know of their mission to defeat Ouroboros and call upon others when the time has come.

As DeRosso takes his leave to enact his role in the defeat of Ouroboros, the group departs to the Great Chasm where they find a portal to the Dark Aurora and eventually confront Airy as she has assumed her perfected form. However, when the fight goes in their favor despite being healed by her master, Airy finds herself being devoured by Ouroboros before he emerges in a shifting form to talk with the heroes. Revealing his goal to bring ruin to the Celestial Realm where the gods live, Ouroboros explains that he sees all life as food while noticing a Celestial within Tiz.

Assuming his true form as he drags them into the Infernal Realm, Ouroboros regenerates any injury inflicted on him before DeRosso arrives. Revealing his mission to merge into the monster's core to halt the regeneration process, DeRosso sacrifices himself to give the group a fighting chance. However, revealing he can also regenerate himself by simply destroying the worlds that Airy linked, Ouroboros places the group in a difficult position with Agnès accepting defeat.

However, the Angel intervenes as she tells Agnès and Tiz to contact their alternate world counterparts who proceed to break the link. Regaining their will to fight, the group proceed to destroy Ouroboros before losing consciousness as the Angel thanks them before they are teleported back to Grandship by Sage who confirmed that DeRosso died with Ouroboros as they have planned. Explaining that the Great Chasm is a portal to other worlds, Sage takes his leave as the group return to their world before the portal closes.

Soon after, Ringabel takes residence in Grandship while Agnès begins a new journey to oversee the Crystals and Edea assuming her place as a new member of the Council of Six. Six months after moving into the Caldisla Inn, revealed to have been on a tentative life, Tiz walks over to the cemetery before he releases the Celestial that had been prolonging his life until now.

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Main article: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack

Two disc soundtrack.

The music for the game is composed by Revo from the Japanese musical group Sound Horizon. Members of the said group include RIKKI known for her work "Suteki da ne" for Final Fantasy X and Joelle known for "Plains of Eternity" from Final Fantasy XIII-2. A single was released on August 22nd, 2012 in Japan and includes a redeemable code for a special in-game equipment. The 2-disc soundtrack includes a fold-out stand for the four protagonists Tiz, Agnès, Edea, and Ringabel.

Noble Composer BDFF

The Melodist's Shirt outfit.

Ordering the game's original soundtrack rewards a knight costume for Agnès and the ability to equip the character's respective default outfit regardless of job. However, the game must first be registered to Japanese Square Enix Member's site. Also, purchasing the supplementary album Luxendarc's Big Diary, with Revo's arranged versions of music from the game, will reward the player with the "Melodist's Shirt" outfit.


BDFF Battle

Screenshot of a battle scene.

Bravely Default entered development as a Nintendo 3DS sequel to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, but Square Enix decided to repurpose the game as a completely new yet related IP with an original title so as not to confuse modern-day Final Fantasy fans, as the game's direction is different from the modern games of the series and closer in style to the older installments. The development team settled on the name Bravely Default: Flying Fairy so that the subtitle would abbreviate to "FF", as a reminder of the game's origins.[16]

According to the producer Tomoyo Asano, the "Bravely Default" means "Have courage and renounce the promises and responsibilities that are expected of you. In other words, don't just blindly do what you're told, act according to your will." This is the core theme behind the game's scenario, mostly seen in Sage Yulyana's words of encouragement for the party to "have the courage to think and act" and to "have the courage to disobey." One of requests the Asano made of Hayashi is that he wanted emphasis placed on the characters and scenario that would surprise people. Asano explained further that he wanted both good and bad guys to have appeal and likeability.[17]

Kensuke Nakahara, director and head of development at Silicon Studio, has said that the main challenge was to make Bravely Default: Flying Fairy a 'traditional' RPG and not an old-fashioned or overtly nostalgia-inducing one. He noted that there are many Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy fans on the development team, and a lot of the ideas they threw around were the sort that had been seen in previous titles and would please many fans, but the developers wanted to avoid including things just to give players twinges of nostalgia.[18]

Battle systemEdit

The main novelty in the battle system in Bravely Default, is the option to default on a turn to store up battle points for later use, or select "brave" to execute multiple actions in a single turn. It had always annoyed director Nakahara whenever bosses in Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy got to do two different attacks in the same turn and the team were discussing something in the battles that would be simple yet provide a chance for deeper strategy, such as the 'charge' command in the Dragon Quest series.[18]

When the project first got started it was a very standard RPG akin to Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy V, but the concern was it wouldn't be a good decision for a new IP like Bravely Default was intended to be. With the battle points system, Nakahara felt like it had the chance to turn the whole game around.[18]


