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Not to be confused with Muthru Bazaar, a section of Rabanastre where the Clan Provisioner is located.
FFXII Bazaar Shop

The Bazaar.

The more loot you sell, the more bazaar goods you're like to come across. Bazaar goods can be anything from sets of items at discounted prices to rare pieces of equipment you won't see anywhere else, kupo.
—Wise Moogle

The Bazaar is a special shop menu in Final Fantasy XII. Whenever a player sells enough quantities of certain loot, new items will become available. The bazaar can be accessed from any shop, and all item quantities sold are carried over to every shop. Some of the game's ultimate weapons can only be obtained here.

In the International Zodiac Job System, the version exclusive weapons replace the weapons that the bazaar normally produces (for example: selling the loot necessary for Orochi will produce the Orochi N instead).

Sage Knowledge Edit

Loot from monsters and the like are crafted into articles fit for sale. Some of these are little more than refinements on the base materials. Others require crystals, concoctions, and alchemy to produce. Few require too much skill or effort, though, making crafted articles a common sight at market, their quality, if not quite their appearance, being hardly distinguishable from that of regularly produced goods. If one is lucky, one might find some articles selling for below the going rate.
—Bazaar Goods

How the Bazaar works Edit

For example, to get the Canopic Jar, the player will need to sell three specific items. The items can be sold at any shop, and don't need to be sold at the same time. It is good to bear in mind though that common ingredients might get used by a different recipe, not the particular one the player is after.

To be 100% sure the item needed is obtained, the player will have to sell just the particular ingredients for that item, all at once at one single sell session, then exit the sale menu to get the item. The player may sell the ingredients at any time, as the game will remember the items sold, and at what quantity.

Sell at a store the following:

  1. Phobos Glaze x1
  2. Horakhty's Flame x1
  3. Deimos Clay x1

Leave the sell menu and there should be new items at the bazaar: Morbid Urn at 250,000 gil, revealed to be the Canopic Jar when the player buys it.

Bazaar Glitch Edit

When items are sold at the Bazaar, the game remembers how many items have been sold at any point of the game. While the items can be sold whenever, when any item is purchased at the Bazaar using a certain ingredient, the number of said items in stock drops to zero. Therefore, if there are two items that both use, say, two Bone Fragments to make, and the player has sold six Bone Fragments to the Bazaar when one of the items is purchased, the number of Bone Fragments in the Bazaar's 'memory' drops to zero, meaning the player will need to farm more Bone Fragments for the second item requiring that ingredient.

This glitch, however, also works the other way around, to the player's advantage, because if both items become available before either is purchased, the player only needs the two Bone Fragments, that can be used for both items, so instead of needing four (two for each item), one would only need two (two is used for both items simultaneously).

Ingredients Edit

This is a list of every bazaar good in the game. Once an item has been bought, the ingredient quantity for that item is reduced back to 0. Some bazaar goods are also available as normal shop items at different prices. The differences in cost are listed in the rightmost column of the tables.

Swords Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Iron-forged Blade Iron Sword Earth Stone 3 1080 gil -120 gil
Iron Scraps 3
Foul Flesh 2
An iron blade of common, even clumsy, design, it is nonetheless well regarded by many a warrior for its uncommon durability.
Crimson Blade Blood Sword Dark Stone 5 4500 gil -500 gil
Solid Stone 2
Glass Jewel 2
The blade of this sword is said to drink the blood of foes, growing ever deeper in hue as it slakes its thirst. A dread blade.
Burning Blade Flametongue Fire Stone 6 4680 gil -520 gil
Malboro Vine 2
Lumber 2
Fierce flames dance the length of this blade, searing the flesh of its mark even as it cuts. A mighty weapon.
Warped Blade Diamond Sword Fire Magicite 7 11,250 gil -1250 gil
Maggoty Flesh 4
Bundle of Feathers 6
So strong is the substance of this blade, the warp in its edge could not be mended. Sold as is.
The Leering Blade Deathbringer Dark Crystal 10 14,800 gil -1200 gil
Solid Horn 4
Demon Tail 7
A demon has been carved into the body of this sword. The frozen leer of its jaw forms a cruel, cutting blade.
Darksteel Blade Stoneblade Taurus Gem 3 17,800 gil
Orichalcum 2
Chimera Head 2
A cruel blade forged for battle, its very shape a violence.
Well-forged Blade Durandal Leshach Halcyon 1 21,600 gil
Emperor Scale 2
Lifewick 3
Replica of a great sword of legend. It lacks the vivid coloring of the original, but is elsewise its match.

Greatswords Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Attenuated Greatsword Save the Queen Holy Crystal 10 14,000 gil -1500 gil
Sky Jewel 7
Quality Stone 4
Long and narrow, this greatsword is adorned with a crest marking its bearer as a knight.
Ultimate Blade Ultima Blade Gnoma Halcyon 1 22,800 gil
Death Powder 2
Adamantite 2
A layered-disc pattern runs the length of this magnificent blade. Its power is legendary, a single blow laying low all but the most resolute adversary.
The Sunflower Tournesol Serpentarius 3 600,000 gil
Empyreal Soul 3
Gemsteel 3
A single, beautiful sunflower. Brilliant as the sun, wondrous as creation.
Dragon Crest Wyrmhero Blade Lu Shang's Badge 1 65,535 gil
Godslayer's Badge 1
Omega Badge 1
A replica of legendary blade said to have slain a fell wyrm that long ago preyed upon the eastern kingdoms. With a sword such as this, one might write new legends!

