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Template:FFXIII Enemies Bituitus is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Mission 7: Bituitus, the Pillager and is one of the Undying. Upon defeat, it retreats into a crystal cocoon and remains inactive until your party returns for Mission 64, turning into the final Superboss Vercingetorix. The completion bonus for defeating Bituitus is an electronic pass granting access to the save station shop, R&D Depot.


Since Bituitus halves all elemental damage and is weak to magic, it is wise to use non-elemental magical abilities like Ruin or Ruinga. Using a team of Lightning, Fang, and Hope, with the Paradigm makeups of Strike Team (COM/COM/SYN) to keep up party buffs, Perseverance (SAB/MED/MED) to heal/debuff, and Aggression (COM/COM/RAV) to deal damage will make the fight an easy 5 star breeze.

If the player finds that the ability Miamasa is giving them difficulty, Dispelga is effective. Furthermore, Bituitus is difficult to stagger, because of both its high stagger point and because it halves all elemental attacks. Its ATB charges fairly quickly, making a move like Slowga important.

Alternate Strategy

A team of Fang, Lightning, and Vanille make short work of Bituitus using the Safe Subversion (SAB/MED/SAB) Paradigm to inflict Imperil, and eliminate his elemental resistances, followed up with Deshell, to further weaken his already substantial weakness to magic. With these debuffs in place, the paradigm Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV) will make short work of Bituitus, in under a minute if everything sticks immediately.

Alternate Strategy 2

A team of Vanille, Hope, Lightning can overcome Bituitus easily. Bituitus opens the match with Miasma. Use Dispelga to clear the debuffs. Start with Guerilla(sab/syn/rav). Vanille will put Imperil so Bituitus will take double damage from magic, then Deshell to double the damage again. Hope will put Veil to stop Miasma, Barthunder to stop Levinbolt, Protect for defense. Once all buffs and debuffs are set, switch to Tri-Disaster until the chain gauge is about 180%, then finish him with Aggression. Use Salvation after Levinbolt and Miasma to heal damage and clear status, respectively. Once you take away Bituitus' ability to damage you or debuff you, this is an easy 5-star.



Bituitus is the name of a Gallic king and an enemy of Rome.

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