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Bless in the 3D version of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.
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Blessing (しゅくふく, Shukufuku?), also known as Bless (せいしんは, Seishinha?), Spirit Wave, and Regen, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is an ability that helps the user's party in a beneficial way, either by restoring HP, MP, or statuses.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

Bless is a command ability for FuSoYa, and in the 3D versions can be learned by any character as long as they use the Bless augment, received at the Crystal Palace after the events in the Giant of Babil. In the non-3D versions, it had a casting time of 0 and would immobilize FuSoYa while the party gained HP equal to the amount from a Regen spell, while in the 3D versions, it slowly restored MP to the party instead. In the 3D versions, when equipped on a character that levels up after reaching level 71, it will grant +1 Intelligence.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Blessing returns as the command ability for FuSoYa and is also a command ability for Rosa, which now restores both HP and MP to the party. FuSoYa's version has a casting time of 1 while Rosa's has a casting time of 3.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Blessing is an second-rank ability of the Predict command, which restores moderate to major HP to all allies. It costs 3 MP and will only appear at level 2 or higher Predictions.

Vagrant StoryEdit

Blessing is an enemy ability which restores Curse on an enemy ally.


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