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Battle Square

Battle Square.

This is the Battle Arena. Show me your fighting skills. Just you, my boy, I'm expecting a good fight!

The Battle Square (バトルスクェア, Batoru Sukwea?), also known as Battle Arena, or the Colosseum, is a location in the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy VII. The Battle Square is a battle arena where the player selects a single character and fights in a gauntlet-style match, fighting eight enemies in a row for prizes.

The Battle Square becomes available after the player acquires the buggy. The player must participate the arena battles only once during the game, when Dio tells the party he'll give them the Keystone if Cloud agrees to "entertain" him.

Starting a battle at the Battle Square earns the player the Battle Square achievement in the PC version re-release of Final Fantasy VII.


During the party's first visit to the Gold Saucer, the Battle Square is under renovation. When the party come here after being joined by Cait Sith they discover that someone has shot a number of people within the area. Dio finds the party and believes they are the criminals. As the party try to both explain and flee they are circled by security robots who take the party and drop them into Corel Prison.

Later in the game the Battle Square is up and running, and the party discover that the gunman killed the infantryman instantly, but the two staff who were shot survived.

Cloud goes back to the Battle Square to find the Keystone in Dio's Museum. Dio finds Cloud observing the Keystone and offers it to him if Cloud will entertain him by battling in the arena. Cloud does and Dio gives him the Keystone.

When Meteor is summoned two of the staff members at the Battle Square elope together.


The Battle Square is one of the eight zones in the Gold Saucer, and the fifth from the left from the Gold Saucer's entrance. Like all areas of the Gold Saucer it is accessible from all the zones. The player always enters the Battle Square from its entrance.

The Battle Square is divided into various locations. The main attraction is the arena only accessed during battles and the player will otherwise spend their time in the arena lobby. The Battle Square houses Dio's museum, a showroom off to the side of the lobby. A secluded area beyond the lobby is a room where prisoners can be trapped and thrown into the Corel Prison.


Battle square outside


The Entrance ("Battle Square" in the menu) is the first location of Battle Square and the only way to access it. The entrance to the Square has eight doorways leading to the other areas, each titled above their doors with the Square's name in a unique color. A doorway to the Gold Saucer entrance appears on either side.

A purple-carpeted stairway leads to the Square's attraction. From the outside it appears like a castle, a drape on purple cloth depicting a sword and shield on either side. Beneath the drapes lights shine a ray of yellow and purple into the sky. The door leads into the arena lobby. In the center above the entrance is a shield symbol with two-crossed swords.

On the player's first visit to the Battle Square a male staff will prevent them from climbing the stairs, citing renovations. When the player returns after recruiting Cait Sith from the Wonder Square they will find a falling guard and the player character will run on into the lobby. When the player returns later a man will tell of the curator's collection displayed at the arena, but he will no longer be here after the Northern Cave events at the start of Part 2. A woman can be found here on the player's return who remains here permanently. If the player wins all eight battles at least once, talking to her will give the player the Sprint Shoes accessory.

Whenever the player enters the entrance their BP will become 0 meaning every time the player exits the lobby they will lose their accumulated points.

Arena LobbyEdit

The Arena Lobby (闘技場ロビー, Tōgijō Robī?) is where the player can sign up for battles and earn rewards. To the left and right of the entrance are machines where the player can spend accumulated BP on prizes. A man standing by the machine on the right will explain the Battle Square to the player, but only once. At the back of the room in the corners are two help desks whose staff allow players to sign-up for matches.

In the center at the back and up some stairs is a door into the arena. Above the door is a sign with a skull and the word "CHALLENGER". On the left and right are blue drapes with the symbol of the sword and shield like the ones at the entrance. A purple carpet runs down the middle of the room. On the right hand side of the room is a doorway with the sign "DIOs SHOW ROOM" leading to Dio's Museum.

The first time the player is here a number of gunned-down Shinra infantrymen will lie on the floor, and Dio and security apprehend the player party. The party will then run on into the arena.

