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FFD - Black Mage

The Black Mage is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the start of the story. It focuses on the use of Black Magic.


Depending on the version, the characters' outfits bear different colors:

  • The mobile phone version depicts the party as wearing blue robes, or black ones depending on the gender, with pointy hat that conceals their faces. Sol exclusively wears a red-colored robe.
  • The iOS and Android versions give the party blue robes regardless of their gender. Additionally, depending on the gender, they get a different adornment type for their hat: males get the five-point star and females get the crescent moon.


  • Innate Abilities: Black Magic LV7
  • Equipment: Knives, Rods, Bows, Pointed Hats, Robes, Bangles

Black MagicEdit

Ability Name Job Level AP Needed Slots Description
Black Magic LV1 1 20 2 Grants the ability to use black magic.
---- 2 40
Black Magic LV2 3 60 2
---- 4 80
INT+20% 5 100 1 Increases INT by 20%.
---- 6 120
Black Magic LV3 7 140 2
---- 8 160
Black Magic LV4 9 180 2
Slot+1 10 200 Number of slots increase by one.
---- 11 220
Black Magic LV5 12 240 2
---- 13 260
---- 14 280
Black Magic LV6 15 300 2
---- 16 330
---- 17 360
Black Magic LV7 18 390 2
Slot+1 19 420 Number of slots increase by one.
Magic Font 20 450 2 Increases the strength of all magic used by 50%.


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