Note: The Wyrmhero Blade also counts as a Key Item.

Katana Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Samurai's Katana Ame-no-Murakumo Water Crystal 9 13,800 gil -1200 gil
Iron Ore 5
Screamroot 7
Fashioned after a legendary blade made from the tail of a dragon. Called the Great Scythe in the eastern kingdoms, it is said to have reaped entire fields in a single swing.
Master-crafted Blade Masamune Mallet 2 350,000 gil
Orichalcum 3
Gemsteel 2
A red zigzag pattern runs the length of the blade, weaving its way across delicate inlay.

Ninja Swords Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Jag-tooth Ninja Sword Kagenui Dark Magicite 5 9000 gil -1000 gil
Giant Feather 5
Festering Flesh 4
With a serrated blade, this is a most unusual ninja sword. It is thought that this choice of design may have been made with the intent of further opening any wounds inflicted.
Serpent Blade Orochi Cancer Gem 3 15,200 gil
Sickle-Blade 2
Coeurl Whisker 2
This sword's blade resembles an ophidian tongue, ornately wrought.

Spears Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Light Spear Javelin Wind Stone 3 1260 gil -140 gil
Foul Flesh 2
Horn 2
Spear tipped with a flattened blade. Designed chiefly for civil, rather than martial, purposes, its armor piercing capabilities have been left somewhat wanting.
Forked Spear Trident Wind Magicite 6 11,250 gil -1250 gil
Pointed Horn 4
Maggoty Flesh 5
An unusual three-pronged spear, much resembling a common fork.
Engraved Spear Gungnir Mystletainn 2 15,300 gil -1700 gil
Ketu Board 2
Broken Spear 2
The spear head bears an ancient magicked seal, the words "Consigned to the Flame" etched therein. Only those of utmost proficiency with the spear may wield it.

Poles Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Wooden Pole Cypress Pole Earth Stone 4 1800 gil -200 gil
Bone Fragment 5
Succulent Fruit 3
One (1) pole, carved from a fine-grain wood highly prized in the eastern kingdoms. It has been reinforced in places with strips of metal for added strength.
Iron-forged Pole Iron Pole Fire Magicite 7 4780 gil -520 gil
Sturdy Bone 5
Demon Eyeball 3
Simple pole made of iron. Its end is stained with dried blood.
Elegant Pole Ivory Pole Wind Crystal 7 12,150 gil -1350 gil
Demon Feather 6
Blood-darkened Bone 8
A walking staff of the sort you might expect a dignitary or high-ranking official to carry. Excellent craftsmanship.
Whisker of the Beast Whale Whisker Aquarius Gem 4 60,000 gil
Corpse Fly 3
Mythril 3
Spear-like in appearance, this pole takes its name from what many consider the greatest beast to dwell in the deeps.

Bows and Arrows Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Bow & Bodkin Parallel Arrows & Shortbow Dark Stone 2 600 gil
Bat Fang 1
Rat Pelt 2
Contains one (1) Shortbow, easily drawn, and one (1) quiver of finely honed arrows.
Arrows Alight Fiery Arrows & Longbow Fire Stone 4 3800 gil
Crooked Fang 2
Contains one (1) quiver of arrows, each with an oil-soaked cloth wrapped about its point, and one (1) longbow.
Hollow-shaft Arrows Bamboo Arrows & Loxley Bow Water Magicite 3 6280 gil
Yellow Liquid 1
Bat Fang 5
Contains one (1) Loxley bow, and one (1) quiver of hollow-shaft arrows. The hollows of the arrows are fitted with sacs of poison.
Permafrost Bow & Quiver Ice Cloud Arrows & Perseus Bow Ice Crystal 7 17,200 gil
Spiral Incisor 4
Antarctic Wind 2
Contains one (1) quiver of arrows, made of packed permafrost, and one (1) bow of surpassing quality, said to have been carried by a great hero of antiquity.
Arrows of the Moon Goddess Artemis Arrows Gemini Gem 3 15,000 gil
Vampyr Fang 2
Dorsal Fin 2
Filled with the grace of the moon goddess, the shaft emits a numinous glow.
Bow of the Moon Goddess Artemis Bow Sylphi Halcyon 1 15,800 gil
Great Serpent's Fang 2
Moondust 2
Filled with the grace of the moon goddess, the body emits a numinous glow.
Silver Bow Sagittarius Sagittarius Gem 4 60,000 gil
Beastlord Horn 3
Moon Ring 3
Crafted of a beautiful silver metal and adorned with thorns of deep magenta. The handle is affixed with a small shield.

