I'll be waiting for you in Hell!

Borghen, also known as Borgan, is the tertiary antagonist of Final Fantasy II. He was once a noble man who became an evil general. A man with cowardly traits, he tends to let others do his work for him, while hiding behind those stronger than himself.


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Borghen once served Kashuan as one of the nobility having been referred to by Scott as "Count" Borghen, but became a traitor upon the approach of the forces of Palamecia, ensuring that Palamecia successfully took Fynn. He is first referenced in Semitt Falls, having abducted Josef's daughter Nelly to blackmail him for helping Wild Rose Rebellion. He is then seen in Bafsk replacing Leon as head of the construction of the Dreadnought. He is generally seen a poor substitute, mainly due to his greedy nature and the fact that he could not control the minds of the workers, unlike Leon.

Borghen is later encountered in the Snow Cave trying to find the Goddess's Bell before Firion and the others do. Realizing if he returned to the Emperor empty-handed, he would surely be executed, Borghen decides on making one last desperate attempt to murder Firion and his party, so they'll at least die with him. He is defeated easily, but as he dies, he causes a boulder that he set himself to roll down the entrance slope toward the heroes, killing Josef in the process. Borghen is never mentioned again by the Emperor's forces, which evidently shows how little they cared about his services to Palamecia.

Borghen returns guarding a treasure chest in Pandaemonium. Again, he is easily defeatable, especially compared to the other monsters in the dungeon.

Borghen returns as a zombie in the Unknown Cave, the passage leading to Arubboth. He finds the idea of being able to kill Josef over and over again for eternity pleasing, but he is fought and defeated by Josef, Minwu, and Scott.

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The party fights Borghen when trying to take the Goddess's Bell. However, he is no real challenge and is defeated easily.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


FFAB Borghen

Borghen appears as an enemy during an event called "Showdown". In battle, Borghen uses Attack.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit



Borghen appears as a boss.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Borghen TCG

Borghen appears on a card.



  • In the games with no voice acting, Borghen is one of the three characters who has a sound clip of him laughing (the other characters being Kefka Palazzo and Ultimecia). This was used starting with the Final Fantasy Origins release.
  • Borghen's character design shares similarities with Napoleon Bonaparte, the latter of who acted as an Emperor himself.
  • Zombie Borghen was fought in both Pandemonium and the passage to Arubboth. It was never revealed how or why he was able to do so, though it could be that his soul was split in two like the Emperor’s, his physical body was zombified and his soul separately entered Heaven, or that he was revived once physically in Pandaemonium, defeated, and subsequently arrived in Raqia as a spirit.
  • In the Spanish localization for Dawn of Souls, Borghen name is written as "Borguen".
  • In the novelization Final Fantasy II Muma no Meikyū by Kenji Terada, Borghen is a Black Mage, and it is also said he is from Salamand.
  • Before dying, he tells the main characters that he'll wait for them in Hell. This is, in fact, true because he encounters them in his zombie form inside a chest in Pandaemonium, which is the castle of Hell in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.