The story was designed to be comedic up to the point the player starts liking the characters, and then the drama develops, director Tomoyo Asano has explained. He used the methodology of American TV dramas, like the older Beverly Hills 90210 and Glee as references.[19] Asano has described Bravely Default as a traditional JRPG with American content thrown in.[19]

Production creditsEdit


Director Kensuke Nakahara
Producer Tomoya Asano
Lead Artist
Main Character Design
Akihiko Yoshida
Scenario Writer Naotaka Hayashi
Music Revo

Naotaka Hayashi, the scenario writer on Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, wrote the story for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.[20]

According to Dengeki PlayStation, Bravely Default has several guest designers who did character and job design concepts:[21]

  • Atsushi Okubo, the author of the manga Soul Eater, designed the character Einheria Venus and the Valkyrie job costumes.
  • Hideki Ishikawa, an illustrator who has worked on various card games including Lord of Vermillion Re:2, designed the character Erutus Profiteur and the Merchant job costumes.
  • Makoto Tsuchibayashi, the character designer and illustrator for Capcoms's Sengoku Basara series, designed the character Kamiizumi and the Swordmaster job costumes.
  • Foo Midori, a freelance illustrator on various online games and light novels, designed the character Qada and the Salve-Maker job costumes.
  • Take, the character designer on Katanagatari, designed the character Victoria and the Arcanist job costumes.

Voice CastEdit

Character Japanese English
Tiz Arrior Mitsuki Saiga Bryce Papenbrook
Agnès Oblige Ami Koshimizu Erin Fitzgerald
Edea Lee Mai Aizawa Cassandra Lee Morris
Ringabel Ryōta Takeuchi Spike Spencer
Airy Makoto Tsumura Stephanie Sheh
Barras Lehr Hōchū Ōtsuka Kirk Thornton
Holly Whyte Chiaki Takahashi Rachel Robinson
Ominas Crowe Sōichirō Hoshi Kyle Hebert
Argent Heinkel Takaya Hashi Richard Epcar
Jackal Nobuyuki Hiyama Michael Sinterniklaas
Erutus Profiteur Masaki Terasoma Christopher Corey Smith
Ciggma Khint Keiji Fujiwara Dave B. Mitchell
Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII Tetsu Shiratori Terrence Stone
Artemia Venus Hiroka Nishizawa Kira Buckland
Mephilia Venus Satomi Arai Karen Strassman
Einheria Venus Yûko Kaida Cindy Robinson
Fiore DeRosa Jōji Nakata Steve Staley
Qada Chafūrin Kaiji Tang
Praline à la Mode Fumie Mizusawa Stephanie Sheh
Hayreddin Barbarossa Kōsei Hirota Michael Sorich
Konoe Kikyo Eri Saitō Valerie Arem
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi Hikaru Midorikawa Liam O'Brien
Victoria F. Stein Kanon Tani Carrie Savage
Victor S. Court Daisuke Ono Lucien Dodge
Braev Lee Takehito Koyasu David Sobolov
Alternis Dim Ryōta Takeuchi Spike Spencer
Lester DeRosso Hiroki Tōchi Popeye Vogelsang
Sage Yulyana Hiroshi Masuoka Dave Mallow
King of Caldisla Dave Mallow
Sir Owen Kaito Ishikawa Keith Silverstein
Innkeeper Karl Hideyuki Umezu Paul St. Peter
Olivia Oblige Laura Post
Zatz Mightee Christopher Corey Smith
Daniel Goodman Steve Staley
Egil Fumie Mizusawa Mona Marshall
Magnolia Arch Ayumi Tsunematsu Amanda Winn-Lee


BDFF Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition.

The collector's edition of the game can be exclusively acquired through the Square Enix eShop. This includes a copy of the game, the first print run of the game's original soundtrack, an art album, an original protect case for the 3DS, and a life-size AR poster.[22]. It is sold for ¥12,800. The standard edition of the game is available for ¥6,090.

Bravely Default: For the SequelEdit

The game was re-released in Japan; this version, called Bravely Default: For the Sequel, contains several modifications from the original game. Save data from the original version will be carried over. It was released on December 5, 2013[2] as a stand alone release and as a downloadable content upgrade.[23]

The following are the modifications made from the original game:

  • Auto-battle system
  • Battle speed-up
  • Bravely Second mechanic
  • Ability to change encounter rate
  • Upgraded town graphics
  • Improved character interface that now shows the stats on the bottom screen
  • Improved battle interface that now shows the command input
  • Language Option for English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Two additional save slots
  • Event viewer
  • Revisions in the game events involving the Asterisk

Overseas ReleaseEdit

Bravely Default

The logo with "Where the Fairy Flies" subtitle for oversea versions.