Dio's MuseumEdit

Dios museum

Dio's Museum.

Dio's Museum (ディオの展示場, Dio no Tenjijō?), also known as Dio's Show Room, can be entered from the arena lobby. The area is bordered with Dio's prized possessions. At the back of the room is a portrait of Dio, while the center-piece remains empty for a portion of the game, otherwise containing the Keystone.

The player must enter this area after obtaining the Tiny Bronco to take the Keystone. Dio asks the player to enter the arena, but the player earns the Keystone regardless if they escape, are defeated, or if they succeed in all eight battles. The player earns no BP from the battles, but if they win all eight, Dio awards the player with a Protect Vest and a Choco Feather.


Battle square

Battle Arena.

The Arena (闘技場, Tōgijō?) is an area visited only briefly. In the center of the location is where the fights occur. The arena is down a flight of stairs, and has a walkway around it. The arena has a moat of purple water. In the center a phrase is written on the circle surrounding the arena: "The brave do not fear the grave". At the back of the arena is an entrance to the Gateway to Heaven room.


The Battle Square floor.

The arena is entered when the player chooses to fight a battle at the Battle Square, and starts with the player running into the arena and preparing for battle before the actual battle begins. The player is chased into the area during the storyline where they are surrounded by security robots that take the characters into the Gateway to Heaven.

Although the player can never control the character in this room, exits are still programmed. This is evidence that the Gateway to Heaven room is behind the arena, which is otherwise only transitioned do by fading to black from the arena.

Gateway to HeavenEdit

Gateway to heaven

Gateway to Heaven.

The Gateway to Heaven is a mossy stone room behind the arena. In the center is a circular trapdoor with the text "GATEWAY TO HEAVEN" around it. The door is operated by a machine in the corner. The security robots grab prisoners and jump down the gate and into Corel Prison.

The area is only visited once when Cloud and his active party are arrested by Dio.

Arena MinigameEdit


FFVII Limit Break Aeris Sealevil

Battle on the Battle Square.

You fight here and collect battle points. You can then exchange those points for prizes.

The player pays 10 GP to participate. The player must first select which party member to fight with, who is then sent into the arena. They fight a battle, after which they see how many Battle Points they have currently won, and are allowed to choose to continue or quit at this stage. If they continue on, a slot reel appears and spins, giving the player a certain handicap based on the result. The player continues fighting until they either quit, win all eight matches, or are defeated.

If the player loses, they receive a worthless consolation prize. If they quit or win, they receive Battle Points, or BP. BP can be exchanged for rare items (see below) at the Battle Square, including Cloud Strife's ultimate Limit Break manual, Omnislash. All BP is reset when the player leaves the Battle Square, so players should attempt to expend all points for prizes before exiting.

However the player enters the Battle Square, is how they leave the Battle Square. An example would be if one were to go in with a full Limit Break bar, one would leave the Battle Square with a full Limit Break bar, regardless of whether they used a Limit in the battle. As well as all status effects that one went into the Battle Square with would still be intact, such as Fury or Sadness. Because no Battle Results are shown even after winning all battles the player will not earn Experience Points or Ability Points from the battles, and the enemies killed in Battle Square do not count toward learning new Limit Breaks.

Because the player's status returns to moment they were in before entering Battle Square battles, the player cannot learn Enemy Skills from the monsters there; even if it appears the skill was learned, it will be gone from the Materia when the player is transported back to the field. Any used items, however, will be lost from the player's inventory, and the player is still able to morph opponents into items and steal from them.

Enemy FormationsEdit


Battle background.

The monsters in the Battle Square change depending on which point in the game the player is. There are two "pools" of enemies where the encounters are drawn at random, and the chances of ending with Group A or Group B are equal. The enemies in both pools include same enemies, and the enemies in the final rounds are always the same in both pools. Some of the enemies encountered in the Battle Square are highly rare and dangerous, including the Stilva, Malboro, Blue Dragon, Ghost Ship, and the Serpent.

