Blood Pacts are powers used by Summoners' Avatars in Final Fantasy XI. They perform a range of functions from immolating monsters to increasing a party's movement speed.

Blood Pacts are divided into the command categories Blood Pact: Rage and Blood Pact: Ward. Each presents a number of abilities, depending on the Summoner's level, that the currently summoned avatar may perform. Employing an ability from either category starts a recast timer that prevents other commands from that category of Blood Pacts from being issued for any avatar. For example, a Summoner using Ifrit's Burning Strike would be unable to choose another Blood Pact: Rage for any avatar for one minute. This delay can be reduced to a minimum of 45 seconds with appropriate gear, however.

The Astral Flow abilities of Alexander and Odin are used automatically when they are summoned. As a result, they do not require a Blood Pact command and do not initiate the waiting period that normally exists between pacts.

Also, summoned elemental spirits choose spells autonomously and do not have any Blood Pact abilities.

Blood Pact: Rage Edit

All abilities in the Blood Pact: Rage category deal damage. Many also inflict additional effects, such as Chaotic Strike's Stun effect and Tail Whip's Weight effect.

Each standard avatar possesses a powerful Blood Pact: Rage that is only available while Astral Flow, the Summoner two-hour ability, is in effect. These Blood Pacts deal devastating damage to all enemies within a large area, centered around the target. The Summoner's MP is completely consumed by these mighty abilities.

Blood Pact: Ward Edit

Abilities in the Blood Pact: Ward category enfeeble enemies, heal allies, or grant enhancing statuses to allies. Blood Pact: Wards never deal damage, with the exception of the gradual HP reduction experienced by targets of Diabolos's Nightmare ability, and the direct damage of Diabolos's Somnolence ability.

List of All Blood Pacts Edit

Level  Command  Avatar Type
 Searing Light  Carbuncle Rage
 Howling Moon  Fenrir Rage
 Inferno  Ifrit Rage
 Earthen Fury  Titan Rage
 Tidal Wave  Leviathan Rage
 Aerial Blast  Garuda Rage
 Diamond Dust  Shiva Rage
 Judgment Bolt  Ramuh Rage
 Ruinous Omen  Diabolos Rage
1  Healing Ruby  Carbuncle Ward
 Punch  Ifrit Rage
 Rock Throw  Titan Rage
 Barracuda Dive  Leviathan Rage
 Claw  Garuda Rage
 Axe Kick  Shiva Rage
 Shock Strike  Ramuh Rage
 Camisado  Diabolos Rage
5  Poison Nails  Carbuncle Rage
 Moonlit Charge  Fenrir Rage
10  Crescent Fang  Fenrir Rage
 Fire II  Ifrit Rage
 Stone II  Titan Rage
 Water II  Leviathan Rage
 Aero II  Garuda Rage
 Blizzard II  Shiva Rage
 Thunder II  Ramuh Rage
19  Thunderspark  Ramuh Rage
20  Somnolence  Diabolos Ward
21  Lunar Cry  Fenrir Ward
 Rock Buster  Titan Rage
23  Burning Strike  Ifrit Rage
24  Shining Ruby  Carbuncle Ward
25  Aerial Armor  Garuda Ward
26  Tail Whip  Leviathan Rage
28  Frost Armor  Shiva Ward
29  Nightmare  Diabolos Ward
30  Double Punch  Ifrit Rage
31  Rolling Thunder  Ramuh Ward
32  Lunar Roar  Fenrir Ward
33  Slowga  Leviathan Ward
35  Megalith Throw  Titan Rage
36  Whispering Wind  Garuda Ward
37  Ultimate Terror  Diabolos Ward
38  Crimson Howl  Ifrit Ward
39  Sleepga  Shiva Ward
42  Lightning Armor  Ramuh Ward
Level  Command  Avatar Type
43  Ecliptic Growl  Fenrir Ward
44  Glittering Ruby  Carbuncle Ward
46  Earthen Ward  Titan Ward
47  Spring Water  Leviathan Ward
48  Hastega  Garuda Ward
49  Noctoshield  Diabolos Ward
50  Double Slap  Shiva Rage
54  Ecliptic Howl  Fenrir Ward
55  Meteorite  Carbuncle Rage
56  Dream Shroud  Diabolos Ward
60  Fire IV  Ifrit Rage
 Stone IV  Titan Rage
 Water IV  Leviathan Rage
 Aero IV  Garuda Rage
 Blizzard IV  Shiva Rage
 Thunder IV  Ramuh Rage
65  Healing Ruby II  Carbuncle Ward
 Eclipse Bite  Fenrir Rage
 Nether Blast  Diabolos Rage
70  Flaming Crush  Ifrit Rage
 Mountain Buster  Titan Rage
 Spinning Dive  Leviathan Rage
 Predator Claws  Garuda Rage
 Rush  Shiva Rage
 Chaotic Strike  Ramuh Rage
 Perfect Defense  Alexander Auto
 Zantetsuken  Odin Auto
 Meteor Strike  Ifrit Rage
 Heavenly Strike  Shiva Rage
 Wind Blade  Garuda Rage
 Geocrush  Titan Rage
 Thunderstorm  Ramuh Rage
 Grand Fall  Leviathan Rage
76  Holy Mist  Carbuncle Rage
78  Lunar Bay  Fenrir Rage
80  Night Terror  Diabolos Rage
82  Earthen Armor  Titan Ward
84  Tidal Roar  Leviathan Ward
86  Fleet Wind  Garuda Ward
88  Inferno Howl  Ifrit Ward
90  Diamond Storm  Shiva Ward
92  Shock Squall  Ramuh Ward
93  Soothing Ruby  Carbuncle Ward
96  Heavenward Howl  Fenrir Ward
98  Pavor Nocturnus  Diabolos Ward
- These commands are only available when Astral Flow is active.