On April 17th, 2013, six months after the game's original release, Nintendo announced that it would be localized and that the title would be released in 2013 for Europe and 2014 for North America. On July 31st, 2013, however, the release for the European region was pushed to 2014.[24] only to be moved again to December 2013. On August 29th, 2013, it was revealed that the game would be known as Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies[25] when it releases in the West and will be based on the For the Sequel version of the game that will be released in Japan in December 5, 2013.[26] The game, however, was released as Bravely Default in Europe and North America, but the new subtitle was kept in the second title screen before loading the saved game.

The western release of the game has been modified with characters' outfits made less revealing and some characters have been aged a couple years compared to the Japanese game.


Bravely Default was made only with the Japanese audience in mind, and the substantially positive reaction to it overseas has surprised and warmed its developers, leading to Square Enix to reconsider their global strategy for JRPGs.[27]. In reaction to the review scores the game first saw in Europe, the Bravely Default Twitter account tweeted: "Bravely Default is a game that was designed only taking RPG fans in Japan into consideration. We thought overseas expansion was impossible. Seeing this much anticipation moves me deeply."[28]


On February 27th, 2012, it was confirmed that the game would have several demos, each concentrating on one of the game's aspects, and two days later, on the February 29th, 2012, the first demo, titled "Demo + AR Vol.1 - Crystal Maiden Volume", was released on February 29th, 2012.[12]

A second demo, titled "Demo Vol.2: Heroes of Despair Volume", was published on March 29th, 2012.[14] The second demo allows to control Tiz, as well as walk around a town, visit a shop, and interact with its citizens.[29]

A battle demo was released on June 27th, 2012, which allows for a sampling of the game's battle system, with players selecting two jobs from a total of four available jobs, and making use of the "Brave & Default" system. It also contains new AR movie focusing on the new character of Edea Lee.[30]

A fourth demo was released on August 1st, 2012.[15] This demo gave control to the first three playable characters as they fight their way through a dungeon and fight a golem boss. This demo features full control of the game's battle system and comes with an AR movie focusing on Ringabel.

The final, fifth demo was released on September 12th, 2012, and included all elements from the four previous demos, and additionally added Friend Summons, Abilink, and Norende Village recovery system. Players can carry up to 20 friends into the Norende in the full game. Also, with the release of the fifth demo, the previous four were removed.[31]

An English demo was released on the 3DS eShop on 15/11/13. The demo didn't include any story relevant to the full game and served to show plays the mechanics and feel of the game.[32] The demo was met with favorable reviews from the general public, but was also considered 'lacking' at the same time due to the lack of story elements. The demo includes the full brave/default battle system as well as the partial world map, three dungeons and the town of Ancheim. The demo also allows the player to build a part of Norende Village, which also transfers over to the full game when played for the first time. The demo also rewards players with items when defeated certain dungeons and performing actions in the demo which "help players early on".


Famitsu gave a 10/9/9/10 (38/40) to Bravely Default.

For the overseas release, Bravely Default currently holds an aggregate 85 rating on Metacritic, out of 65 reviews.[33] General points of praise included the significant innovations to the combat engine, the beautiful maps, the soundtrack, and the English voiceovers and localization in general. It received an 8.6/10 from IGN[34] citing "Bravely Default embraces both genre traditions and new ideas, and the result is one of the best JRPGs of recent years." Many websites and opinions state that that game is what fans had been requested from Square Enix for a while with Metro saying "this becomes the best Final Fantasy game that never was."[35] The primary point of criticism, both among professional reviewers and the wider fanbase, was the structure of the last few chapters - many reviewers felt the game became somewhat too repetitive during chapters 5 through 8, as you can only fight the Eternians once more and reactivate the crystals several times over.

As of July, 2014, the game has sold over 1 million copies. Most of these have been outside Japan.[36]


  • 3DS Game of the Year (GameSpot)[37]
  • Future Game Award (Tokyo Game Show)


Main article: Bravely Second

While it was hinted in a conversation between Yasumi Matsuno and Akihiko Yoshida,[38] the director Tomoya Asano, in a September 2013 interview with Famitsu, confirmed that a sequel was in development, and that one of the implementations present would be a battle system less like the tradition turn-based model.[39]

On December 4, 2013, the sequel to Bravely Default, titled Bravely Second, was officially revealed in Jump magazine. Like its predecessor, the game is for the Nintendo 3DS, takes place in the same world, and involves a new character named Magnolia Arch.[40]

Packaging ArtworkEdit


See also: Bravely Default/Concept Art


Main article: Bravely Default/Allusions

Bravely Default has callbacks to the Final Fantasy series, especially Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, of which it is most based on, among other references.

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