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Brain blast

Brain Blast terminal in Academia.

Brain Blast! (熱戦! 頭脳ファイト, Nessen! Zunou Faito?) is a quiz minigame in Final Fantasy XIII-2 played on terminals scattered around Academia 4XX AF. Completing a quiz wins the player some CP, Fragments, and treasures.


Academia map ffxiii-2 complete guide

Map of Academia.

The quiz is free to play and is said to be sponsored by the Academy. The player must answer ten consecutive questions correctly to win. Each of the four terminals have different sets of questions. The answers are given by selecting the correct button on the controller. The questions are asked randomly and can range from basic knowledge of the world of Final Fantasy XIII to the trivial and occasionally are based simply on random chance.

The terminals can be found on the streets in Academia, two in New Town, one in Grand Avenue, and one outside the Academy Headquarters.


Brain blast

A game of Brain Blast! in session.

The player receives a Fragment for the first time they finish a game on a terminal. After having completed all terminals the game announces the player's name will be added to the Academy datanet. Whenever a player completes a quiz they also win a monster adornment. The player can win a prize from a terminal three times; any consecutive win yields nothing.

New Town South Terminal

New Town North Terminal

Grand Avenue Square Terminal

Academy Headquarters Entrance Terminal


The questions are asked randomly. The answers to the questions are always in the same order. In the table below, the first button symbol is for PlayStation 3 version and the second button symbol for Xbox 360. To quick-find an answer search for keywords with CTRL+F.

