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Blue bullet learned

Gun Mage learning a Blue Bullet.

Attack with bullets containing fiend skills.
—In-Game "Help" Description.

Blue Bullets (魔銃弾, Majū Dan?, lit. Magic Bullet) are abilities unique to the Gun Mage dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 that function as a form of Blue Magic. A character does not need to survive the attack to learn the ability, but each one must learn it individually; e.g. if Yuna learns an ability, Rikku will not be able to use it until she learns the ability as well.

The only way to learn a healing Blue Bullet such as White Wind or supportive Mighty Guard is to confuse an enemy that knows it, and then be hit by the attack. Many of the abilities are the same ones used in Kimahri's Ronso Rage Overdrive in Final Fantasy X. Learning 5 Blue Bullet skills will unlock the "Learner" trophy in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.

List of Blue BulletsEdit

Name MP Description Learned from Image
Fire Breath 28 Deal fire damage to all enemies. Balivarha FFX-2 Flame Breath
Seed Cannon 28 Deal gravity damage to one enemy. Leucophylla, Cephalotus FFX-2 Seed Cannon
Stone Breath 32 Petrify all enemies. Tomb, Monolith, Dolmen, Epitaph FFX-2Stone Breath
Absorb 3 Absorb HP and MP from one enemy. Protochimera, Haizhe, Baralai, Flan Azabache, Jahi, Cindy, Vegnagun FFX-2 Absorb
White Wind 16 Restore some HP to the party. Bully Cap, Coeurl, Queen Coeurl, Mycotoxin, Ms. Goon FFX-2 White Wind
Bad Breath 64 Inflict status ailment on all enemies. Malboro, Great Malboro FFX-2 Bad Breath
Mighty Guard 32 Cast Shell and Protect on the party. Garik Ronso, Haizhe FFX-2 Mighty Guard
Supernova 70 Inflicts large amount of non-elemental magic damage on all of target party. Ultima Weapon, Paragon FFX-2 Supernova
Cry in the Night 80 Inflicts non-elemental magic damage on all of target party. Mega Tonberry*Oversoul only FFX-2 Cry in the Night
Drill Shot 32 Damage one enemy. Baralai*Missable in the original PS2 version FFX-2 Drill Shot
Mortar 99 Damage all enemies, ignores defense. Gippal*Missable in the original PS2 version FFX-2 Mortar
Annihilator 48 Inflicts non-elemental magic damage on all of target party, ignores magic defense. Experiment*Lv5 Special only, missable FFX-2 Annihilator
Heaven's Cataract 22 Damage all enemies and lower Defense and Magic Defense. Kukulcan, Gucumatz, Chac FFX-2 Heavens Cataract
1000 Needles 24 Damage one enemy. Cactuar FFX-2 1000 Needles
Storm Cannon 38 Damage all enemies. Ironside, Stalwart*Brigade Newcomer team in Fiend Arena FFX-2 Storm Cannon
Blaster 30 Damage one enemy. Coeurl, Queen Coeurl FFX-2 Blaster


Learner xtro
  • Learning 5 Blue Bullet skills awards the player with the Learner trophy in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. The trophy icon uses the menu icon for the Gun Mage dressphere.
  • All Blue Bullets can be learned in the Fiend Arena with the exception of Annihilator.