All arena enemies have twice as many hit points as they normally do, and their Attack and Magic Attack receive a 25% boost, making them stronger than regular encounters.

Two enemies, the Ho-chu and Tonberry, are fought exclusively in the Battle Square. Both enemies were originally intended to be fought elsewhere, however, the formations cannot be fought by ordinary means in the final game. Ho-chu was planned to be an inescapable encounter in the Ancient Forest, and Tonberry an encounter in the Whirlwind Maze. Its counterpart, the Master Tonberry, can still be found within the final dungeon areas of the Northern Cave.

Until Tiny Bronco becomes availableEdit

Battle Group A Group B
1st Battle 2x Mono Drive
2x Grunt
3x Grunt
1x Guard Hound
2x Guard Hound
1x Grashtrike
2x Chuse Tank
3x Grashtrike
2nd Battle 3x Blugu
2x Hedgehog Pie
2x Whole Eater
2x Sahagin, 1x Ceasar
3x Hedgehog Pie
1x Whole Eater, 2x Hedgehog Pie
3x Ceasar
1x Sweeper
3rd Battle 2x Cripshay, 1x Deenglow
3x Ghost
2x Ghost, 1x Deenglow
1x Eligor
2x Deenglow
3x Deenglow
2x Aero Combatant
1x Eligor
4th Battle 2x Sword Dance
1x Moth Slasher
2x Brain Pod
1x Vargid Police, 1x Zenene
1x Sword Dance
3x Sword Dance
2x Moth Slasher
1x Brain Pod
5th Battle 1x Devil Ride
3x Kalm Fang
3x Levrikon
2x Elfadunk
2x Custom Sweeper
1x Levrikon, 2x Mu
1x Levrikon, 2x Elfadunk
2x Levrikon
6th Battle 2x Madouge
3x Castanets
3x Crawler, 1x Ark Dragon
5x Crawler
2x Madouge, 3x Crawler
4x Castanets
2x Castanets, 1x Ark Dragon, 1x Crawler
4x Scrutin Eye
7th Battle 2x Nerosuferoth
1x Zemzelett
5x Capparwire
4x Beachplug
2x Nerosuferoth, 1x Formula
2x Formula
1x Zemzelett
1x Nerosuferoth, 2x Capparwire
8th Battle 1x Hell Rider VR2
1x Grangalan
2x Bagnadrana
1x Harpy
1x Hell Rider VR2
1x Grangalan
2x Bagnadrana
1x Harpy

When Tiny Bronco is availableEdit

Battle Group A Group B
1st Battle 1x Bullmotor
2x Bullmotor
2x Spencer
4x Flapbeat
2x Joker
1x Flapbeat
2x Flapbeat
3x Spencer, 1x Flapbeat
2nd Battle 1x Grand Horn
2x Gagighandi
2x Grand Horn
1x Crown Lance
3x Gagighandi
2x Gagighandi
3x Needle Kiss
1x Needle Kiss, 1x Search Crown, 1x Bagnadrana
3rd Battle 1x Kimara Bug
1x Flower Prong
1x Heavy Tank
1x Gagighandi, 2x Touch Me
1x Touch Me
2x Kimara Bug
1x Flower Prong
1x Heavy Tank
4th Battle 3x Bagrisk
1x Griffin
1x Golem
2x Desert Sahagin
1x Griffin
2x Desert Sahagin
2x Skeeskee, 1x Griffin
2x Crown Lance
5th Battle 3x Skeeskee
4x Heg
3x Sneaky Step
2x Gi Spector
2x Heg, 1x Sneaky Step
5x Heg
1x Sneaky Step, 3x Heg
3x Gi Spector
6th Battle 2x Bahba Velamyu
6x Battery Cap
3x Nibel Wolf
2x Nibel Wolf, 1x Velcher Task
4x Battery Cap, 1x Valron
2x Velcher Task
3x Valron
2x Bahba Velamyu*The 7th and 8th battles are chosen from the Group A pool if this battle comes up
7th Battle 4x Black Bat
1x Sonic Speed, 2x Kyuvilduns
3x Twin Brain
2x Screamer, 1x Twin Brain
3x Black Bat
3x Kyuvilduns
3x Sonic Speed
5x Kyuvilduns
8th Battle 1x Ghirofelgo
1x Ying, 1x Yang
1x Zuu
1x Dragon
1x Ghirofelgo
1x Ying, 1x Yang
1x Zuu
1x Dragon

