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Don't let his dance distract you from the Dirks and Air Lancets coming your way.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Blade Dancer is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI.


It is easily the most dangerous enemy found in Owzer's mansion, as it will Throw weapons at the party, and as with all Thrown weapons they will ignore Defense and cannot be blocked, and thus will do massive damage, possibly lethal. The longer the battles goes on the stronger the weapons the Blade Dancer will throw. It will also use Blood Dance to heal themselves. Any Blade Dancers the party faces should be defeated first. They are also weak to Poison, so Bio spells will do great damage against them. The easiest and fastest way to kill them is by casting the Rasp spell.

If the player missed the encounter with the Rafflesia or is having trouble finding them on the Veldt, the Misty and the Blade Dancer offer quickest access to amassing large quantities of Genji Armor. The two have the Moogle Suit as a rare Steal, which can be bet at Dragon's Neck Coliseum for a Nutkin Suit. The Nutkin Suit in turn can be bet for Genji Armor. The Ragnarok summon can also turn them into a rare and valuable Relic, the Miracle Shoes, making this a highly profitable enemy to encounter if the player is interested in powerful equipment.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Throw: Dagger or Mythril Knife
2nd Turn: Throw: Mythril Knife or Main Gauche
3rd Turn: Throw: Air Knife or Thief's Knife
4th Turn: Throw: Thief's Knife or Assassin's Dagger

If attacked by anything: Blood Dance (33%)


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