Crossbows and Bolts Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Ranger's Crossbow Long Bolts & Crossbow Ice Stone 1 6480 gil
Crooked Fang 4
Yellow Liquid 2
Contains one (1) crossbow and one (1) quiver of bolts, cut long. A favorite weapon of the ranger.
Huntsman's Crossbow Stone Bolts & Recurve Crossbow Ice Magicite 5 9980 gil
Festering Flesh 2
Bundle of Needles 1
Contains one (1) recurve crossbow and one (1) quiver of needle-thin bolts. The light materials used in the weapon's construction make it a hunter's favorite.
Blindflight Quarrels Black Bolts & Hunting Crossbow Dark Crystal 3 11,220 gil
Spiral Incisor 3
Silver Liquid 3
These bolts are actually tightly rolled scrolls, a spell of dark magicks inscribed on the vellum. Quite valuable. With included crossbow, it makes for a great bargain.
Scout's Crossbow Time Bolts & Penetrator Crossbow Holy Crystal 9 17,800 gil
Wyvern Fang 4
Ancient Bone 3
Contains one (1) quiver of enchanted bolts, and one (1) crossbow. Scouts of great skill are known to favor such as these.
Piercing Bolts Grand Bolts Capricorn Gem 3 15,000 gil
Wrath of the Gods 2
Ring Wyrm Liver 2
The finest bolts money can buy. Loosed, they resemble the javelins of the heroes of antiquity, hurtling straight and true toward their mark.

Guns and Shot Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Marksman's Delight Silent Shot & Capella Dark Stone 3 1680 gil
Fish Scale 2
Green Liquid 2
Contains one (1) Capella, a marksman's rifle, and one (1) pouch of a special shot imbued with silencing magicks.
Rain of Tears Aqua Shot & Vega Water Stone 5 2980 gil
Green Liquid 3
Yensa Scale 1
Contains one (1) Vega, and one (1) pouch of water shot, which bear a striking semblance to tears. Every bit as useful against those fiery beasties as you'd hope!
Mudslinger Mud Shot & Aldebaran Earth Crystal 3 9080 gil
Silver Liquid 3
Ichthon Scale 4
Contains one (1) firearm and one (1) pouch of shot, made from hardened mud. The intent, of course, being to cover one's foes in mud, rendering them blind. And muddy.
Armor-piercing Shot Windslicer Shot & Spica Wind Crystal 7 15,200 gil
Silver Liquid 5
Ring Wyrm Scale 4
Contains one (1) Spica war gun, and one (1) pouch of shot, sometimes known as "wind shot", that gathers air behind it in a cone as it flies for an impact that can pierce rock.
Late-model Rifle Arcturus Salamand Halcyon 1 19,800 gil
Yensa Fin 2
Wyvern Wing 2
Late-model, long bore hunting rifle. Wide body, narrow muzzle.
Stone Shot Stone Shot Libra Gem 3 15,000 gil
Mirror Scale 2
Tyrant Bone 2
Contains one (1) pouch of stone shot. This shot could easily pass for some sort of petrified egg.

Axes and Hammers Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
War Axe Francisca Wind Magicite 6 10,350 gil -1150 gil
Pointed Horn 2
Malboro Fruit 4
In antiquity this small axe was primarily used as a throwing weapon.
Golden Battle Axe Golden Axe Mardu Halcyon 1 16,200 gil 1800 gil
Broken Greataxe 2
Electrum 2
Exquisite battle axe that shines golden in the light. He who would wield it must be well skilled to accord such craftsmanship.
The Scorpion Scorpion Tail Scorpio Gem 4 60,000 gil
Wyrm Bone 3
Charged Gizzard 3
Hammer made in imitation of a giant scorpion tail. Capable of inflicting devastating damage.

Daggers Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Double-bladed Knife Zwill Crossblade Wind Crystal 9 13,800 gil -1200 gil
Malboro Flower 7
Windslicer Pinion 5
Dagger with two blades that cross as they taper to a point.

Staves Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Mystic Staff Cloud Staff Storm Crystal 7 7200 gil -800 gil
Demon Feather 6
Quality Lumber 4
Rings adorn the tip of this staff. They say that by peering through the rings one may catch a glimpse of a greater truth.

Hand-bombs and Bombs Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Water-drop Munitions Water Bombs Water Crystal 10 7800 gil
Book of Orgain 3
Putrid Liquid 3
Palm-sized orbs containing a magicked water.
Noisome Incendiaries Fumarole & Poison Bombs Fire Crystal 3 9800 gil
Bomb Shell 1
Contains one (1) incendiary device and one (1) pouch of poison-spewing bombs. Poison volume regulated by mandate.
Oil-Soaked Incendiaries Tumulus & Oil Bombs Fire Crystal 3 10,625 gil
Bomb Ashes 3
Book of Orgain 2
Contains one (1) incendiary device, the Tumulus, and one (1) pouch of bombs. The bombs contain a fortified blasting glycerin, and are themselves wrapped in a combustible cloth.
Devastating Incendiaries Castellanos Aries Gem 3 12,000 gil
Frog Oil 2
Bomb Fragment 3
Incendiary device of destructive force beyond measure. A fell spirit is rumored to dwell deep within.
Befuddling Incendiaries Caldera & Chaos Bombs Fire Crystal 7 17,800 gil
Bomb Shell 4
Book of Orgain-Cent 3
Contains one (1) incendiary device and one (1) pouch of bombs. Rumored to be used by the Archadian elite guard to sew chaos among enemy ranks; a tactic of brutal efficiency.

