A Battle Music Sequence.

Battle Music Sequence, commonly abbreviated BMS, is one of three types of gameplay in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival along with Field Music Sequence and Event Music Sequence.


During BMS, the player's four party members line up opposite an enemy as in a traditional Final Fantasy battle scene. Notes fly from the left to the right in one of four tracks, one for each party member. The player must tap the touchscreen as the notes fly by the cursors in front of the party members to score a hit, damaging the enemy. The better the player's rating for the note, the more damage they do. Missing a note results in damage being taken. The power of hits and the damage taken depend on each party member's individual Strength and Defense values when they hit or miss a note. Numerous abilities and items can activate during BMS to damage enemies further. The damage abilities deal is reliant on the caster's Magic stat.

When the current enemy takes enough damage, it is destroyed and another enemy enters. This continues until a boss-type enemy enters, signaled by a brief visual distortion and roar sound effect. Bosses are stronger and explode more violently when defeated, and some items and abilities activate specifically in response to a boss entering. When a boss is defeated enemies continue to appear, eventually cycling repeatedly including the boss, until the end of the stage. Defeating more enemies rewards more exp to the party at the end of the stage.

TFF BMS Feature Zone

BMS Feature Zone.

In the Feature Zone of a BMS, the player must hit silver notes to cause a Summoned Monster to appear. At this time the party and the background vanish, replaced with a summoned monster and a color-coded background for that summon. A single track of notes now appears, the player's success in tapping them causing the summon to attack the enemy monster. When the feature zone is finished the party reappears and the song continues as normal. Abilities of equipped party members remain active during the feature zone, and if a damaging ability defeats the enemy monster the next monster will appear normally.

The five summons that may appear, in order of strength, are Ramuh, Shiva, Ifrit, Odin, and Bahamut. Bahamut is the most powerful of the summons, but does not appear under normal circumstances, needing an item to be equipped by the party for him to appear.

In Curtain Call, the five summons return, in addition to two new summons, Chococo, and Knights of the Round, both the weakest and strongest summons respectively. Summons are no longer random, but each character is given a set summon, though they they can still use other summons through their respective Magicite. However, the Chocobo can only be summoned if the player gets BAD or MISS during the Feature Drive.

List of Battle Music SequencesEdit

In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, songs categorized as battle music have an accompanying stage featured in the background of the song chosen. These locations are representative of where most of the original songs took place or played in that original game. Several songs share a background, typically the standard battle themes, since they are the most common of the battle themes the player will hear in the series main games.

In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival, both Battle and Field music backgrounds are universally shared, and the stages now randomly shuffle based on the type of song played.

Songs in Italics are available as DLC.

