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Bio 3 in Final Fantasy VII.

"Say good-bye to your souls... Bio3!"
—Upon casting in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Bioga (バイオガ, Baioga?), also known as Bio 3, is a spell that deals damage and inflicts negative status on the target in the Final Fantasy series. It is the strongest form of Bio.

See also: Poison (Ability), Poisonga, Scourge, Bio (Ability), and Biora


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Bio 3 is the third spell on the Poison Magic Materia, after Bio and Bio 2. It takes 20,000 AP to master, costs 80 MP to cast, has a base spell power equal to 4.25x the base magic damage, and has a 72% chance of inflicting Poison.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Bioga is a Non-Elemental Magic Materia. It is stronger form of Bio and Biora.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Magick that inflicts damage with foul spirits.

Bioga (Bio 3 in the original version) spells are cast by enemy classes The Impure, Reaver, and Rune Knight only. There are three different spells of Bioga, which inflict different ailment status: they are Zombie, Petrify and KO.

All Bioga spells deal non-elemental Magick damage and have the effect radius of three grids instead of two. Rune Knight only possesses one Bioga spell, which inflicts Instant Death. The only way for player units to cast the spell is through Magick Counter. See also enemy abilities.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

Bioga is cast by piling Fira +1, Blizzara +1, Cura +1, and Clearara +1. It inflicts Poison on the enemy.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

Bioga is cast by stacking two Thunder and two Raise target rings. A large orb of poison manifests, damaging and poisoning enemies.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Cúchulainn's cards can use Bioga. For the discard of a Cúchulainn card and two Water CP, Bioga reduces the power of all the opponent's Forwards by 5000 for the rest of the turn, but can only be used when Cúchulainn is attacking.


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