Light Armor Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Unassuming Surcoat Chromed Leathers Earth Stone 1 180 gil -20 gil
Wolf Pelt 2
Simple surcoat, stitched from choice pieces of leather.
Assorted Leathers Leather Breastplate & Leather Headgear Dark Stone 2 680 gil -120 gil
Wolf Pelt 2
Tanned Hide 1
Matching pair of leather goods, guaranteeing comfort both in the bazaar and on the battlefield.
Matching Reds Red Cap & Brigandine Dark Magicite 3 4280 gil -720 gil
Coeurl Pelt 3
Quality Hide 2
Red cap and matching armor. The color softens and grows richer with wear.
Monk's Garb Headband & Jujitsu Gi Ice Magicite 4 5480 gil -920 gil
Coeurl Pelt 4
Tyrant Hide 2
These pieces are said to wait for one whose heart burns with a worthy flame. They have seen service in battle, and surely smell the part.
Light & Sturdy Garb Adamant Hat & Adamant Vest Storm Magicite 5 9800 gil -2000 gil
Coeurl Pelt 6
Tanned Tyrant Hide 2
Helm and armor fashioned after a chelonian shell. The pieces breathe well, making them ideal for wear in tropical climes.
Emboldening Arms Chakra Band & Power Vest Fire Crystal 3 13,780 gil 2420 gil
Quality Pelt 6
Tanned Giantskin 4
Used to perform certain sacred rites in the eastern kingdoms. The wearers of these garments are said to experience a great surge of strength.
Gigas Gear Gigas Hat & Gigas Chestplate Dark Crystal 7 17,800 gil 3600 gil
Prime Pelt 8
Prime Tanned Hide 7
Not just for show, these pieces are, as any warrior worth his codpiece will attest, highly prized on the battlefield.
Nature's Armory Crown of Laurels & Rubber Suit Fire Crystal 8 24,650 gil 4350 gil
Prime Pelt 9
Forbidden Flesh 7
Clothing and crown made of twig and leaf. Steel's cold embrace is as nothing before the splendor of nature's bounty.

Heavy Armor and Shields Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Gilt Shield Escutcheon Fire Stone 1 270 gil -30 gil
Molting 1
Shield of wood, trimmed in gold leaf. A splendid choice for those new to the art of swordplay.
Golden Garb Golden Helm, Golden Armor & Golden Shield Dark Magicite 3 6780 gil -1720 gil
Iron Carapace 3
Tanned Hide 2
This three (3) piece set includes an ornate breast plate, shield, and helm, seemingly wrought of pure gold.
Burnished Protectives Burgonet, Shielded Armor & Ice Shield Earth Magicite 4 8400 gil -2100 gil
Quality Hide 2
Wyrm Carapace 2
Heavy pieces of armor polished to a mirror finish and suffused with strong magicks, affording additional protection beyond the physical.
Forbidding Shield Demon Shield Aged Turtle Shell 2 9800 gil -1400 gil
Destrier Barding 8
Leamonde Halcyon 1
A shield fearsome to look upon. The mouth at its center is a portal to the unknown, a great maw that opens wide to drink in the Dark.
Brilliant Shield Venetian Shield Undin Halcyon 1 12,420 gil
Ring Wyrm Liver 2
Ancient Turtle Shell 2
A triumph of function and form. Various metals make up the elaborate decoration adorning its face.
Magepower Helm Magepower Shishak Feystone 1 12,800 gil -2200 gil
Chimera Head 2
Charger Barding 5
Heavy armor though it be, this helm is strongly magicked. A worthy choice for those knights who rely upon more than just the steel of their blades.
Sturdy Battle Gear Maximillian Pisces Gem 3 14,800 gil -2200 gil
Split Armor 2
Charger Barding 4
Armor of the highest quality, crafted by masters of their art, its materials and design carefully selected to provide surpassing resilience.
Platinum Gear Platinum Helm, Platinum Armor & Platinum Shield Storm Magicite 6 19,120 gil -4780 gil
Tanned Giantskin 6
Insect Husk 2
Made using only the finest materials, this set of platinum gear gleams handsomely in the light.