New Town North TerminalEdit

Question Answer Button
According to the philosopher Denrith, humans are merely an intellectual version of a certain monster, with the ability of looking innocent on the outside, but being conniving on the inside. Which monster was he referring to? Cactuar Circle / B
After the fall of Cocoon, the public became more and more aware of the truth behind the fal'Cie and their actions. What part of the truth was fudged in history textbooks? The intent of the fal'Cie Triangle / Y
Around 100 AF, a TV show based on the battle of the l'Cie was in production, but got canceled at the last minute. What was the name of the show? 'Don't Mess with the 'Fro' X / A
Around 100 AF, which test was proved invalid and superfluous by the Academy? Role-based personality test Circle / B
Around 400 AF, the '??? male' became a popular phrase. What goes in the blank? Armored Circle / B
BBQ Ben's is famous for their cheap, but delicious behemoth meat. Rumor has it they have close ties with certain government officials. How are they able to serve meat at such a reasonable price? They got leftover beasts from research labs Triangle / Y
Before Cocoon's aerial railway, people rode the trains that ran along the ground. What was the name of Cocoon's old terminal? Nautilus and Bodhum X / A
Chocobo riding used to be mandatory at all private schools. However, it was canceled indefinitely due to what kind of complaint from the parents? The chocobo smell would rub off on the students Square / X
During the festival of the Day of Rebirth, which food stand gets the most business from children? Microchu mousse Square / X
How do people refer to the day of Cocoon's fall? The Day of Rebirth Triangle / Y
How does Hope refer to Lightning? Light X / A
How does Hope's time capsule work? It slows down time within the device Square / X
In the children's song 'Chelsea's Bubbles,' she is able to blow a bubble as high as the biggest, roundest thing one can see. How high was she able to blow her bubble? To the skies of Cocoon Square / X
In the popular children's show 'Cocoon Five,' what is the name of the five heroes' ultimate attack? Cocoon's Final Attack Circle / B
Spells can be sealed into cards and sent as gifts. Which spell makes for a popular birthday card? Cure Circle / B
Stem is the new recreational drug of choice among the young and is quickly becoming a social issue. The ingredient can be easily found in the Sunleth Waterscape. What is it? Dried habanero leaves Triangle / Y
The chocobos first used by Chocobo Delivery Services were based on the colors of nature. What colors were they? Green and yellow Square / X
The Lumeritz singing competition began 100 years after the first paradox. What year was that? 103 AF X / A
The monster movie 'The Imp' was a big hit among the niche crowd that raved about its cuteness. What did half of the movie consist of? Dancing imps X / A
The New Bodhum urban legend about a man with a knife is based on who? Tonberry X / A
The popular DJ DK sports thick sideburns and a mohawk. What is the name of this hairstyle? Chocobo hair Square / X
What accessory is considered to grant wishes, but is seldom used because of its smell? Chocobo feather Triangle / Y
What accessory is recommended for those who want to boost their physical attack power? Power Wristband Square / X
What advertising media was widely seen in Palumpolum as a result of energy conservation? Blimps X / A
What coarse substance is known as a fast-acting cold reliever? Microchu baby teeth X / A
What company's business has been booming due to the numerous deliveries required between Cocoon and Gran Pulse? Chocobo Delivery Service Circle / B
What determines the altitude of flights from Cocoon to Gran Pulse? The arm's length of fal'Cie Titan Circle / B
What does one call cooked behemoth meat that's hung out to dry for three days? Cured meat Circle / B
What does the cactuar sign seen at amusement parks imply? Emergency exits Circle / B
What happens to a l'Cie once they complete their Focus? They turn to crystal Triangle / Y
What happens to a l'Cie that's unable to complete their Focus? They become a Cie'th Square / X
What is a baby moogle called? A moogling X / A
What is someone who sits at home all day generally called? Bear X / A
What is the acronym for the Academia Central Broadcasting Station? ACBS X / A
What is the behemoth king incapable of doing? Shooting a thousand needles from its body Square / X
