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Powerful malboro that smells even worse.

Big Malboros in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are lavender versions of the notorious Malboro. In addition to their repugnant odor, they utilize horrible sounds to inflict negative status effects and remove positive ones. Their HP level is the highest of any other monster genus in the game, but other than that, they are not much more difficult than their green-skinned cousins.

Abilities Edit

Reek Edit

Big malboro command. Spew poison and eerie sounds.

Skill Effect MP Use
Bad Breath* Incredibly foul breath inflicts five of the following status ailments, chosen at random: Blind, Confuse, Frog, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow. 20
Goo Sticky ooze. Immobilizes target. N/A
Soundwave Grating noise. Neutralizes status enhancements, similar to Dispel. N/A

* Denotes a Blue Magic skill.

Appearances Edit

Missions Edit

Mission Name Information
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Eluut! A Malboro and Big Malboro start off on the northwest side of the map.
Mission #100: Fiend Run A Big Malboro and three other monsters have escaped from the Monster Bank.
Mission #085: Foreign Fiend Clan Borzoi has imported a Neochu, a powerful level 42 Big Malboro. Take out the Ochu before tackling this purple 500+ HP beast.
Mission #022: To Ambervale A slew of the most difficult species of monsters in the game, including a Big Malboro, prevent Marche from searching for amber peacefully.

Clan Encounters Edit

Home Base Clan Name Information
Materiwood Lost Monsters A Malboro and Big Malboro work in tandem in this clan.

Etymology Edit

"Malboro" may derive from the Japanese onomatopoeia boro, the sound of an upset stomach. Their name is most likely derived from the Latin and Greek words mal (meaning bad) and boros (meaning breath), a reference to their infamous attack. The name could also be a reference to Marlboro Cigarettes, since the creatures often spew horrid fumes.