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Bone Village.

Bone Village (ボーンビレッジ, Bōn Birejji?) is an archaeological dig site on the northern continent in Final Fantasy VII. It is accessible as soon as the player obtains the Tiny Bronco, but the digging minigame won't be available until after completing Temple of the Ancients. The Bone Village is a useful place to visit for the double growth armor they sell and for the few unique items that can be dug up during the minigame. The player can retrieve certain missed items by digging at Bone Village.


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Aeris travels through the Bone Village on her way to the Forgotten Capital of the Cetra, but Sephiroth is following her. Her plan is to use the White Materia to summon Holy and stop Meteor. Cloud and his party follow them, but are stopped by the Sleeping Forest that will not allow them to pass unless they have dug out a Lunar Harp.

One of the diggers notes that Aeris used "a Lunar Harp" to go through the forest, indicating it is not a unique item.

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Location of Bone Village, indicated by crosshair.

The Bone Village is located to the south on Gaia's northern continent.



Talking to the person sitting at the doorway will allow the player to excavate items hidden throughout the village. For 100 gil a head, one can hire up to five people to dig in one place each for an item. The player can excavate many items, like the key item Lunar Harp required to continue with the game. One can also get such things as Vincent's weapon, the Buntline, a Megalixir, and a Mop, a weapon for Cid. On discs 2 and 3 after Cloud returns to your party, one can also find the Key to Sector 5 to access Midgar.

It is also possible to dig up items and even some Materia the player may have missed throughout the game, such as Bahamut ZERO and W-Item.

There are eight predetermined spots around the village that hold treasures. If the player fails to search on one of the designated spots, they will either get a Potion or nothing (50% chance). The list of items that can be found are as follows:


A map of Bone Village.

Location 1
Location 2
  • Key to Sector 5 (Only once)
  • Ether
Location 3
Location 4
  • Buntline (Only once)
  • Phoenix (Only once, and only if it was never picked up at Fort Condor)
Location 5
  • Mop (Only once)
  • W-Item (Only once, and only if missed)
Location 6
Location 7
Location 8

Text for obtaining Steal Materia and Catastrophe (Barret's ultimate Limit Break) exist in the game data, but these treasures are never placed on the map, meaning they cannot be dug. This may be because neither can be be missed in the game.

The excavation works by placing searchers on the site and detonating a bomb, at which point all the units will face toward the treasure. The player then places a digger on the spot of their choosing. There is no need to place the search units if the player already knows where the treasure is; they can go straight to placing the digging unit. The placement of the treasures on the map doesn't change, so the player can easily dig without hiring searchers, meaning the player can obtain items such as Ethers and Elixirs for free.

When wanting to dig, the man asks the player to choose between a Good and Normal treasure. This doesn't affect the treasures that are buried, but it affects which dig spot the searchers will face. Thus, if the player places no searchers, it makes no difference choosing Good or Normal. Before Lunar Harp has been dug, the searchers always point toward that one. Choosing "Good" treasure has the searchers pointing toward Buntline/Phoenix Materia, Megalixir/Bahamut ZERO and Mop/W-Item. Choosing "Normal" treasure has the searchers pointing toward Elixir, Ether, Turbo Ether, or Potion. The "Normal" treasures, apart from the Potion treasure, can also be Key to Sector 5 when it is available.

After asking the Bone Village staff to search for the treasure overnight, it counts as staying at the inn, and the party will be healed by the morning.


The man who offers to dig also sells items:

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Name Cost
Diamond Bangle 3,200 gil
Rune Armlet 3,700 gil
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Eye drop 50 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Tent 500 gil

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Shops in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- can only be visited from the menu. Bone Village Commerce opens after finding the shop info from a treasure in Mission 7-5-3.

Name Cost
Hellfire 10,000 gil
Mega Flare 10,000 gil
Zantetsuken 10,000 gil
Rebirth Flame 10,000 gil
Exa Flare 10,000 gil
Graviga 15,000 gil

Creation and developmentEdit

Dummied dialogue suggests a person in Bone Village gives details on the puzzles in Ancient Forest. The dialogue would allow the player to find information about Pitcher Plants (which carry insects and launch the character), "Big Eaters" (大喰らい, Ō Kurai?) (not translated in the English version, shut and damage the player when ran over), and Inchworms (しゃくとり虫, Shakutori Mushi?) (the pink bouncy rope-like things that can be jumped onto). A dialogue-option for Scent Balls (くす玉草, Kusudama Kusa?) (which neutralize Big Eaters) exists, but no dialogue for its explanation exists in the data.[1] The reason for the Ancient Forest tutorial being planned for the Bone Village, far away both in time and place from the actual forest, may be because at one point in development the Ancient Forest may have been just beyond the Sleeping Forest. In the game code the fields are ordered in a way that (mostly) matches with the order the game introduces areas, and the Ancient forest is placed right after the Sleeping Forest immediately before Coral Valley.


Hidden dialogue.

The person on the ladder excavating the wall can never be talked to in a normal playthrough, but if the flag that allows the player to talk to her is activated in the game data, she will say: "The memory of this planet is buried layer by layer in this geological stratum. Kind of romantic, don't you think?" The ability to talk to the NPC may have been removed because if the player talks to her while climbing the ladder, Cloud's climbing animation will be messed up.[2]

The entrance to the Sleeping Forest may have been planned to be closed at one point, as dummied dialogue suggests the way in would have opened for Aeris with "a loud noise".[1]


"Provincial Town"
FFVII - Parochial Town
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme that plays in Bone Village is called "Provincial Town".



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