Unique among mages. Can "learn" monster techs.
—In-Game Description

The Blue Mage (青魔道士, Aomadoushi?) is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance granted only to humes. Blue Mages wield sabers, and, in addition to the standard ability to learn monster abilities, can gain the ability to be immune to certain status ailments. As with the Blue Mages from most games in the series, they learn their abilities by being struck by the ability they are trying to learn.

It is notable that many abilities, such as White Wind, can only be learned when a Beastmaster in the party is controlling the monster or it is under the effects of charm, as a creature would never normally cast a healing or enhancing spell on an opponent.

Blue Mages cannot learn abilities from Morphers or allied Blue Mages; they must be learned from either the original monster or an opponent Blue Mage. Blue Mages are best used as a support job, especially due to the wide range of healing and support magic they can learn.

Goblins and Thundrakes will eventually become extinct, so Goblin Punch and Dragon Force must be obtained before then. The last opportunity for Dragon Force is Ogma the Worldwyrm ("Mission #088 The Worldwyrm"), one of the post-completion missions. Goblin Punch can be acquired from the Dark Knight in "Mission #097 The Dark Blade", also post-completion.



Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
4 2 55
Weapon Head Body Equip Shields?
Sabers Hats Clothing, Robes No



The Blue Mage is the first magic-oriented advanced job available for humes. They are rather equally balanced in both physical and magical stats, but have the lowest MP growth of the magical hume jobs.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
6.8 B- 3.6 C+ 8.1 B- 8.4 B 8.4 B 9.2 A- 1.2 D+


Blue MagicEdit

Blue mage command. Use learned enemy ability.

Ability Equipment Effect MP Power Range
Goblin Punch Goblin All-out punch. Damage varies. 8 30 1
Magic Hammer Red Cap Mystical hammer. Deals damage to MP. 8 38 3
Acid Flankind Corrosive liquid. Inflicts random status ailment. 12 3
Blowup Bomb Self-KO. Deals massive damage to nearby enemies. 2 15 Self
Mighty Guard Icedrake Raises weapon def. and magic res. for one battle. 8 1
Guard-Off Firewyrm Fire breath. Lowers weapon def. and magic res. 10 1
Dragon Force Thundrake Releases the dragon soul within. All stats improve. 12 1
Night Lamia Call to the darkness. Puts all enemies to sleep. 24 All
Twister Lilith Whipping whirlwind. Reduces HP by half in an area. 20 3
LV3 Def-Less Bugkind Lowers magic res. and weapon def. in units with levels divisible by 3. 12 3
Matra Magic Toughskin Switches target's HP and MP. 24 3
Poison Claw Red Panther Poison claw attack damages and poisons target. 8 30 1
Hastebreak Coeurl Slows target. Stops hasted targets. 12 1
Bad Breath Malborokind Incredibly foul breath causes status ailments.
Inflicts five of the following status ailments, chosen at random: Blind, Confuse, Frog, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow.
20 1
Stare Floateye Fearsome gaze. Confuses target.
Inflicts Confuse on all units facing the caster with 100% accuracy.
12 Cone
Roulette Ahriman The roulette decides who is KO'd...friend or foe?
Element: Dark
20 All
Drain Touch Zombie Evil touch. Drains and absorbs HP from target. 10 20 1
LV? S-Flare Vampire Shadowflares units with same one's digit in level.
Heavy Dark damage to all units on the battlefield whose digit in their level is the same as the caster; this includes the caster.
30 55 All
White Wind Sprite Fluttering fairy wings. Heals HP equal to own HP. 12 3
Angel Whisper Titania Angelic sigh. Heals HP and bestows auto-raise.
Element: Holy.
24 30 3
  • Note on Goblin Punch:

Goblin Punch does a normal 100% damage attack, but the final damage is subject to extra variance:

Final Damage = (Random[128-384] * Damage) / 256


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Damage > MP Judo Uniform Converts HP damage to MP. (Doesn't work if MP is 0) 300


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Learning Blue Saber Study attacks against you. Learn some as blue magic.
Cannot be taught by Morphers and Blue Mages who are allies.
Immunity Survival Vest Confers resistance to some status ailments. 300


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Blue Combo Mythril Saber Ranged combo ability for blue mages. 100


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  • Blue Mages cannot equip Staves despite wielding one in their official artwork.
  • Despite being mages, none of their offensive spells are based on Magic Attack except Blowup.