Bravely Archive: D's Report is an Android/iOS free-to-play game developed by Square Enix. D's Report is set in a re-imagined world of Luxendarc and tells an alternative story where things go a bit differently than they were originally planned. The main protagonist is a new librarian whose mission is to gather memories from sealed crystals and return their knowledge to The Library. During the journey, the player meets new and familiar faces from earlier entries within the Bravely series.[2] The game will end service on October 23, 2017.[1]


The game features a "Hold & Swipe" battle system where holding a finger on the character icon reveals its abilities such as attack, magic and defend. Similar to the previous Bravely games, there are a large variety of jobs to choose from, each having unique abilities and skills.[2]

Players can traverse through dungeon-like areas that contain familiar enemies from Bravely Default and Bravely Default: Praying Brage. The objectives of the dungeons can vary from clearing all of the enemies within it, defeating the boss or managing to collect all the treasures. Players move through the dungeon by tapping on the visible platforms, moving from platform to platform until the player reaches the boss, defeats it and subsequently gathers the crystal from the area.

During battle, players are allowed to swipe up, down, left and right to issue attack orders to their party of characters. Swiping upwards will induce an upper attack which will raise the enemy into the air, allowing players the opportunity to induce twice the damage by swiping downwards, thereby slamming the enemy from the air into the ground. The higher the enemy is lifted, the more damage is done upon slamming them from the air. Prevailing jobs within the game include sword-users, spear-users, dagger-users and stave-users. Some characters also possess healing abilities. By double-tapping a character's portrait in battle, players are allowed the function of that character's special ability, targeting either a single enemy or multiple enemies. Players can also utilize an auto-battle option during battle.

There is also an option for players to purchase crystals with cash, allowing the ability to redeem a new character for 15 crystals, replenish travel point for 5 crystals or gain additional character slots for 10 crystals.


  • Daria Milchstrasse (ダリア・ミルヒシュトラーセ, Daria Miruhishutorāse?) - Librarian tasked with gathering memories from sealed crystals.
  • Chalia Pantanora (チャリア・パンタノーラ, Charia Pantanōra?)
  • Vivian (ビビアン, Bibian?)



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