Behemoth's Dominion.

The Behemoth's Dominion is a location in Final Fantasy XI. It is an underground area beneath Qufim Island, located in the Qufim region. As one may guess, Behemoth's Dominion is home to Behemoths, which may be lured out and fought by powerful adventurers with the proper tools for the job. As the behemoths are one of the few attractions of the area, it is not common to find adventurers here for any other reason.

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Cermet Headstone Edit

BehemotDom Cermet Headstone

The Cermet Headstone found in Behemoth's Dominion.

Position: (G-5)

These curious artifices are made of a curious substance, the same substance making up the crags of Holla, Dem, and Mea, as well as the cermet lines that run through certain areas. Therefore, it may be surmised that the headstones were created by that same race. A lightning crystal fragment is embedded in the headstone.

Planar Rift Edit

BehemotDom Planar Rift

A planar rift in Behemoth's Dominion.

Position: (E-7), (H-8), (J-10)

These mysterious rifts are disturbances in the fabric of time and space. It is from here that extradimensional invaders of unknown origin, collectively known as "Voidwalkers", breach into Vana'diel. To stem the tide of invasion, adventurers may volunteer themselves in Voidwatch operations to dispatch these intruders at the source. The fiend Pil can be found at the Planar Rifts here.

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Tunnels to the east lead to Qufim Island.

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No background theme plays in the Behemoth's Dominion. However, "Battle Theme" plays during solo battles, and "Battle Theme #2" plays during party battles.

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