Blastbomb (炸裂弾, Sakuretsu-dama?), also known as Blast Shot, is a recurring ability in the series.


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

FFVIICC Blast Shot is an enemy ability used by Advanced Head, Alert Head, Escort Head, Gun Bull Head, Gun Bull Head+, Hauser Head, Power Head, and Proto Power Head. It inflicts major non-elemental physical damage, Stun, and Silence to Zack.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


MP 36
Effect Fire damage, Bind
Duration N/A
Casting Time 2.25 sec
Recast Time 15 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Fire
Jobs BLU 18

Blastbomb is a a Blue Mage skill that is learned from Orcish Warmachines. It deals Fire damage to and Binds enemies within range. This spell costs two Blue Magic Points to set.


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Blast bomb is a term used in Northern Ireland for a type of improvised explosive device. More specifically, these devices are usually a form of homemade grenade, which is thrown at a target.