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Final Fantasy XI Spell
Blazing Bound
MP: 113
Effect: Deals moderate Fire damage to an enemy.
Duration: Instant
Casting Time: 6 seconds
Recast Time: 30 seconds
Magic Type: Blue Magic
Element: Fire
Jobs: BLU 80

Blazing Bound (ブレーズバウンド, Burēzu Baundo?, lit. Blaze Bound) is a Blue Mage spell in Final Fantasy XI learned from Limules. It grants VIT+2 and AGI+1 when set, and costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set.

  • Long casting range.
  • The Blue Magic version of this spell is entirely different from the Limule version, except for its animation and damage element.
    • The Blue Magic version only deals fire damage, and only to one target.
    • The Limule version has an Area of Effect, and also inflicts the Burn status in addition to dealing fire damage.
  • This spell can be paired with either Animating Wail or Quadratic Continuum to create the Dual Wield trait.


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