Mystic Armor Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Traveler's Garb Feathered Cap & Traveler's Vestment Water Stone 5 3280 gil -520 gil
Braid Wool 2
Tanned Hide 2
Robe and cap ensemble for the traveler on the go. In the linings of each are sewn charms warding against misfortune.
Alluring Finery Lamia's Tiara & Enchanter's Habit Ice Magicite 4 5480 gil -920 gil
Fine Wool 3
Tyrant Hide 1
Raiment and tiara of seductive beauty, lightly scented, as if with some sweet flower.
Ninja Garb Black Cowl & Black Garb Fire Magicite 5 8330 gil -1470 gil
Fine Wool 4
Tanned Tyrant Hide 2
Both pieces of this classic ninja outfit are entirely black, loose-fitting, and made of a unique material that aids movement.
Black Vestments Black Mask & Black Robes Dark Crystal 8 22,800 gil -3100 gil
Blood Wool 9
Prime Tanned Hide 7
Protectives preferred by practitioners of the black magick arts.
White Vestments White Mask & White Robes Holy Crystal 8 22,800 gil -5200 gil
Blood Wool 9
Beastlord Hide 7
Protectives preferred by practitioners of the white magick arts.

Accessories Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Feathered Boots Winged Boots Broken Sword 1 450 gil -50 gil
Arctic Wind 1
Small wings adorn this pair of boots.
Shoes of the Dead Quasimodo Boots Zombie Powder 1 450 gil -350 gil
Destrier Mane 1
Footgear worn by those preparing for their eternal rest. Redolent of death.
Ninja Footgear Gillie Boots Slaven Harness 2 450 gil -250 gil
Originally made to quieten the footfalls of those who serve by being seen and not heard, these shoes soon found a place among those who serve by being neither seen nor heard.
Back Harness Battle Harness Throat Wolf Blood 1 800 gil -200 gil
When fighting on the floors of coliseums, gladiators were made to wear harnesses such as this to prevent their escape.
Gilt Phylactery Golden Amulet Tattered Garment 1 3150 gil -1350 gil
Made of gold, this amulet imparts a sense of both dignity and wisdom.
Wing Cord Pheasant Netsuke Stardust 2 3600 gil -400 gil
Fashioned in the likeness of a pheasant, this is a tremendously popular item.
Large Gloves Blazer Gloves Bent Staff 3 4500 gil +1300 gil
These large gloves narrow at the wrist, trapping heat inside.
Blush of Light Firefly Snowfly 1 4500 gil -500 gil
Tomato Stalk 2
Magick Lamp 1
This small ornament glows softly when worn, emitting a feeble light.
Brawler's Fetish Amber Armlet Gimble Stalk 2 5940 gil -660 gil
Decorative trinket conceived long ago by a pugilist seeking a means to harness his inner strength.
Shell-worked Collar Turtleshell Choker Four-leaf Clover 2 8370 gil -930 gil
Bomb Shell 2
The clasp of this necklace is fashioned from tortoiseshell. For those with discriminating taste.
Exquisite Ring Opal Ring Frogspawn 2 14,400 gil -1600 gil
A large opal is set at the center of this bejeweled ring.
Chain-link Belt Bubble Belt Battlewyrm Carapace 2 17,820 gil -1900 gil
Adamantite 1
Ornamental belt made by the stringing of chain links one to another. A badge of great strength among those who test their mettle on the field of battle.
Wind Walkers Hermes Sandals Arcana 15 18,000 gil -2000 gil
Gysahl Greens 33
Intricate magick glyphs adorn the lining of these boots, conveying arcane powers to their wearer.
Cursed Necklace Nihopalaoa Leo Gem 3 30,000 gil 0 gil
Death's-Head 2
Blood-stained Necklace 3
Heirloom of a royal line whose progeny have long since faded into obscurity. All others who don the necklace are said to meet with betrayal.
Comfy Headgear Cat-ear Hood Virgo Gem 7 30,000 gil 0 gil
Einherjarium 2
White Incense 2
You might be inclined to pussyfoot about in this magicked hood. Would saying it granted great speed be letting its secret out of the bag? Well? Curious?

Items Edit

* Available more than once.

