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FFCCTCB Between Existence and Oblivion is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is located, as the name implies, in the border between true existence and the oblivion, or nothingness, just like the Yuke Sky City. It can be revisited after the storyline event is complete (via Edge of Oblivion), but nothing new will happen.

Description Edit

'Where do monsters come from?' a child asks, and the old man will answer, 'A dark, dark world where it rains every day, so you can never go out and play. There's no cookies or pound cake to eat, either. If you lie or behave badly, monsters will come yo your house, and take you to their world...'
The final work by the Clavat landscape artist Minot, 'The Wandering Genius'. It is titled '27 Flutters Heard Through the Air', and the image on the canvas is that of a scintillating city floating in absolute darkness. This abrupt switch to a fantastical style, along with the artist's sudden disappearance, sent shockwaves through the artistic world.
—In-game description

The area is very dark and mostly empty, and the only structures float still in the air. A copy of the Subterranean Ruins' Tribal statues and the legend of the Tribes' origins can be found here, along with two hordes of Skeletons and four treasure chests.

The only way to travel between the small floating structures and the grand imposing building that towers ahead is to be carried by Zus, big red birds that fly overhead at all times.

Story Edit

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After Layle and Keiss chased "Goldenrod" through the Forgotten Forest and nearly caught her, she sent them to an entirely new location, with floating pieces of land and rocks, where she summoned Bahamut to deal with them. Layle was able to send the king of dragons flying back towards "Goldenrod", and, to avoid being hit, she opened a portal and leaped through it. Layle and Keiss followed.

Upon arriving in the dark location between Existence and Oblivion, Layle noted that he got the same feeling he had while in the Subterranean Ruins, crouching down to finish reading the legend. "Goldenrod" explained it to him, instead, and commented that the Yuke tribe has been forced to live between existence and oblivion since their Tribal Crystal was destroyed, a long time ago.

Keiss and Layle were in disbelief over knowing that the Yukes still lived, and "Goldenrod" took her cue to fly off in a Zu; unwilling to lose their mark, the Crystal Bearer and the Selkie chased after her.

When they manage to catch up with the Yuke, "Goldenrod" states she wants Layle's help for something else. Layle refuses it, and tries to use his powers on her, only to have her open a portal and jump through it. Keiss complains that Layle is just helping the Yuke get away, before the Clavat throws him into the portal and jumps through it as well.

The portal led them inside a cave, onto a rock bridge above a rapid running river. "Goldenrod" stood patiently over it, even as Keiss dropped from the portal and fell down the bridge. Layle lands safely on the bridge, but has to leap off in order to save Keiss, leaving the Yuke behind.

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