After Acquiring HighwindEdit

Battle Group A Group B
1st Battle 3x Razor Weed
2x Jayjujayme, 1x Bizarre Bug
2x Foulander
3x Foulander
2x Garuda
2x Jayjujayme, 1x Garuda
3x Garuda
2x Dual Horn
2nd Battle 1x Adamantaimai
2x Under Lizard
1x Tonadu
2x Kelzmelzer
2x Bizarre Bug, 1x Tail Vault
1x Under Lizard
1x Tonadu
5x Slaps
3rd Battle 1x Doorbull
3x Ancient Dragon
3x Toxic Frog, 1x Jemnezmy
2x 8 eye
1x Doorbull
2x Ancient Dragon
2x Toxic Frog, 1x Jemnezmy
2x 8 eye
4h Battle 1x Vlakorados
2x Trickplay
1x Boundfat, 3x Malldancer
1x Acrophies
1x Trickplay, 2x Boundfat
2x Jumping
2x Ice Golem
1x Hippogriff
5th Battle 3x Shred
2x Lessaloploth
1x Magnade
3x Jumping
2x Frozen Nail
2x Shred, 1x Frozen Nail
1x Lessaloploth
1x Snow, 1x Lessaloploth
6th Battle 1x Stilva
1x Cuahl, 2x Headbomber
2x Gremlin, 1x Sculpture
1x Ironite, 2x Wind Wing
3x Headbomber
2x Headbomber, 1x Zolokalter
3x Evilhead
2x Cuahl
7th Battle 1x Malboro
1x Blue Dragon
1x Gigas
1x Dragon Rider
3x Gremlin
2x Wind Wing
2x Ironite
1x Tonberry
8th Battle 1x Serpent
1x Sea Worm
1x Ho-chu
1x Ghost Ship
1x Serpent
1x Sea Worm
1x Ho-chu
1x Ghost Ship

Battle Points and PrizesEdit

The player always starts with 10 points and goes on to win more Battle Points for the second and successive matches, i.e. every time they take a handicap. The handicap decides the amount of points awarded and worse handicaps give better BP, but this is only noticeable for the final rounds. If the player wins all matches or if they choose to quit between battles they get to take away the BP they had accumulated during their battles; no points are awarded if the player is killed in battle. BP are awarded even if the player uses Escape magic or Smoke Bombs, but not if the player uses the Escape battle menu command. The maximum BP one can obtain in one run is 12,576.

The Battle Points can be redeemed for items at the terminals, but if at any time the player leaves the Battle Square, their Battle Points reset to zero. Multiples of other prizes may be purchased, but the player can never purchase more than one Omnislash manual and one W-Summon Materia.


