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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Enemy
Blue Wyrm
ブルードラゴン (Burū Doragon)
Level HP
1 - 99 400 - 1,192
Str Mag Stm Mnd
13 - 607 13 - 607 13 - 607 13 - 607
Atk MAtk Def MDef
15 - 163 15 - 163 3 - 151 3 - 151
Speed AtkSpd MvSpd Sight
13 - 607 30 .540 4
Location {{{Location}}}
Type Ranged
Nature Water
Weak Against Lightning
Resistant to Water
Immune to Poison
Born on wintry peaks, this mighty wyrm freezes its quarry.
—In-game description

The Blue Wyrm is a Water-elemental enemy from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a Rank II Ranged Yarhi. Its attack, Frostball, deals ranged Water damage to one foe. It cannot be recruited with the Ring of Pacts.


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


BlueWyrm TCG

Blue Wyrm appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as an Aqua-elemental card.



Wyrm is an alternative name for mythological European dragon. They appear mostly in Celtic and German mythology. They are depicted as flying, fire-breathing reptiles, with magical properties. The word wyrm is the original Germanic-based term for a serpent or dragon, draca being adopted from the Latin draco at an early time.

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