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Potion Pack Potion x2 Cactus Fruit 2 70 gil -70 gil
Contains two (2) potions. Sure to be use on your travels!
Tinctures & Tonics Potion x5, Handkerchief x3 & Gold Needle x3 Succulent Fruit 4 700 gil -100 gil
This set should serve well in a pinch! A generous supply of potions, handkerchiefs and gold needles.
Hi-Potion Pack* Hi-Potion x10 Rainbow Egg 1 1111 gil -989 gil
Contains ten (10) hi-potions. Neither hunter nor adventurer should ever go without!
X-Potion Pack* X-Potion x10 Behemoth Steak 1 4444 gil -1856 gil
Momentous battle on the horizon? Best be sure of your potion supply before charging in. Contains ten (10) x-potions.
Potion Crate Potion x30, Hi-Potion x20, X-Potion x10 Screamroot 3 7480 gil -5120 gil
A must for any potion connoisseur! Contains several of each variety. Consider your restorative needs when deciding which to drink. And please, drink responsibly.
Flask of Oily Liquid* Ether x1 Unpurified Ether 2 4000 gil -4 gil
Caramel 3
Sages are said to have taken draughts of this liquid to replenish lost arcane energies.
Flask of Viscous Liquid* Hi-Ether x1 Unpurified Ether 2 12,000 gil
Foul Liquid 2
Slime Oil 1
High sages are said to have taken draughts of this liquid to replenish lost arcane energies.
Saint's Draught* Elixir x1 High Arcana 1 36,000 gil
Demon Drink 3
Ambrosia 3
Legendary draught mixed from waters divine, said to mend all wounds great and small. Every adventurer should keep one close to hand.
Esoteric Draught* Megalixir x1 High Arcana 2 108,000 gil
Rat Tail 3
Onion 3
Divine draught oft appearing in tales of legend, said to mend all wounds great and small. Every adventurer should keep one close to hand.
Antidote Set Antidote x3 Drab Wool 2 100 gil -50 gil
Take one of these and laugh in the face of poison! Contains three (3) antidotes
Eye Drop Set Eye Drops x3 Demon Eyeball 2 100 gil -50 gil
Adventuring is hard on the eyes; treat them right, lest your aim suffer the consequences! Containing three (3) doses of eye drops, this set is sure to fit the bill.
Smelling Salts, & C. Hi-Potion x4 & Smelling Salts x2 Malboro Vine 4 540 gil -400 gil
Venture on neither hunt nor quest without this set of hi-potions and selling salts in your haversack!
Eye Openers Phoenix Down x5 & Alarm Clock x5 Chocobo Feather 4 1280 gil -220 gil
Trouble waking with just one alarm clock? Perhaps a set of five (5) will do the trick? Now with matching tufts of phoenix down, at a price that will alarm rival retailers!
Survival Set Antidote x12, Eye Drops x12 & Echo Herbs x12 Malboro Fruit 4 1500 gil -300 gil
It's difficult to prepare for every eventuality you may encounter in your travels., but this set is a good start. A healthy supply of antidotes, eye drops and echo herbs!
Phials & Philtres Vaccine x8 & Smelling Salts x16 Malboro Flower 3 1980 gil -420 gil
Contains vaccines and smelling salts, in good quantity, at a price not to be passed by!
Chronos Tear Pack* Chronos Tear x10 Eye of the Hawk 1 333 gil -167 gil
Time waits for no man, why should you wait for time? Contains ten (10) chronos tears
Vaccine Pack* Vaccine x10 Demon's Sigh 1 999 gil -1001 gil
Leaving for foreign climes? Disease can strike any time... Best be prepared. Contains ten (10) vaccines.
Tail of the Phoenix Phoenix Down x2 Small Feather 3 400 gil -100 gil
Should the unthinkable befall your allies, you'll want this close to hand. Contains two (2) tufts of phoenix down.
First-aid Kit Phoenix Down x2 & Potion x2 Large Feather 3 450 gil -190 gil
Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Kit contains potions and tufts of phoenix down, at a price no bargain hunter dare pass by.
Triage Kit Phoenix Down x12 & Hi-Potion x3 Giant Feather 3 2980 gil -650 gil
Travelers, be prepared! Contains both hi-potions and tufts of phoenix down, so you can venture out with confidence.
Fire-bird's Whisper* Phoenix Down x10 Jack-o'-Lantern 1 2222 gil -278 gil
Contains ten (10) tufts of phoenix down. A tried and trusted staple, at home in the haversack of any adventurer
Soul of the Fire-bird Phoenix Down x25 Bundle of Feathers 3 5980 gil -270 gil
By popular demand, we've assembled no fewer than twenty-five (25) tufts of phoenix down. Don't let yourself be caught down for the count!
Phoenix Flight Phoenix Down x50 Windslicer Pinion 5 8750 gil -3750 gil
Restocked and better than ever! You are not like to find a lower price on tufts of phoenix down, perennial favorite of adventurers far and wide!
Sipping Wine Bacchus's Wine x3 Tyrant Hide 2 240 gil -120 gil
One swallow and you will know why they call them spirits. "Lose yourself in the first sip, find yourself in the second."
Magick Shards Water Mote x4 Festering Flesh 4 1480 gil
Engravings of water elementals adorn these shards of magicite. The magicks within are quite strong.
Magick Shard* Holy Mote x1 Diakon Halcyon 1 99 gil
Glass Jewel 8
Sky Jewel 8
Shard of magicite engraved with a seraph. Strong magicks pulse from within.
Magick Shard* Scathe Mote x1 Book of Orgain 8 499 gil
Book of Orgain-Cent 8
Book of Orgain-Mille 8
Shard of magicite engraved with a winged serpent. Strong magicks pulse from within.
Burning Fangs Red Fang x5 Pointed Horn 1 980 gil
Fangs of a great beast, ever burning. Within each is said to dwell a fire elemental.
Mysterious Substance* Dark Matter x1 Grimoire Togail 3 14,999 gil +14,997 gil
Grimoire Aidhed 3
Bat Wing 1
Mysterious substance that feeds on night's darkness. Beneath its surface lurk foreboding magicks.
Memories of Yore Pebble x99 Quality Stone 5 999 gil
The world to a child. The weight of the world to an old man.

Loot Edit

* Available more than once.

