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In Final Fantasy XI, Blue Mages have a wide variety of job traits available to them; however, not all traits can be accessed at the same time. The traits are only available if two or more blue magic spells are currently set up.

Traits AvailableEdit

Below is a list of all available traits for a Blue Mage and the first level they become available. These do not automatically effect a Blue Mage unless he has the proper spells selected and the level represents the first point at which one or more spell combinations would allow the Blue Mage to have the corresponding trait.

Level Available Ability
4 Beast Killer
16 Auto Regen (Sheep Song and Healing Breeze)
20 Lizard Killer
24 Clear Mind
25 Burst Affinity
30 Resist Sleep
32 Magic Attack Bonus
34 Undead Killer
38 Attack Bonus - Rapid Shot
40 Max MP Boost - Defense Bonus - Chain Affinity
44 Plantoid Killer
46 Clear Mind II
50 Magic Defense Bonus
58 Auto Refresh
60 Arcana Killer
61 Clear Mind III
63 Accuracy Bonus-Max HP Boost
65 Conserve MP
66 Clear Mind IV
69 Evasion Bonus - Store TP - Resist Gravity
70 Counter
72 Fast Cast
78 Magic Burst Bonus
80 Dual Wield
80 Double Attack
83 Zanshin
83 Skillchain Bonus
90 Gilfinder
92 Triple Attack


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