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Blank Special Attack Bug

Kefka uses his special attack.

The blank special attack bug is a bug in Final Fantasy VI that occurs when a character is acting as an enemy. The only battle it occurs is the battle with Kefka in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. There's a good chance players have not seen this bug, because this battle is easy, and Kefka often never gets a chance to use his special attack against the party. When Kefka uses his special attack called Hit, its name does not appear in the textbox. Kefka's special attack won't hit the target, so the player will never see its effect.

If the special attack is hacked into the battle script in the following battles, the results will be the same as above. Both battles with Kefka in the Imperial Camp along with the three accompanying battles involving Cyan having his own AI script within the same area, Gau returning on the Veldt, and the battle with Shadow in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum.

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