FFE Blue Mage
Blue Mages have a unique ability to learn and master techniques used by the enemy, allowing them to fulfill many different roles.
—Official description.

Blue Mage (青魔道士, Ao Madoushi?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers.

The Blue Mage is a well-rounded tank, booster, debuffer and damager.


To unlock the Blue mage defeat 750 monsters.

To master the Blue Mage complete any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Blue Mage."


Stats Base (Mastered) Ranking
HP 3250 (3850) D
AP 2245 (2695) B
Load 160 D
Strength 44 C
Accuracy 51 D
Magic 62 B
Spirit 32 C
Focus 64 B
Defense 30 C
Mag Def 45 C
Evasion 40 D
Mobility 114 B
Luck 38 F


Blue Mages can initially equip daggers and staves; after mastery dual daggers, dual swords and artillery can be equipped.

They are proficient in all Blue Magic.

The Unique Ability Premeditation nullifies a blow and increases P-Attack and M-Recovery when successful.

The Standard Ability Learning allows you to learn certain abilities from monsters. After you see a monster use the ability, killing it allows you to learn it from the Central Crystal in Libertas after the quest.

Ability Learned From Example Location
Goblin Punch Goblin, Goblin Guard, Goblin Lord Leggi Steppe, Lake Filouz, Riks Trail
Fire Breath Demon, Lizard, Red Dragon Diabolos Cave, Dell'antoni Boltway, Hibat Foothills,

1★ Quest "Red Dragon Run Amok"

Magnetic Storm 7★ Behemoth Hibat Caverns
Leaf Cutter Mandragora Lake Filouz
Aqua Breath 3★ Crab, Forfex Attacker Travi Current, Jailune Sandsea
1000 Needles Cactuar Debbis Heights
Aero Floating Eye, Ramuh Dell'antoni Boltway, Dell'antoni Bluffs
Aerora 4★ Ramuh Dell'antoni Bluffs
Aeroga Ahriman, 4★ Ramuh Arha Marsh, Dell'antoni Bluffs
Grand Delta Magic Pot 5★ Quest "Doing a Fine Job"
White Wind White Chocobo 1★ Quest "Black or White"
Mighty Guard Iron Giant, Omega Weapon 3★ Quest "Aptitude Test: Geomancer, Alchemist,"

6★ Quest "Ultimate Otherworld Weapon α"

Bad Breath Malboro Maxon Ravine
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