What is the best act of the circus troupe the Circus Riders, a group of acrobats who use airbikes for dangerous stunts? Chicken race X / A
What is the famous painting by Geraint, the artist representing the new way style of post-Cocoon? 'Cosmos' Square / X
What is the full name of Professor Garnett, the editor-in-chief of the modern history textbook of 400 AF? Micah Garnett Square / X
What is the name of the dish composed of flan flesh filled with silver lobo meat? Flan fal'Cie Circle / B
What is the name of the elevator connecting Gran Pulse with Cocoon? Gran Elevator Square / X
What is the name of the phenomenon that occurs on Gran Pulse due to the winds carrying away the sand? The Shimmering Sands phenomenon Circle / B
What is the orobon incapable of doing? Exploding into a pile of dust Circle / B
What is the surname of the Sanctum representative Cid, former commander of the Cavalry? Raines Circle / B
What meat is used in the popular hunter's dish, 'Chef's Grudge'? Cooked tonberry tail Square / X
What mythology-based movie won the Tantalus Award for Best Film in 328 AF? 'From Etro with Love' Circle / B
What popular game do kids play on the shores of New Bodhum? Hopscotch X / A
What project is being criticized by reformist groups for pushing Academia to become a closed city? Elimination of foreign trade X / A
What topic is most touched upon in the modern history textbook of 400 AF? Paradox Triangle / Y
What type of flan was discovered in 150 AF and has since been popular among couples? Fetching flan Triangle / Y
What was Dajh's ability as a l'Cie? Sensing power of Pulse origin Square / X
What was the name of New Bodhum's soccer team, one of the few teams that participated in the first season on Gran Pulse in 4-5 AF? The Enterprise Circle / B
What was the name of the device used by Sanctum's elite soldiers that allowed one to control gravity? Grav-Con Unit Square / X
What was the name of the military squad led by Cid Raines? Rapid Response Team Circle / B
What was the name of the parade that was once held in Nautilus? Pompa Sancta X / A
What was the name of the weapon used to shoot Cocoon's garbage into outer space? Megajunk cannon Triangle / Y
What was the reason Volcano Day was established? The eruption of Heaven's Mountains Square / X
What was the task of the government-operated PSICOM? Protecting Cocoon from Pulse Square / X
What was the title of the bestselling book of 10 AF about a young girl and her transformation into a Cie'th? 'The Dark Brand' Square / X
What water sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag? Waterstrike Triangle / Y
When Serah became a l'Cie, she hid her brand with a bandage. Where on her body did the brand appear? Left upper arm X / A
When Snow became a l'Cie, where did the brand appear? Left arm Square / X
When soldiers say, 'You're a real ochu!' what do they mean? I can count on you Square / X
When the Academy discovered the crystal pillar was in bad condition, what solution did they come up with to try and secure living space? Build a new Cocoon Square / X
Where is the ideal place to raise a chocobo chick? Humid plains X / A
Where was Proto fal'Cie Adam created? Augusta Tower X / A
Which activity is based on the architecture of Academia and immensely popular among the teens? Free fall Square / X
Which architect designed the congress hall founded in the capital city of Eden? Augustio Camille Square / X
Which invaluable ore is sought after by miners everywhere? Uraninite Circle / B
Which monster wields the Centaurion Blade? Immortal Triangle / Y
Which movie portraying a couple torn apart by the Purge won the Tantalus Award for Best Film? 'My Gran Pulse Lover' Triangle / Y
Which of the following did not occur directly after the publication of Woolrich's novel 'Humans Belong to the Fal'Cie'? It became a bestseller Triangle / Y
Which of the following is not programmed into the sunglasses of the Serendipity card dealers? X-ray vision Triangle / Y
Which regiment was Lightning assigned to when she was in the military? Bodhum Security Regiment Triangle / Y
Who is the distinguished economist who said, 'Humans are merely animals that earn gil'? Gilmay Erskine Triangle / Y
Who used to live in Oerba? Fang X / A
Whose life revolves around collecting data on monsters? Dr. M X / A
Why was the piece 'Cocoon and the Five Moons' stripped of its title for first prize in the 35th Academia Photo Exhibition? It was digitally altered Circle / B