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Life Crystal* High Arcana Arcana 10 9999 gil
Feystone 1
Soul of Thamasa 1
A crystal, filled to overflowing with occult magicks. Sublime light radiates from within.
Jewel of Creation* Empyreal Soul High Arcana 1 29,997 gil
Soul Powder 1
Wargod's Band 2
An otherworldly light emanates from within this jewel. A profound sense of peace comes over all who look upon it.
Jewel of the Serpent* Serpentarius High Arcana 1 19,998 gil
Snake Skin 4
Serpent Eye 2
The surface of this gem writhes with a serpentine pattern. Within, untold magicks sleep.
Matchless Metal* Gemsteel Scarletite 1 29,997 gil
Damascus Steel 2
Hell-Gate's Flame 2
Alloy of unsurpassed hardness. Cannot be worked with ordinary tools.

Key Items Edit

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Morbid Urn Canopic Jar Phobos Glaze 1 250,000 gil
Horakhty's Flame 1
Deimos Clay 1
It has been said this urn was made to lock away all living souls. Whether true or not, a preternatural morbidity hands about it like a dark vapor.

International Zodiac Job System Edit

Some of the items unlock through the bazaar in the International version are different in ingredients, amount, content and cost. * Same.

Item Contents Ingredients Amount Cost Difference
Alluring Finery Mystic Armor * * 3,180 gil -3,220 gil
Black Vestments Mystic Armor * * 12,800 gil
Ninja Garb Mystic Armor * * 4,800 gil -5,000 gil
Traveler's Garb Mystic Armor * * 1,890 gil -1,910 gil
White Vestments Mystic Armor * * 12,800 gil
Marksman's Delight Guns and Shots * * 550 gil -750 gil
Armor-piercing Shot Guns and Shots * Wind Crystal x7, Silver Liquid x5, Ichthon Scale x4 8,900 gil *
Late-model Rifle Guns and Shots * * 8,000 gil *
Mudslinger Guns and Shots Aldebaran Y, Mud Shot Earth Crystal x8, Emperor Scale x2, Silver Liquid x3 120,000 gil *
Rain Of Tears Guns and Shots * Green Liquid x3, Water Stone x4, Yensa Scale x1 800 gil -1,400 gil
Stone Shot Guns and Shots * * 1,480 gil *
Arrows Alight Bows and Arrows * * 2,800 gil -2,600 gil
Hollow-shaft Arrows Bows and Arrows * * 3,980 gil -4,720 gil
Arrows of the Moon Goddess Bows and Arrows * Gemini Gem x3, Great Serpent's Fang x2, Dorsal Fin x2 1,280 gil *
Bow & Bodkin Bows and Arrows * * 400 gil -450 gil
Bow Of The Moon Goddess Bows and Arrows * Solid Horn x5, Moondust x2, Sylphi Halcyon x1 9,300 gil *
Silver Bow Bows and Arrows Sagittarius A * 100,000 gil *
Assorted Leathers Light Armor * * 300 gil -500 gil
Light & Sturdy Garb Light Armor * * 5,800 gil -6,000 gil
Emboldening Arms Light Armor * * 7,980 gil -8,220 gil
Matching Reds Light Armor * * 2,480 gil -2,520 gil
Monk's Garb Light Armor * * 3,180 gil -3,220 gil
Nature's Armory Light Armor * * 13,800 gil
Unassuming Surcoat Light Armor * * 100 gil -100 gil
Attenuated Greatsword Greatswords * * 9,200 gil -6,800 gil
Ultima Blade Greatswords * * 12,800 gil *
Back Harness Accessories * * 600 gil -400 gil
Blush Of Light Accessories * * 1,200 gil -400 gil
Brawler's Fetish Accessories * * 3,000 gil
Comfy Headgear Accessories * * 25,000 gil -25,000 gil
Cursed Necklace Accessories * * 28,000 gil
Exquisite Ring Accessories * * 7,800 gil
Chain-link Belt Accessories * * *
Wind Walkers Accessories * * *
Feathered Boots Accessories * Arctic Wind x1 300 gil -200 gil
Gilt Phylactery Accessories * * 3,000 gil
Large Gloves Accessories * * 2,000 gil -1,000 gil
Shoes of the Dead Accessories * * *
Ninja Footgear Accessories * * 400 gil
Shell-worked Collar Accessories * * 6,000 gil
Wing Cord Accessories * * 2,000 gil
Befuddling Incendiaries Hand-bombs and Bombs * * 3,800 gil *
Noisome Incendiaries Hand-bombs and Bombs * * 3,280 gil *
Water-drop Munitions Hand-bombs and Bombs * * 2,640 gil *
Forbidding Shield Heavy Armor and Shields * * 7,800 gil
Brilliant Shield Heavy Armor and Shields * * 7,500 gil *
Burnished Protectives Heavy Armor and Shields * Earth Stone x4, Quality Hide x2, Wyrm Carapace x2 4,850 gil -5,250 gil
Gilt Shield Heavy Armor and Shields Buckler Fire Stone x3, Molting x3 250 gil *
Golden Garb Heavy Armor and Shields * * 3,980 gil -4,020 gil
Magepower Helm Heavy Armor and Shields * * 7,500 gil
Platinum Gear Heavy Armor and Shields * Insect Husk x2, Storm Magicite x6, Tanned Giantskin x5 9,800 gil -12,750 gil
Sturdy Battle Gear Heavy Armor and Shields * * 8,000 gil
Burning Blade Swords * * 2,025 gil -1,975 gil
Crimson Blade Swords Blood Sword A Dark Crystal x15, Vampyr Fang x3, Solid Stone x2 4,444 gil
Iron-forged Blade Swords * * 650 gil -600 gil
The Leering Blade Swords * Dark Crystal x10, Demon Tail x7, Broken Sword x3 8,800 gil -4,900 gil
Warped Blade Swords * Bundle Of Feathers x6, Fire Magicite x6, Maggoty Flesh x4 5,650 gil -4,950 gil
Well-forged Blade Swords Durandal A Ring Wyrm Scale x4, Leshach Halcyon x4, Lifewick x5 80,000 gil *
Burning Fangs Items * Pointed Horn x2 * *
Double-bladed Knife Daggers * * 7,500 gil
Iron-forged Pole Poles * * 2,115 gil -2,115 gil
Elegant Pole Poles * * 7,980 gil -5,790 gil
Iron Forged Pole Poles * Demon Eyeball x3, Fire Magcite x4, Sturdy Bone x5 2,115 gil -2,115 gil
Whisker of the Beast Poles Whale Whisker N * * *
Wooden Pole Poles * * 480 gil -480 gil
Engraved Spear Spears * * 9,025 gil
Forked Spear Spears * * 6,450 gil -7,050 gil
Light Spear Spears * * 310 gil -190 gil
Golden Battle Axe Axes and Hammers * * 10,000 gil
The Scorpion Axes and Hammers Scorpion Tail F * 70,000 gil *
War Axe Axes and Hammers * * 4,680 gil -4,820 gil
Huntsman's Crossbow Crossbows and Bolts * * 3,500 gil -3,700 gil
Piercing Bolts Crossbows and Bolts * * 1,680 gil *
Ranger's Crossbow Crossbows and Bolts * * 1,080 gil -1,220 gil
Scout's Crossbow Crossbows and Bolts * * 6,400 gil *
Jag-tooth Ninja Sword Ninja Swords * * 3,800 gil
Serpent Blade Ninja Swords Orochi N * 90,000 gil *
Master-crafted Blade Katana Masamune I * * *
Samurai's Katana Katana * * 8,400 gil -3,200 gil
Mystic Staff Staves * * 3,600 gil
Potion Pack Items * * * -50 gil
Tinctures & Tonics Items * * * +10 gil
Hi-Potion Pack Items * * * -689 gil
X-Potion Pack Items * * * -756 gil
Potion Crate Items * * * -3,120 gil
Chronos Tear Pack Items C9H804 x10 * * -267 gil
C9H804 Pack Items * * * -6,001 gil
Flask of Viscous Liquid Items * * * -10,890 gil
Eye Openers Items * * * +30 gil
Phials & Philtres Items * * * -4,420 gil
Tail of the Phoenix Items * * * 0 gil
First-aid Kit Items * * * -70 gil
Triage Kit Items * * * +40 gil
Fire-bird's Whisper Items * * * -222 gil
Soul of the Fire-bird Items * * * +980 gil
Phoenix Flight Items * * * -1,250 gil
Magick Shards Items * * * +330 gil
Magick Shard Items * * * -801 gil
Magick Shard Items * * * -1,801 gil

