Bismarck is an esper in Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite. In the original releases, he takes Leviathan's place as Final Fantasy VI's Water-elemental summon, but in the Advance and mobile versions, Leviathan returns as the ultimate Water-elemental summon.

An esper resembling Bismarck also briefly appears when the espers attempt to arrive at Thamasa after Kefka Palazzo transformed the espers present there into magicite.


Bismarck appears as a blue, whale-like creature.


Bismarck is obtained automatically upon reaching the end of the Magitek Research Facility, along with many other magicite.


Breach Blast00:10

Breach Blast

Breach Blast

Bismarck costs 50 MP to summon. His aiblity is Breach Blast (also known as Sea Song), which deals Water-elemental damage to all opponents. Its Spell Power is 58, and it is unblockable.


Bismarck is equippable as a magicite and teaches the following spells:

At level up, it provides a +2 boost to Strength.

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The German battleship Bismarck is a famous Second World War battleship, named after the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.