New Town South TerminalEdit

Question Answer Button
Who is the cute mascot of the popular game show 'Cue This'? Cuebat Square / X
Every few centuries, the light emitted by the fal'Cie Phoenix will flicker, causing a moment of darkness. What is this phenomenon called? Flames of Rebirth X / A
What is the hit song of Bombtanians, Cocoon's all-violin band known for their melancholy sound? 'Beautiful Ballad' Circle / B
Who is known as the world's best weaponsmith that designs and creates the finest swords known to man? Masamune Triangle / Y
Which stupidly strong alcoholic beverage known to 'taste like death' is popular among the elderly? Cie'th Killer X / A
Who was the first female prime minister to represent the Sanctum? Ivory Marilla Circle / B
Red or black? Vertical = X/A

Horizontal = Circle/B

X / A


Circle / B

When a woman calls someone a 'chocobo feather man,' what does she mean? Someone who won't commit Circle / B
In 400 AF Academia, the term 'paradigm shift' is used by office workers everywhere. What does it refer to? Reshuffling staff Triangle / Y
What takes place at the annual Gran Pulse festival La Prettina, an event that celebrates the coming of spring? People throw flan at one another Square / X
The hunters of the Steppe love their flan. What part of the flan must be removed in order to ensure no poison is left in the creature? Liver Triangle / Y
The Cocoon Firefly discovered on Pulse does not exist on Cocoon. How did it get its name? To remember Cocoon Square / X
The National Weather Service controlled Cocoon's weather and what? Seasons Triangle / Y
The communication game 'Choco-Bomb' is a favorite among the students of Academia. What was the original name of the game as it underwent development? 'On the Choco-Brink' Square / X
What silver-colored invaluable ore used to be found on Haerii? Platinum Square / X
In the story 'Three Little Microchus,' what did the youngest use to build his house? Stone Circle / B
The most common variety of cactuar is used for cooking. What color is it? Green Square / X
Marion, the main character of the show 'Black Gloves,' has split personality disorder. He has two occupations: a cold-blooded assassin and what else? Hairdresser Triangle / Y
Which of the following has never been weighed? Cocoon Square / X
The Flying Tortoise was Bodhum's most famous hotel that was booked till the end of time. What was the attraction that made the resort so popular? An aerial hot tub Triangle / Y
As the people were released from fal'Cie rule, many strove to find a new god. What is the design of the god worshiped by those left on Cocoon based on? Crystal pillar Triangle / Y
What is the main reason for the seldomly occurring vehicular accidents in Academia? Human error Circle / B
While the transportation system was being redeveloped, how were goods delivered to and from Cocoon? Military jets Square / X
Around 150 AF, what accessory inspired by Cocoon's pillar was worn by people everywhere as a symbol of friendship? Cocoon charm bracelet Circle / B
What was the name of the scandal involving the provisional government and blank documents? Blank sheet incident Circle / B
The women of Academia are raving about a new powder foundation called Adam. What is the main ingredient of this product? Adamantoise fang Circle / B
Why does the owner of Curious refuse to sell the pair of shoes on display in the front window? They're both made for the right foot Circle / B
What was the name of the act performed by the comedic duo Thousand Giggles in Academia 380 AF? Count Cactuar Square / X
What is the energy drink made from gysahl greens? Kweh! Triangle / Y
What monster toy can only be purchased in the Steppe? Cactuar Square / X
Odds or evens? Vertical = Triangle/Y

