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Black Mage

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Although ill-suited for wielding weapons, Black Mages easily bend destructive black magic spells to their will.
Dawn of Souls Instructions

The Black Mage (くろまじゅつし, Kuromajutsushi?) is the offensive magic caster of the Light Warriors in the original Final Fantasy. The Black Mage has the lowest HP out of any character class, but they can inflict negative status effects and cause great damage with their Black Magic. They are dressed in a blue cloak with only eyes glowing in the dark of their face. They have only changed in stance, making them the least changed character, other than White Mage.


Equipment and Magic usable by Black Mage
Weapons Staff | Mage's Staff | Power Staff | Dagger | Mythril Knife | Masamune
Armor Clothes | Copper Armlet | Silver Armlet | Ruby Armlet | Diamond Armlet
Shields Elven Cloak | Protect Cloak
Helmets Leather Cap | Ribbon
Gloves Leather Gloves | Protect Ring
Black Magic Fire | Sleep | Focus | Thunder | Blizzard | Dark | Temper | Slow | Fira | Hold | Thundara | Focara | Sleepra | Haste | Confuse | Blizzara | Scourge | Firaga | Slowra | Thundaga | Death | Quake | Stun | Blizzaga | Blind

Black WizardEdit

Black Wizard

Black Wizard (Final Fantasy) BlackWizardMSX BlackWizard-ff1-psx BlackWizard-ff1-gbaBlackWizard-ff1-psp

FFI NES Black Wizard Map FFI PS Black Wizard Map FFI PSP Black Wizard Map

After completing the Citadel of Trials, Bahamut, the Dragon King, upgrades the Black Mage to the rank of Black Wizard (くろまどうし, Kuromadoushi?). This enables him/her to cast higher level spells and equip better weapons and armor. While the NES version of the Black Wizard depicts him/her with his/her hood down, all versions after the WonderSwan Color port change his/her outfit but retain the hat, obscuring his/her face. The 20th Anniversary Edition depicts the Black Wizard in a costume identical to the Magus from the original version of Final Fantasy III.


Equipment and Magic usable by Black Wizard
Weapons All Black Mage Weapons | Spellbinder | Cat Claws | Ultima Weapon | Judgment Staff
Armor All Black Mage Armor | Black Robe
Shields All Black Mage Shields | Zephyr Cape
Helmets All Black Mage Helmets
Gloves All Black Mage Gloves
Black Magic All Black Mage Spells | Teleport | Break | Saber | Warp | Kill | Flare | Stop

Name OriginsEdit

In the Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary and iOS and Android versions, there are ten optional auto-names for the different character classes. Each name is a reference to another character or place name in the Final Fantasy series.

The ten names for the Black Mage class are:

In addition, the name Vivi from Final Fantasy IX was used in screenshots for the Final Fantasy Origins manual.

In the Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes novelization, the Black Mage's name is given as Daewoo.

Other appearancesEdit

Triple Triad (Portal App)Edit

006x Black Mage

Black Mage appears on a Triple Triad card.



  • The Black Mage makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals. He sometimes utilizes Spoonerism word play; for example, "Bart Stutton" as opposed to "Start Button".

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