Song(s) Location
"Battle"*from Final Fantasy
"Main Theme of Final Fantasy V"*from Final Fantasy V
"Battle Theme"*from Final Fantasy X
"Battle Theme*from Final Fantasy XI"
"The Land Breathes"*from Final Fantasy XIV
"The Conflict"*from Romancing SaGa
"Hills of Radiant Winds"*from Nier
Lake Lake TFFCC
"Locke's Theme"*from Final Fantasy VI
"Beat Them Up!"*from Romancing SaGa
Cave (Ver. 1)
"Mini-Boss Battle"*from Final Fantasy
"Battle 1"*from Final Fantasy III
"Battle 1"*from Final Fantasy IX
Cave (Ver. 2) Cave TFFCC
"Protect the Espers!"*from Final Fantasy VI
"Answers"*from Final Fantasy Tactics
"The Last Hunter"*from Final Fantasy XIII-2
Snowfield Snowfield TFFCC
"Battle Theme 1"*from Final Fantasy II
"Battle 1*from Final Fantasy IV"
"Battle"*from Final Fantasy VI
"Apoplexy"*from Final Fantasy Tactics
Forest Forest TFFCC
"Battle 2"*from Final Fantasy V
"The Dawn Warriors"*from Final Fantasy V
Castle (Ver. 1)
"The Rebel Army"*from Final Fantasy II Castle (Ver. 2) Castle TFFCC
"Iron Colossus"*from Final Fantasy XI
"The SOLDIER Way"*from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
Underground Banora Underground
"Battle Theme A"*from Final Fantasy II
"Battle 1"*from Final Fantasy V
"Assault"*from Final Fantasy X
Cloister Unknown
"This is the Last Battle"*from Final Fantasy III
"The Final Battle"*from Final Fantasy IV
"Decisive Battle"*from Final Fantasy V
"The Final Battle"*from Final Fantasy V
"The Extreme"*from Final Fantasy VIII
"Challenge"*from Final Fantasy X
"This is the End for You!"*from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Void Void
"Last Battle"*from Final Fantasy Chaos Shrine Chaos Shrine TFFCC
"Battle Theme 2"*from Final Fantasy II Pandaemonium -
Top Floor
Pandaemonium Top Floor
"Battle 2"*from Final Fantasy III
"Battle 2"*from Final Fantasy IV
World of Darkness World of Darkness TFFCC
"Battle With the Four Fiends"*from Final Fantasy IV Giant of Babil Tower of Babil
"Battle at the Big Bridge"*from Final Fantasy V Big Bridge Big Bridge TFFCC
"The Decisive Battle"*from Final Fantasy VI South Figaro South Figaro TFFCC
"Battle to the Death"*from Final Fantasy VI
"Decisive Battle -arrange- from FFVI"*from Dissidia Final Fantasy
Vector -
Magitek Research Facility
Magitek Research Facility
"Dancing Mad"*from Final Fantasy VI Kefka's Tower -
Top Floor
Kefka's Tower Top Floor
"Opening - Bombing Mission"*from Final Fantasy VII
"Let the Battles Begin!"*from Final Fantasy VII
"Fight On!"*from Final Fantasy VII
"Encounter"*from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
Midgar (Ver. 1) Midgar
"J-E-N-O-V-A- (AC Version)"*from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Midgar (Ver. 2) Midgar (Advent Children)
"Advent: One-Winged Angel"*from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Midgar (Ver. 3)
"J-E-N-O-V-A" Lifestream Lifestream
"Aerith's Theme"
"Battle in the Forgotten City"
Forgotten Captial -
Forgotten City
Forgotten City
"One-Winged Angel" Northern Crater -
Planet's Core
Planet's Core
"Those Who Fight (Piano Version)"*from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Midgar -
Sector 5 Church
Sector 5 Church
"Divinity II"*from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Edge -
Meteor Square
"Beyond the Wasteland"*from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Midgar Outskirts (Ver. 1)
"Last Order"*from Final Fantasy series
"The Price of Freedom"*from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
Midgar Outskirts (Ver. 2) Midgar Outskirts
"Force Your Way"*from Final Fantasy VIII
"The Man with the Machine Gun"*from Final Fantasy VIII
Esthar City Esthar City
"Don't Be Afraid"*from Final Fantasy VIII Esthar City -
Lunar Cry
Lunar Cry
"Shuffle or Boogie"*from Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad -
Game Board
"Liberi Fatali"*from Final Fantasy VIII
"Premonition"*from Final Fantasy VIII
"Maybe I'm a Lion"*from Final Fantasy VIII
Ultimecia Castle -
Master Room
Ultimecia Castle - Master Room
"Swords of Fury"*from Final Fantasy IX
"Vamo Alla Flamenco"*from Final Fantasy IX
Battle 1 -arrange- from FFIX"*from Dissidia Final Fantasy
M.S. Prima Vista -
Theatre Stage
Prima Vista
"Festival of the Hunt"*from Final Fantasy IX Lindblum Lindblum Festival
"Something to Protect"*from Final Fantasy IX Alexandria -
Mist Invasion
Alexandria - Mist Invasion
"Battle 2"*from Final Fantasy IX
"Darkness of Eternity"*from Final Fantasy IX
Memoria -
Crystal World
Crystal World
"The Final Battle"*from Final Fantasy IX
"Final Battle"*from Final Fantasy X
Hill of Despair Hill of Despair
"Blitz Off!"*from Final Fantasy X Luca -
Blitzball Stadium
"Fight With Seymour"*from Final Fantasy X Inside Sin -
Garden of Pain
Garden of Pain
"Otherworld"*from Final Fantasy X
"A Contest of Aeons"*from Final Fantasy X
Inside Sin -
Dream's End
Dream's End
"real Emotion"*from Final Fantasy X-2
"YRP, Fight No. 1"*from Final Fantasy X-2
"Let Me Blow You a Kiss"*from Final Fantasy X-2
Luca -
Yuna's Concert
Luca Concert
"Their Resting Place"*from Final Fantasy X-2 Farplane -
Vegnagun (Head)
Farplane - Vegnagun
"FFXI Opening Theme"*from Final Fantasy XI
"Awakening"*from Final Fantasy XI
Valdeaunia -
Throne Room
Valdeunia - Throne Room
"Tough Battle #2"*from Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart Elshimo Uplands -
Cloister of Flames
"Fighters of the Crystal"*from Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart Tu'Lia -
La'Loff Amphitheater
La'Loff Amphitheater
"Ragnarok"*from Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan Ruins of Alzadaal -
Nyzul Isle
