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Two images in Final Fantasy V.

Blink (分身, Bunshin?), also known as Image and Mirror Image, is a recurring status that increases evasion. It can be applied either by the spell Blink, the armor Mirage Vest, or the item Decoy. The Ninjutsu spell Image also applies Blink to the entire party. There are no other ways to apply Blink, and it is an extremely rare status, as it has only appeared in a few games as opposed to several other well-known statuses such as Shell and Regen.


Final FantasyEdit

Applied by the White Magic spells Blink, Invis, and Invisira, the Blink status increases affected characters' evasion. The effect can be stacked.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

The White Magic spell Blink can grant the Blink status. While affected by Blink, the number of attempts to evade an attack is increased. This does not affect the percentage chance to evade attacks. The effect can be stacked, but subsequent casts are less likely to succeed.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

FFIVDS Blink Status Icon

The White Magic spell Blink and Ninjutsu spell Mirage grants the target two blinking images called Blink (2). In the Advanced port, the Mist Dragon can grant Blink (1) on the party when summoned, but only after Rydia has completed her Lunar Trial and equipped herself with the Mist Ring. Blink (1) grants one blinking image.

A character with the Blink status can avoid the next two physical attacks under Blink (2) and one physical attack under Blink (1). Mirage will only target Edge, while Blink can be cast on anyone in the party, at a much lower cost than Mirage. Edge's weapon Mutsonokami can grant the Blink (2) status when used as an item during battle.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

The Blink status returns as a status effect in the sequel of Final Fantasy IV, and it functions the same way as its predecessor.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

The Blink status can be applied by several means including the use of the Blink spell, which can be cast by most White Magic users, such as Ceodore and Kain, use of Decoy and use of Edge's weapon Mutsonokami as an item. While in Blink status, two transparent images of the affected character will appear next to them. When physically attacked, they will automatically dodge, but an image will disappear. The status wears off after being attacked two times.

There are also several Band abilities that grant a character or the entire party the Blink status. These include Mirage Song, which will summon the Mist Dragon to cast Blink on the entire party, Mirage Dive, which will cast Blink on Edge after the attack and Pure White Magic, which will restore HP and cast Blink along with several buffs on the entire party.

Final Fantasy VEdit

The armor Mirage Vest grants Blink at the start of the battle, but with one "image" instead of the usual two. Due to a bug, this can be refreshed by swapping weapons mid-battle. The Mix Kiss of Blessing also grants Blink status, though it also grants Berserk and Haste as well.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Characters with the Image status are immune to physical attacks, although unblockable attacks will hit. When they are physically attacked, there is a 25% chance the status will be dispelled. It can be applied via the Esper Fenrir, the Shadow Scroll, or by the Mirage Vest, which allows a character to start a battle with Image.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

FFXI Blink Status

Blink is a White Magic spell that creates two shadow images that each have a chance to absorb a single physical attack until they both disappear. A superior effect can be achieved with the Ninjutsu spells, Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni.

The Ninja spells are different in that they have a 100% chance of absorbing the next physical or single-target magic attack that the ninja does not dodge or parry (with some special exceptions), and the number of shadows produced: Utsusemi: Ichi produces three shadows, while Utsusemi: Ni produces four for main-job Ninja. However, Utsusemi: Ni will only produce three shadows for players using Ninja as their subjob.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

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Bravely DefaultEdit

The Ninja ability Utsusemi causes the character to dodge the next physical attack. This will trigger abilities which activate when an attack is dodged, such as Turn Tables.

The Rampart status allows the characters to avoid one physical attack. It can be obtained through the Holy Arts ability Rampart.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Mirror Image allows affected character to dodge one physical attack. Some abilities grant Mirror Image stacks.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

Evades physical attacks.

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