FF7 Champion belt

The Champion Belt as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Belts (ベルト, Beruto?) are a recurring type of accessory in the series that promote physical stats, specially Strength. They are very low in numbers throughout the series, and the most recurring belt is the Black Belt.


Final Fantasy VIEdit


Two belts appear as Relics and both promote physical stats: the Black Belt and the Muscle Belt.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit


The Champion Belt can be obtained in the Gold Saucer arena and promotes Strength.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit


The Muscle Belt, Champion Belt, and Black Belt increase Zack's ATK and VIT.

Final Fantasy IXEdit


FFIX Belt Icon

The Black Belt and Power Belt can be equipped by everyone and increase Strength and Defense.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit


The Muscle Belt, Black Belt and Champion Belt increase the wearer's Strength and Defense.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Known as the "waist" category of equipment, there are over 100 different belts. They commonly increase stats rather than Defense.

Some examples of belts:

  • White Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Brown Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Chuchulain's Belt
  • Life Belt
  • Saotome Koshi-Ate
  • Warwolf Belt
  • Penitent's Rope

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


Belts protect against status effects when worn, with exception of the Bubble Belt, which grants Bubble as well (thus nullifying Disease).

List of belts:

Bravely DefaultEdit

BD Black Belt is the only belt to appear and can be equipped by any character.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

BS Black Belt is the only belt to appear and can be equipped by any character.

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit

FFL3 The Belt is the first "accessory" available to the party. It provides +1 Defense, +3 Magic Defense and +20 MP to Cyborgs, but it's the only accessory to provide no resistances.