"Melodies Errant"*from Final Fantasy XI: Visions of Abyssea/Scars of Abyssea/Heroes of Abyssea Abyssea -
"Shinryu"*from Final Fantasy XI: Visions of Abyssea/Scars of Abyssea/Heroes of Abyssea Abyssea -
Empyreal Paradox
Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox
"Boss Battle"*from Final Fantasy XII Ridorana Cataract -
Ridorana Cataract - Colosseum
"Clash of Swords"*from Final Fantasy XII
"Esper Battle"*from Final Fantasy XII
The Pharos at Ridorana -
Third Ascent
Pharos at Ridorana
"Final Fantasy (FFXII version)"*from Final Fantasy XII
"Desperate Fight"*from Final Fantasy XII
"The Battle for Freedom"*from Final Fantasy XII
Ending Theme*from Final Fantasy XII
Sky Fortress Bahamut -
Cannon Superstructure
Sky Fortress Bahamut
"Defiers of Fate"*from Final Fantasy XIII
"Saber's Edge"*from Final Fantasy XIII
"Blinded By Light"*from Final Fantasy XIII
Hanging Edge The Hanging Edge
"Fighting Fate"*from Final Fantasy XIII
"Desperate Struggle"*from Final Fantasy XIII
"Nascent Requiem"*from Final Fantasy XIII
Orphan's Cradle -
The Tesseracts
Orphan's Cradle - Main Floor
"Etro's Champion"*from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Valhalla Valhalla
"Heart of Chaos"*from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Valhalla -
Crystal Shores
Valhalla Shores
"Crimson Blitz"*from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
"Chaos"*from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
"Lightning Returns"*from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Yusnaan Grand Palace -
Yusnaan Palace
"Hard to Miss"*from Final Fantasy XIV
"Nemesis"*from Final Fantasy XIV
"Primal Judgement"*from Final Fantasy XIV Thanalan -
The Bowl of Embers
"Under the Weight"*from Final Fantasy XIV La Noscea -
The Navel
La Noscea
"Fallen Angel"*from Final Fantasy XIV Coerthas -
The Howling Eye
Howling Eye
"Torn from the Heavens"*from Final Fantasy XIV Coerthas Coerthas
"Good King Moggle Mog XII"*from Final Fantasy XIV Thornmarch
"Ultima"*from Final Fantasy XIV Praetorium -
Port Decumana
"Battle 1"*from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
"Battle 2"*from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Battlefield -
Rainbow Bridge Machine
Rainbow Bridge TFFCC
"Precipitous Combat"*from Final Fantasy Tactics Zeirchele Falls
"Antipyretic"*from Final Fantasy Tactics Golgollada Gallows
"Ultima's Transformation"*from Final Fantasy Tactics Necrohol of Mullonde -
Airship Graveyard
Ship Graveyard TFFCC
"Monster Dance~Rondo"*from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ironmine Downs -
Mushroom Forest
Mushroom Forest
"Unite, Descent"*from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Mount Vellenge -
Nest of Memories
Nest of Memories
"Dungeon Hero X's Theme"*from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
"Pop-Up Duel"*from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
Lostime (Ver. 1) Lostime
"Raffaello Battle"*from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
"Leviathan Battle"*from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
Lostime (Ver. 2) Lostime Evening
"Guardian of Darkness 2"*from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Lostime (Ver. 3) Lostime Night
"The Troops Advance"*from Dissidia Final Fantasy
"Dissidia -ending-"*from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
World B -
Order's Sanctuary
Order's Sanctuary
"Dissidia Final Fantasy (Final Trailer)"*from Dissidia Final Fantasy
"Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy (Final Trailer)"*from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
"Cantata Mortis"*from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Edge of Madness Edge of Madness
"We Have Come"*from Final Fantasy Type-0
"War: Warrior Worth a Thousand"*from Final Fantasy Type-0
Militesi Territory -
Liberated Town
Suzaku Invasion
"War: The White Weapon"*from Final Fantasy Type-0 Militesi Empire -
Suzaku or Byakko
"Vermilion Fire"*from Final Fantasy Type-0 Pandæmonium -
Consecrated Ground
Arbitor of the Lulusath
"Zero"*from Final Fantasy Type-0 Akademeia -
Classroom Zero
"Struggle to the Death"*from Final Fantasy Legend II Central Shrine -
Security System
"Coup de Grace"*from Romancing SaGa
"Encounter with the Seven Heroes"*from Romancing SaGa 2
"The Ultimate Confrontation"*from Romancing SaGa 2
"Devil Lord Confrontation I"*from Romancing SaGa 3 Abyss Gate (Closed)
"Devil Lord Confrontation II"*from Romancing SaGa 3 Abyss Gate (Open)
"Final Confrontation*from Romancing SaGa 3
"Battle #4"*from SaGa Frontier Timelord's Region
"Last Battle -T260G-"*from SaGa Frontier Genocide Heart
"Misgestalt"*from SaGa Frontier 2
"Ardent Rhythm"*from Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Quietius
"Meridian Dance"*from Secret of Mana Mana Fortress
"Swivel"*from Seiken Densetsu 3 Golden Road
"Sacrifice Part Three"*from Seiken Densetsu 3 Mana Tree
"Megalomania"*from Live A Live Mountain of the Demon King
"Chrono Trigger"*from Chrono Trigger End of Time
"Frog's Theme"*from Chrono Trigger
"Boss Battle 2"*from Chrono Trigger
Denadoro Mountains
"Battle with Magus"*from Chrono Trigger Fiendlord's Keep
"World Revolution"*from Chrono Trigger Inside Lavos
"Soaring"*from Xenogears Solaris -
"Twister"*from The World Ends With You Shibuya
"Shadowlord"*from Nier Shadowlord's Castle
"He of the Name" *from Bravely Default Asterisk -
Pocket Dimension
"Evil Wings"*from Bravely Default Dark Aurora
"The Serpent That Devours the Horizon"*from Bravely Default Infernal Realm

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