Horizontal = Circle/B

Triangle / Y


Circle / B

Those with big appetites go to the restaurant Edenwalker for which dish? The BBQ sheep challenge Triangle / Y
What phrase became popular thanks to the popular anime 'The Mog Team'? Hasta la vista, kupo! X / A
Which extravagant bottle of alcohol, known as PN, is popular among celebrities for its rich, deep flavor? Pinot Noel Circle / B
What is the main ingredient of phantom honey, a condiment with a rather pungent smell? Ochu flower honey X / A
In Academia's popular women's magazine, what is the number one attribute to look for in a man? Academy job Circle / B
As the population of Gran Pulse increased, what business took off? Private military companies X / A
Heads or tails? Vertical = Triangle/Y

Horizontal = Square/X

Triangle / Y


Square / X

How do flan reproduce? They duplicate Triangle / Y
The Sanctum army tried to create a bioweapon using a mu, but realized enemy soldiers wouldn't take it seriously for which reason? They were too adorable Circle / B
After the annual singing competition, people shower each other with an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the new year. What is the name of this beverage created using chocobos' favorite vegetable? Mimett Circle / B
Around 20 AF, higher-ups of the provisional government and the Academy butted heads, leading to the disappearance of a key person. How did they refer to this period? The Dark War Square / X
What New Bodhum specialty uses fresh seafood? Sahagin Jerky Triangle / Y
In 2 AF, what did the civilians create to signify their independence from the fal'Cie? An oath of autonomy Circle / B
What natural material is used to build the solid outer shell of the new Cocoon? Adamantoise shell Circle / B
Subject Zero was the first experimental subject to undergo the duplicate creation process. Because they didn't have the technology to create synthetic flesh at the time, which of the following was used as the test subject? A behemoth bioweapon Triangle / Y
Mythril Hearts Co. is famous for their mythril accessories. Which creepy-yet-fashionable accessory is the most popular? Oneiric Bangle X / A
What is the name of the beverage created using the water from Sunleth Waterscape? Sunleth's Legend X / A
As Serah and Noel appeared in the past time and time again, what research project received lots of funding and donations? Moogle throw simulator Square / X
What multi-colored artificial forest is registered as a Sanctum heritage site? Bifrost Forest X / A
What dish can only be made in Sunleth from ingredients found in that region? Patroller's weed salad Triangle / Y
Where is hoax herb, a plant not readily spotted by hikers, generally found? Yaschas Massif Square / X
The baghorn is an instrument used in Nautilus's parade. Why is this instrument so hard to make? The intricate carvings require too much work Circle / B
During their journey, when did Mog decide he needed to go on a diet? When Serah had trouble swinging her sword Square / X
What incredible new species of cactuar did professor Oga Wan discover during his years of research? The long-necked cactuar Circle / B
How did the chocobo breed Wild Broom get its name? Coat Circle / B
The skyscraper's observation deck in Academia was built on a floor based on the incident of 100 AF. What floor is it on? 132nd floor Triangle / Y
In the Chocobo of the Year contest that determines the best chocobo in the world, the chocobos are ranked based on speed and what else? Grace X / A
Many people gather at Yaschas Massif to watch the sunrise. What is a necessary item to have in your possession when walking along the dangerous monster-infested path at night? Something that emits light Square / X
What is the relationship between the two runners who placed first in the 106th Eden Marathon thanks to their unbreakable bond? Rivals X / A
The Sabbath is an event where people gather to watch monsters dance and frolic. Which is the best dancer of them all? Succubus X / A
What part of the weapon does Mog's bobble become? A decorative jewel Circle / B
What is the common name for the Helix breshantha, a conch shell found only in the Bresha region? Soilentoise X / A
In 320 AF, what city was voted the best place to live by Academy scientists? Academia X / A
In Sazanbar Cape, one of the famous tourist spots in New Bodhum, what contest is held that is painful to watch? Student poetry reading Square / X
How did the Academy revamp their program in order to provide more opportunities for the less fortunate? They improved their scholarship programs Square / X
What vehicle does Hecatoncheir transform into in gestalt mode? Magitek Armor Square / X
Raucous cheese looks vile and has a pungent smell unlike anything else. What is it made from? Behemoth milk Triangle / Y
What is the title of the dark fantasy show based on this world? 'Highway to the Chaos Zone' X / A
Who is the chairman of Academia's amateur wrestling league, who was once and still claims to be one of the smallest but best wrestlers in the world? Masked Microchu Circle / B
Pick a hand! Odd number questions = Left/Square/X