Prize Before Tiny Bronco After Tiny Bronco After Highwind
Potion 80 - -
Phoenix Down 160 100 -
Shrapnel 320 - -
Ether 640 - -
Remedy - 200 100
Memmet Greens*[sic], known as "Mimett Greens" in the menu. 1280 400 -
Fury Ring 2560 - -
Enemy lure*[sic], known as "Enemy Lure" in the menu. 5120 800 250
Bird Wing - 1600 -
S-Mine*[sic], known as"S-mine" in the menu - 3200 -
Right Arm*[sic], known as "Right arm" in the menu - - 500
Pre-Emptive 10240 6400 1000
Regan Greens*[sic], known as Reagan Greens in the menu - - 2000
Speed Plus 20480 12800 4000
Stardust - - 8000
Championship Belt*[sic], known as Champion Belt in the menu 40960 25600 16000
Omnislash*only one - 51200 32000
W-Summon*only one - - 64000


After each battle, the player will be forced to spin a slot reel; depending on what they stop the reel on, they receive a certain handicap. Some handicaps can be avoided or their effects minimized with equipment. The player receives more BP the worse handicaps they have and the later the round they have fought to - if they receive the "All Materia is broken" handicap on the eighth fight they will surely win over 10,000 BP. So while taking larger handicaps on purpose is risky, it can be rewarding. The player can slow the reels slightly by tapping Square-button.

The results on the first reel determine the results on all subsequent reels, as getting all the same handicaps on the first reel will cause all subsequent reels to roll the same handicap, with a different handicap each time up until around match 6. If the player gets this unfortunate pattern the reels will never spin a handicap the player would be immune to. The player may also get a pattern where they find a positive handicap in every reel. Another common pattern is for the reels to contain a specific handicap once on each reel, usually a status. This may still occur when a player has an immunity to that status so a player can potentially get the same result for every reel and have no effect, however the status handicaps do not offer significant BP.

The seventh and eighth matches earn much more BP than the earlier ones; the amount awarded for taking handicaps is multiplied by successively higher numbers as the matches progress, with the last two being markedly higher.

Handicap Symbol Effect Battle Points, at round
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Poison Poison-ffvii-BSreel Inflicts Poison on the player. 4 6 - 16 33 82 -
Toad Toad-ffvii-BSreel Inflicts Frog on the player. 6 10 19 44 130 520 3069
Minimum Minimum-ffvii-BSreel Inflicts Small on the player. 5 8 16 36 108 453 2940
1/2 speed 1-2Speed-ffvii-BSreel Time separation between moves is doubled; differs from Slow. 5 7 - 19 - - -
Item command is sealed ItemCommandIsSealed-ffvii-BSreel The player can no longer use items. 13 23 48 118 355 1368 7201
Accessory is broken AccessoryIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player's accessory breaks, negating whatever effects it had. 10 18 35 84 248 953 -
Weapon is broken WeaponIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player's attack power sharply decreases. The player is still able to use any Materia equipped on their weapon. The effect is cumulative. 15 27 57 140 - 1602 8246
Armor is broken ArmorIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player's defenses sharply decrease. The player is still able to use any Materia equipped on their armor. - 17 33 - - 654 -
Summon Materia is broken SummonMateriaIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player is no longer able to use Summon Materia. Any stat changes caused by equipped Summon Materia are negated. 10 18 37 90 - - -
Command Materia is broken CommandMateriaIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player is no longer able to use Command Materia. Any stat changes caused by equipped Command Materia are negated. 5 8 17 41 - - -
Magic Materia is broken MagicMateriaIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player is no longer able to use Magic Materia. Any stat changes caused by equipped Magic Materia are negated. 15 28 - 145 445 1775 9425
Independent Materia is broken IndependentMateriaIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player's Independent Materia breaks. Any stat changes caused by equipped Independent Materia are negated. 11 20 - 99 301 1196 6645
Support Materia is broken SupportMateriaIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel The player's Support Materia breaks. Any stat changes caused by equipped Support Materia are negated. - - 37 91 281 - -
All Materia is broken AllMateriaIsBroken-ffvii-BSreel All of the player's Materia breaks. Any stat changes caused by equipped Materia are negated. - - 59 - 463 1866 10000
Time x30 damage TimeX30Damage-ffvii-BSreel The player receives damage equivalent to how long they have been fighting - the longer they have been fighting, the more damage they take. If the calculated damage is greater than the character's current HP then their current HP will be reduced to 1. - 15 26 54 130 379 1401
1/2 HP 1-2HP-ffvii-BSreel The player's max HP is halved (calculations based on current*Effect can be stacked by multiplication if picked more than once (1/4 of original for twice, 1/8 for thrice, and so on). actual*Limitation of 9,999 HP is applied after the reduction. Halved max HP may exceed 4,999. max value). Does not affect their current HP, unless their current HP is higher than half of their max HP. 13 22 40 84 204 591 -
1/2 MP 1-2MP-ffvii-BSreel The player's max MP is halved (calculations based on current*Effect can be stacked by multiplication if picked more than once (1/4 of original for twice, 1/8 for thrice, and so on). actual*Limitation of 999 MP is applied after the reduction. Halved max MP may exceed 499. max value). Does not affect their current MP, unless their current MP is higher than half of their max MP. 12 20 36 73 173 485 -
1/2 HP&MP 1-2HP&MP-ffvii-BSreel The player receives the above two handicaps. - - 43 94 244 775 3134
Zero MP ZeroMP-ffvii-BSreel The player's MP is reduced to zero. MP may still be recovered with items. 11 - - 70 171 502 1855
Down 5 levels Down5Levels-ffvii-BSreel The player's level decreases by 5, reducing their stats. 5 8 13 - - - -
Down 10 levels Down10Levels-ffvii-BSreel The player's level decreases by 10, reducing their stats. - 16 28 53 118 308 968
HP restored HPRestored-ffvii-BSreel The player's HP is restored. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Yesss! No handicapp! YesssNoHandicapp-ffvii-BSreel The player receives no handicap. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7


