Benthic Typhoon
Benthic Typhoon
MP 56
Effect Deals damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from the caster. Lowers targets' Defense and Magic Defense. Damage varies with TP.
Duration 1 minute for Defenses Down
Casting Time .5 seconds
Recast Time 55 seconds
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element None
Jobs BLU 83

Benthic Typhoon (ベンシクタイフーン, Benshiku Taifūn?) is a Blue Magic spell learned from Murex in Final Fantasy XI. It deals physical, piercing-type damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area of effect and lowers their Defense and Magic Defense by 10%. This spell costs 4 Blue Magic Points to set and grants STR+2, VIT+2, DEX-1, and AGI-1 when set. It can be paired with Goblin Rush to grant the Skillchain Bonus trait.


A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean between 180° and 100°E. This region is referred to as the Northwestern Pacific Basin, and is the most active tropical cyclone basin on Earth, accounting for almost one-third of the world's annual tropical cyclones.