Even number questions = Right/Circle/B

Square / X

or Circle / B

4D fireworks are used for ceremonies. Besides sight and hearing, what other sense does it stimulate? Smell X / A
Who was the girl that won the 41st Junior Sports Hunting Championship with a perfect score? Elle Larskin Triangle / Y
When someone with a pure heart rides a chocobo, heavenly music rings in their ears. The sound comes from which part of the chocobo? Chest feathers X / A
What new breed of flan look young throughout their entire lives but grow in size as they age? Ginorminiflan Square / X
What is the main ingredient of exquisite maple honey, a sugary sweet condiment, said to be developed from crystals? Sunleth tree sap Circle / B
Which boomerang brand is the most popular among those hunt for sport? Airwing Triangle / Y
What new service is provided by the Chocobo Delivery Service? Surprise deliveries Triangle / Y

Grand Avenue TerminalEdit

Question Answer Button
An Academy scientist wrote a thesis proving some monsters are rattled by what certain human action? Tsking at it X / A
Before the crystal pillar appeared, in what state was Cocoon? Floating in midair due to the fal'Cie's powers X / A
Being oblivious to small, everyday occurrences is called a 'tonberry's what'? Stealthy walk Triangle / Y
Fireworks were created by a Bodhum resident who used explosives for work. What was his occupation? Miner Triangle / Y
Heads or tails? Vertical = Triangle/Y