It is recommended the player come equipped with their character's strongest weapon and a powerful armor, and a Ribbon. The Ribbon prevents status ailments, giving the player a handful of "safe" handicaps, as Mini, Frog, and Poison will not affect them if they come up on the reel. The player can also pair an Added Effect Materia with a Hades Materia to protect against many status effects. The status effect Resist doesn't protect against statuses gained from the handicap reels, which can lead to a serious handicap, as once applied, the Resist status will prevent the player from removing the status with normal Esuna spells and healing items.

The player can make use of a Enemy Skill Materia with Big Guard (for Haste, Barrier and MBarrier), Magic Hammer (for replenishing MP) and Dragon Force (for boosted defense) learned. HP Plus, MP Plus and Luck Plus (for higher critical hit chance) Materia are also useful, as is a high-leveled Restore Materia. If the player's Materia breaks, or they lose all their MP due to a handicap, they should have several useful items to compensate. In endgame Elixirs and X-Potions can be easily obtained through the W-Item Duplication Bug or stolen/dropped from enemies in the Northern Cave.

Should the player choose a more physical-aggressive strategy, the use of Materia, such as Double Cut or Slash-All is recommended. If Slash-All is upgraded to Flash, the player can instantly dispatch most enemies in a single turn.

In Battle Arena the battles won't reward the player with EXP, AP or item drops, so it is good to prioritize defense against the number of Materia slots when choosing armor. E.g. the Gigas Armlet (stolen from Gigas), Adaman Bangle (stolen from Adamantaimai), or even Ziedrich (stolen from Rude) are good for Battle Square because of high defense, despite having few Materia slots. One of the best possible armor to use is the Mystile (found in Midgar during the Part 2 visit and in the Northern Cave), as its defense and magic defense evade rates are high. It is also useful to place the fighter in the back row to take less damage and use the Long Range Materia (or a character with a long range weapon).

Most status effects, both positive and negative, carry on to consecutive battles, so if the player casts Haste or Big Guard in the first battle, Haste will carry through the entire match. Regen is a useful way to keep HP up without having to repeatedly heal. Death-sentence does not carry through to subsequent battles (even though fellow countdown status Slow-numb does).

If the player comes up against a Tonberry, one can easily become invulnerable by casting Death Force from the Enemy Skill Materia, which makes Tonberry's Instant Death move miss.

