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The Bomb is an enemy from Final Fantasy XIII first encountered in the Vile Peaks.

Battle Edit

Bombs start battles at half HP, but heal themselves and other allied Bombs as they attack the party. When their HP is close to full they begin their Self-Destruct attack, which deals more damage the higher the Bomb's HP is when they explode. All of the Bomb's attacks are Fire-elemental. Bombs are susceptible to Fog. Detonated Bombs do not award any CP.

Strategy Edit

It is best to start with an offensive paradigm like Slash & Burn (Commando/Ravager) and defeat the Bombs as quickly as possible. Even if they begin their Self-Destruct attack, depleting their HP will lessen the damage of the resulting explosion. Equipping Ember Rings will reduce damage thus, giving the player more time to go on the offensive.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

A bomb is an explosive weapon that uses the exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide an extremely sudden and violent release of energy.

Related enemies Edit

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

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