Horizontal = Square/X

Triangle / Y


Square / X

How does a tonberry carry its knife? It carries it in its left hand Square / X
How does Hope's Eidolon, Alexander, make his exit? Breathes fire and flies away Square / X
In 0 AF, monster figurines became popular on Cocoon. Which monsters were the most popular? Triffid and mandrake Circle / B
In 1 AF, an old flanbanero flower was discovered in crystal. The color was a cross between crystal and a flanbanero. What was the color? Muddy violet Square / X
In 2 AF, an air shuttle became available in the Yaschas Massif. What are the condensation trails of the shuttles that were named after shooting stars called? Comet trails Square / X
In 20 AF, which region was crawling with bounty hunters due to the growing number of monsters in the area? Bresha Ruins X / A
In Noel's world, the earth was barren and there was little sign of life. What did his people use to build their homes? Scraps Square / X
In Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF, which monster showed intelligence by traveling in packs? Flan Circle / B
In the film 'MI: Sahagin,' what does the hero use to get past the security system without alerting his enemies? Deceptisol X / A
Hyperion is the fastest competitor in the chocobo races. Which of the following did he recently beat in a race? An airbike Triangle / Y
In what region of Gran Pulse can the ruins of Paddra be found? Yaschas Massif Square / X
Jones is an infamous treasure hunter who always seems to engulf his discoveries in flames and fail in his excursions. What kind of weapon does he wield? A flamethrower Circle / B
Kaltz produced a line of shoes that allowed people to walk on water. Although the product was recalled several times, the current product is flawless. What is the name of the product? Floaters Triangle / Y
Mixing soda water and what prompts sweating and is great for increasing one's metabolism? Flanbanero juice Circle / B
Of all the chocobo race urban legends, which one is said to possibly be true? A prisoner won the race and he and his group were pardoned X / A
Of all the chocobo toys sold in Nautilus, there are rare ones called Happy Chocobos. What creepy characteristic makes it different from other toys? Its eyes are bloodshot Triangle / Y
Of the many cactuar dolls, which is deemed the cutest by customers? Cactuarina doll Square / X
On Cocoon, what Bodhum event was know to grant everyone's wishes? Fireworks festival Square / X
On what body part does Lightning don her white feathers? Hips X / A
On what part of his body does Odin wear his cape? Over his right shoulder X / A
Since the massive relocation to Gran Pulse, a world much less peaceful than Cocoon, which item has considerably risen in sales? Potions X / A
Stage actor John Barker is a less-than-handsome man who is always late for rehearsals. What flimsy excuse does he use as the reason for his tardiness? An ochu was flirting with me Square / X
The airline providing flights between Cocoon and Gran Pulse came up with a special offer that proved disastrous because of its name. What did they call? Smile and say 'Purge' Circle / B
The annual Gysahl Cup that presents the winner with more gysahl greens than it can eat in a lifetime was held every year except for one. Why wasn't it held in 394 AF? Lack of gysahl greens X / A
The ATB gauge fills up during battle. What does ATB stand for? Active Time Battle X / A
The Caldana root of the Steppe is an invaluable plant of which reason? They contain salt that can be extracted X / A
The cost of the most expensive fireworks used at Bodhum's fireworks show is equal to the population on Cocoon at its highest. How much is that? Approximately 20,000,000 gil X / A
The tonberry parent became a social phenomenon in 300 AF. What kind of parents does the phrase refer to? Those who wield knives when talking to teachers Circle / B
Two sisters work in Serendipity as casino staff. How does the younger sister describe her older sibling? Shy Triangle / Y
What caffeine-filled snack was popular among the Academy scientists of 10 AF? Bobblicious Square / X
What color is Snow's hair? Blond Square / X
What does Noel have equipped on his left hand? Black armlet Triangle / Y
What does Snow's Eidolon, Shiva, transform into in gestalt mode? Bike X / A
What does Vanille lovingly call her Eidolon, Hecatoncheir? Hecaton Circle / B
What does Yuj think of Serah's outfit that seemed to appear out of nowhere? Stylin' Circle / B
What facility was created on ancient Pulse by the fal'Cie to protect the people from intruders? The Ark Circle / B
What happens to Fang's Eidolon, Bahamut, in gestalt mode? It flies with Fang on its back Triangle / Y
What is Noel's weapon of choice? Two swords Square / X
What is the best university on Cocoon? Eden Central Circle / B
What is the creature shown on the giant roulette wheel in the central area of Serendipity? Carbuncle X / A
What is the defensive paradigm that's useful when the party's HP is low? Solidarity Triangle / Y
What is the first line of the duet 'Nautilus Yearning,' a song about the city that never sleeps? The neon lights shine brightly Circle / B
What liquid used in perfumes can be extracted from noctilucale and crawlers? Fragrant oil Square / X
What move was invented by Cocoon's 13th boxing champion? Goblin Roll Triangle / Y
What role is Serah capable of? Commando Square / X
What title was awarded to the winner of New Bodhum's swimming competition? Speedy Sahagin X / A
Which creature has white fangs? Ahriman Circle / B
What was Lightning's rank when she was in the Guardian Corps of Bodhum? Sergeant Circle / B
What was the name of the mission to drive out the inhabitants of Bodhum when a Pulse fal'Cie was discovered? The Purge Circle / B
With the fal'Cie no longer in power, the delivery system came to a halt. How was Palumpolum able to resume commercial activity so quickly? Abundance of goods Triangle / Y
What was the PSICOM weapon used in the battle at the Hanging Edge? Manasvin Warmech X / A
What weapon did the Sanctum army bestow upon their skilled soldiers? Blazefire Saber Triangle / Y
What weapons does Mog transform into for Serah's use? Bowsword Square / X
When Cocoon residents relocated to Gran Pulse, what dish became widely popular as a way to diminish the natural smell of Pulse ingredients? Curry X / A
Where are Eidolons said to be from? Valhalla Circle / B
Which Academy team was ordered to investigate the disturbance in the Vile Peaks in 10 AF? Blitz Squadron X / A
Which creature has large eyes? Neochu Triangle / Y
What refreshment do chocobo race contestants drink before their race? Chocobo XS Triangle / Y
What weapon does Mog transdorm into for Serah's use? Bowsword Square / X
Which creature has sharp claws? Silver lobo X / A
Which creature has the longest legs? Shaolong gui Square / X
Which event was the most popular at Nautilus Park? The hologram dance parade Circle / B
Which is not an arthropod creature that appears from the Void Beyond? Meonekton X / A
Which monster is not found on the slot machine reels in Serendipity? Flan Circle / B
Which of the following is coarse? Scalebeast's back Circle / B
Which of the following is the highest quality wool? Fluffy wool Circle / B
Which of the following will not be sold at Chocobo's Fashions, which is scheduled to open next year? Hermes' Shoes Square / X
Which role allows you to heal yourself and your allies instead of attacking the enemy? Medic Circle / B
Which role allows you to strengthen your allies by infusing their attacks with elemental power? Synergist X / A
Why do people visit the small cottage on the icy terrain of Rudka? To see the rainbow-colored mustache of a local Triangle / Y
Noel's clothes are tailored to withstand a severe lifestyle. How is this done? Multiple threads are embroidered through his clothes Square / X