If the player ends up breaking their weapon, they can use Goblin Punch from the Enemy Skill Materia to bypass the effect, although it will do only 75% of the normal attack (however it can cause critical hits) and the player must be wary of not getting the All Break handicap, at least not in the early stages.

Since the handicap timing that earns the most BP is at the seventh and eighth matches, and the handicap types that earn the most BP are "Magic Materia Breaks" and "All Materia Breaks", the highest BP combination cannot be won with Escape magic, only Smoke Bomb items.

A sensible strategy to being successful in the Gold Saucer is to go in with a full LIMIT gauge and the Mime command. The player can mimic their Limit Break through every round so long as the Command Materia does not break and a counter is not set-up.

Another effective method of completing the Battle Square is to equip the following Materia and combinations: Magic Counter linked with Odin. Since enemies can attack first so often, the Magic Counter-Odin combination allows the player to eliminate entire rounds of enemies without ever taking an action. The regular Counter Attack Materia and the Command Counter Materia can also be used for great effect.

After obtaining the Highwind in Part 2, there is a quarter chance of facing the Ghost Ship enemy in the final round, who can use the Goannai ability. Should he use it before being dispatched, the player will be ejected from battle. Using L4 Suicide or throwing healing items at it can easily dispatch Ghost Ship.

Since the exhibition match for Dio's amusement gains no BP, there is no downside to using Escape magic for the entire eight matches, assuming the player can avoid hitting the handicaps that would disable it, or has Smoke Bomb backup. This gains not only the Keystone key item, but the Protect Vest and Choco Feather accessories.

Special MatchEdit

If the player has bought Omnislash and W-Summon, had Cloud learn Omnislash, and they have acquired Cloud's Ultima Weapon, they can enter a special match only Cloud can participate in. The special match is harder than the normal battles, and the prize is the Final Attack Materia. This can be won only once.

If the player participates and wins multiple special battles they will win worthless trophy items, such as books written by Dio, Dio's autograph and the Masamune Blade (not actually a weapon, just a trophy item). After winning the special battles for ten times the prize will be a Ribbon, but there are easier ways to obtain one at this point.

The enemy line-up is as follows:

Round Enemy
1 Sea Worm
2 Ho-chu
3 Unknown 3
4 Serpent
5 Wolfmeister
6 Behemoth
7 Maximum Kimaira
8 Proud Clod, Jamar Armor

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VII DemoEdit

Main article: Final Fantasy VII Demo#Battle Square Demo

The Battle Square has appeared in a demo version of the PC port of Final Fantasy VII. The player must battle monsters as Cloud to win the demo. The enemies fought on the rounds is an assortment of the same enemies that are fought in the full game after obtaining Highwind.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Castle Cornelia PS This article or section is a stub about a location in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. You can help Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.

Musical themesEdit

"Gold Saucer" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Gold Saucer
Trouble with the audio sample?

Like in the rest of the Gold Saucer, the eponymous theme "Gold Saucer" (ゴールドソーサー, Gōrudo Sōsā?) plays in the Battle Square.


  • A commonly referred to mistranslation is used in the Battle Square. When the player is prompted whether or not they want to continue, they are given the options "Off course!" and "No, way!". This was corrected for the PC version to "Of course!" and "No way!".
  • The consolation prize "Tissue" has no value in the game. The only conceivable purpose is to keep track of how many times one has participated in the Battle Arena. Tissues awarded as a 'prize' may be a reference to advertising strategies in Japan (as well as China and Taiwan), as locals consider it crass to hand out ads, so they advertise by handing out items of marginal value instead. The artwork for the Tissue in Final Fantasy VII has an advertisement of the Honey Bee Inn on it.
  • Dio's Trophy Room contains an allusion to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. The robot suit has a sign that reads "Magma Diver - D-type armor" - reference to episode where Asuka Langley fights an angel in magma and her armor is type D.

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