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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Enemy
ベヒーモス (Behīmosu)
Ffcc behemoth
Location Conall Curach
Type Normal
Items Dropped Orichalcum, Diamond Ore
Weak Against Nothing
Resistant to Nothing
Cycle 1 Stats
1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
HP 72 90 108 126
STR 8 10 12 14
DEF 5 6 7 9
MAG 6 7 9 10
Cycle 2 Stats
1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
HP 108 135 162 189
STR 12 15 18 21
DEF 7 9 11 12
MAG 9 11 13 16
Cycle 3 Stats
1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
HP 180 225 270 315
STR 20 25 30 35
DEF 12 16 19 22
MAG 15 19 22 26

Behemoth is an enemy from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It appears in all three Cycles in Conall Curach. It is probably the strongest and hardest enemy that the player has faced up to that point in the game.

Battle Edit

A Behemoth should be paralyzed with Thunder or Thundaga, then the player should keep attacking until it is down. The player should also make sure s/he has a couple Phoenix Downs on hand. Another strategy is to remain on the planks and target it with ranged spells. Because of its massive size, it is unable to follow the player any further should s/he choose to retreat.

Etymology Edit

Behemoth is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. In addition to mythological creatures, it is likened to elephants, hippos, rhinos, and bison. Metaphorically, the term behemoth denotes "an extremely large or powerful entity."

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