Academy Headquarters TerminalEdit

Question Answer Button
What is one way Serah and Noel use Mog to retrieve treasure that's out of reach? They throw Mog at it Square / X
Lebreau is skilled in cooking and fighting. How does she train to be such a great warrior? She works out using kitchen utensils Triangle / Y
During the Sanctum rule, the film 'Free Will' was banned due to a scene filled with what kind of questionable content? Becoming a Cie'th by will Square / X
How does Sazh refer to Lightning? Lightning X / A
In Academia 4XX AF, what year's fashion came back in style? 10 AF Square / X
In the hologram show 'Tonberry's Revenge,' what is the first line of the ending song? I'm coming for you; I'm getting my revenge Triangle / Y
In the popular holo-comic 'Bombtanian,' what is the secret phrase used by the main character and his friends? Sacrifice yourself to save others Square / X
The game 'Holostation' has become a must-have for the female population of Academia. Why has it led to a declining birth rate? You can make a virtual boyfriend Triangle / A
In the proverb, 'One ??? is better than a million l'Cie,' meaning one should take on a single task before taking on many, what goes in the blank? Crystal Circle / B
In the song 'Tiny Lulu,' to which city did the little girl's best friend move away? Bodhum Triangle / Y
Many chocobos participate in the chocobo races. Which of the following does not exist? Thunder Chicken Square / X
Many flan make up the enormous Royal Ripeness. Which does not make up part of this creature? Elderly Circle / B
Sazh is best-known for his abilities at a pilot, but what is his former occupation? Train conductor Circle / B
The Eden Literary Award is handed out only to those who make a positive impact on society. Rodrick won this award for which novel? 'Secrets of the Crystals' X / A
The extreme anti-Academy terrorists perform what action to get their point across? Bombing invaluable ruins X / A
The investigations around the mountain ranges of Gran Pulse revealed which children's story to be true? L'Cie Extermination Mountain Circle / B
The l'Cie incident that occurred before Cocoon fell is sometimes referred to as 'Cocoon's Dusk,' but is more commonly referred to by the media as what? Sunset X / A
The weather controlling device in the Archylte Steppe can't do which of the following? Make it snow Triangle / Y
'The Yellow Bird' is a story about a chocobo living on Gran Pulse. What is the name of the heroine? Coco Circle / B
What is a newly hatched chocobo called? Chocobo chick X / A
There is a certain stuffed animal sold only in Nautilus. What is the name of the creature that possesses a gem on its forehead? Carbuncle Square / X
What act performed by the comedian Fl-Fl-Flan got him booted off of every TV station? Wanna touch my shaolong gui? Square / X
What color are Serah's eyes? Bluish Triangle / Y
What color were the orbs that appeared in Yaschas Massif 100 AF when a group of Academy staff members disappeared? Red Circle / B
What company became famous for their sales copy 'It's moogle o'clock, it's time to enjoy moogle bread'? Stiltzkin's Bakery X / A
What did Serah get Lightning for her birthday? A knife Square / X
What disparity, only noticeable by outsiders transferring in, was revealed in the tell-all book written by a disgruntled former Academy employee? Treatment of subsidiary organization graduates Triangle / Y
What do you call an incompetent person who climbs the corporate ladder? A cactuar Triangle / Y
Who is not part of Team NORA? Cid Triangle / Y
What does Noel do best? Hunt Square / X
What does PSICOM stand for? Public Safety and Intelligence Command X / A
What does Serah do for a living? Teacher Triangle / Y
What flan is the same color as a rust pudding? Ferruginous Pudding Square / X
What is the name of the grand city built by the Academy? Academia Square / X
What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse? Gardening X / A
What is Hope's surname? Estheim Circle / B
What is Hope's unparalleled attack? Last Resort X / A
What is Lightning's unparalleled attack? Army of One Square / X
What is Sazh's unparalleled attack? Cold Blood Triangle / Y
What is the bow used by hunters in the Steppe to protect themselves from wild animals? Wild Chorus X / A
What is the famous line spoken by the famous actor who made it big on the show 'Wild Rose'? You're from the rebel army! Circle / B
Who is the brother of the children's favorite superhero Ultima Ace? Ultimabro Circle / B
What is the name of Maqui's shop? Lenora's Garage Square / X
What is the name of the book of photographs shot by photographer Mitch Rockfit during his numerous visits to New Bodhum? 'Meowllow Days' X / A
What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot? 'The Boy and His Bot' Triangle / Y
What is the name of the natural phenomenon also known as 'Titan's Curtain' that occurs in the colder regions? Northern lights Triangle / Y
Why can't Mog help Serah and Noel in Serendipity? Mog is off playing on his own Triangle / Y
What is the name of the tower built by the Academy in 13 AF? Augusta Tower Triangle / Y
What is the tallest mountain on Gran Pulse? Mt. Fairne Square / X
What is Vanille's unparalleled attack? Death Circle / B
What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the Steppe? Ding dong ditch X / A
What vehicle is the most popular among 10-year-old boys everywhere? Ciconia Velocycle Square / X
What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day at the casino Serendipity? Gabbiani Square / X
What was the official name of the stadium sold by Eden's sports team due to financial trouble? Potion Stadium Square / X
What coat pattern does Serah's cat Snow have? Calico X / A
What was the one famous dessert pastry chefs couldn't make because they couldn't get their hands on the creature? Caramelized shaolong gui Square / X
Which of the following has not been observed in Sunleth? Gold Ore Square / X
What was the war that broke out between the Cocoon and Gran Pulse? War of Transgression X / A
When Snow and Serah got engaged, what did they buy together to show their love for one another? Necklaces X / A
When Storm Motors was in danger of getting bought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day? Blue Unicorn Inc. Triangle / Y
Where is the one place Chocolina doesn't open up shop? Serendipity X / A
Where on Serah's head is her side ponytail? By her left ear X / A
Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion? Stikini Circle / B
Which Eidolon is used by Vanille? Hecatoncheir Square / X
Which is not one of the Academy guidelines for preserving the nature of Gran Pulse? Nonviolence against monsters Circle / B
Which legendary flan has a pink tail? Flan Princess X / A
What monster dons colorful garb? Apotamkin Triangle / Y
Which of the following are not found in Oerba? People X / A
Which of the following is not a nickname for the jet used by the former Sanctum army? Orion X / A
Which of the following is the Academy not responsible for? Running Serendipity Triangle / Y
In the cop drama 'Cactuar Files,' what is the first line of the opening song? A five-finger discount will result in a thousand needles Circle / B
Who has scored the most points and is known as the king of Cocoon's Premium League? Cazarro 'The King' Mueller Circle / B
Who is the mathematician behind Hart's last theorem, the biggest breakthrough in mathematics since the birth of Cocoon? Smith Hartford Circle / B
What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestants would get pushed off the stage? 'To the Underworld' X / A


  • Although most of the answers are about the events and the world of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, some answers have references to older games in the series.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, questions have more references to various years than the English version.

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