Bio-Etherics is a school of scientific research discovered by Dr. Sid in the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The school of science is based on the theory that all biological beings possess and emit a biotic energy similar to a “soul” or “spirit”. The sciences and innovations that stem from Bio-Etherics, including Ovo-packs, the barrier energy in Barrier Cities, and the Gaia theory, are all based on this concept.

Bio-Etherium ScientistsEdit


A biochemistry graduate of the University of Scientific Research, Dr. Sid conducted research on the physical properties of living things. In 2022, after detecting a strange energy force during a gravitational field extraction experiment, he began to conduct research in spiritual energy. In addition to this, Dr. Sid and his wife, also spent time contemplating what would surmount to the Gaia theory.

This theory proved to be unpopular among his fellow scientists and Dr. Sid and his wife kept their findings hidden. After the Leonid Meteor landed on earth and Sid lost his wife during a Phantom attack on Toronto, Dr. Sid became a public advocate for Bio-Etheric research and dedicated his life to finding the solution to the Phantom problem through Bio-Etheric science.

Through extensive research he discovered a unique energy form in the Phantoms and was able to deduce opposing energy fields to thwart or disrupt them.




  • The Bio-Etherium is actually a real-world theory conceived and created by alchemical chemist, Bill Kirkland who created an energy machine that, through bio-resonance, emits energy that can clear the human body of stress and other disharmonious frequencies; replacing them with harmonious ones.