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Beastmasters use the innate gifts of the Nu Mou to command beasts to do their bidding.

The Beastmaster is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. This Mediator-like job is exclusive for the nu mou. They control various monsters (one at a time) for a turn, mainly to help the Blue Mages gain their spells; beyond that, they are considered more of a gimmick class.

Unlike previously, the Beastmasters' abilities are limited. The controlled monster cannot execute command 'Move', but remain stationary and only rely on any adjacent target, or their ranged skills or magicks. The under 'Control' status is removed, and they are not able to be controlled until the Beastmaster's turn comes up again, unlike previously. As compensation, the Beast Lore ability ignores hit rate or the target monster's evasion.

The Beastmaster's impressive HP growth can be exploited through leveling, to compensate for the frailty of nu mou units. Although the nu mou have no physical job classes, this class is the closest to being one. It is available after finishing the quest "Knowing the Beast".


  • To Unlock: Complete Knowing the Beast


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Instruments Hats Light Armor No

Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
4 3 0 18 40 C G B D F E 60%


Beast LoreEdit

The powers of the BEASTMASTER are the powers of the beasts themselves.

Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master
Dreamhare Lamia Harp Allows control of Dreamhares and Hoppy Bunnies. 2 150
Deadly Nightshade Lamia Harp Allows control of Deadly Nightshades. 2 150
Baknamy Demon Bell Allows control of Baknamies. 2 150
Flan Demon Bell Allows control of Red Marshmallows, Yellow Jellies, and Ice Flans. 2 150
Lamia Glass Bell Allows control of Lamias, Liliths, and Lamashtus. 2 150
Wolf War Trumpet Allows control of Wolves, Worgen, and Hellhounds. 2 150
Werewolf Frigid Viol Allows control of werewolves. 2 150
Shelling Conch Shell Allows control of Great Tortoises and Adamantitans. 2 150
Headless Satyr Flute Allows control of Headlesses and Wendigos. 2 150
Zombie Black Quena Allows control of Zombiekind. 2 150
Ghost Black Quena Allows control of Ghostkind. 2 150
Deathscythe Black Quena Allows control of Deathscythes and Oversouls. 2 150
Malboro Blueleaf Flute Allows control of Malborokind. 2 150
Bomb Blueleaf Flute Allows control of Bombs and Grenades. 2 150
Ahriman Brilliant Theorbo Allows control of Plagues and Ahrimans. 2 150
Floating Eye Brilliant Theorbo Allows control of Floating Eyeballs. 2 150
Sprite Faerie Harp Allows control of Sprites. 2 150
Antlion Faerie Harp Allows control of Antlions. 2 150
Cockatrice Heal Chime Allows control of Cockatrices. 2 150
Drake Hurdy-Gurdy Allows control of Dragonkind. 2 150
Behemoth Shining Lute Allows control of Behemoths. 2 150


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP To Master
Critical: Haste Ninja Gear Bestows Haste when at critical HP. 250


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP To Master
Immunity Survival Vest Both Positive and Negative Status cannot be removed. 150


  • The improvement about Beastmaster's Beast Lore is that the abilities can be performed regardless of Accuracy or Evasion since all of them cannot resist against being controlled.
  • The downside of Beast Lore ability is that the monsters can no longer be controlled to move and can only perform Actions statically.
  • Beastmasters can no longer control Tonberries.
  • Beastmasters' Beast Lore abilities are best to only be used as secondary A-ability.
  • Beastmasters' Speed growth is the best among the nu mou jobs and the only way to improve a nu mou's Speed efficiently is to level them up as Beastmaster.