Monographs Edit

The Monographs are special items in the bazaar, which make monsters sometimes drop rarer sorts of loot. Not gotten by selling different kinds of loot, they are acquired by fulfilling certain conditions. Once these conditions have been met, they will appear in the bazaar like normal, under the name Forgotten Grimoire.

Some monsters' new drops, such as the Throat Wolf Blood that Worgens drop with the hunter's monograph, are rare and expensive, but many monsters will also drop nearly worthless Pebbles.

Item Genus Requirements Cost
Hunter's Monograph Beasts and Avions Complete the Thextera Hunt, then speak to the merchant Gatsly at Muthru Bazaar. 18,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from beasts and avions.
Knight's Monograph Giants and Insects Talk to the owner of a weapons shop 30 times. 19,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from giants and insects.
Mage's Monograph Fiends, including Ichthians Talk to the owner of a magick shop 25 times. 21,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from fiends.
Dragoon's Monograph Dragons and Plants Check the Hunt board 40 times. 22,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from dragons and plants.
Sage's Monograph Elementals Talk to the owner of any shop 100 times. 25,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from elementals.
Warmage's Monograph Amorphs and Undead Check the Hunt board 20 times. 20,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from amorphs and undead.
Scholar's Monograph Constructs Talk to the owner of an armor shop 15 times. 22,000 gil
Possession of this text enables the acquisition of superior loot from constructs.

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